<strong>SANDRA LORD</strong>
Sandra Lord is the founder, producer and host of the popular, award- winning, Hollywood Networking Breakfast® (Best Networking Event in L.A.). She is a master strategist and networking specialist, who helps clients “get to the next level” in their careers and business and “step into their full potential.” She also heads Lord Entertainment Group, HGEN, Women Helping Women in Entertainment, and the Los Angeles Film & TV Meetup, among others.
<strong>B. HARLAN BOLL</strong>
For over two decades, Harlan has been a successful publicist, specializing in literary, theatre, personality & event PR. His impressive list of clients includes “who’s who” of classic Hollywood, as well as NATAS (Daytime EMMY® Awards), Smithsonian Institute and the estates Mr. Blackwell, Esther Williams and The Bob Hope Legacy. He is a published author and the recipient of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement award from the Motion Picture Council.
<strong>JUDITH SMITH</strong>
Judith Smith has been with HNB for over 18 years in various capacities, but has focused primarily on client relations, marketing and promotions. She is a producer, writer and talent manager with an eclectic client roster. Judith also has a background in marketing, research and promotions as well as banking investments. She currently serves as Key Strategist for the Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation (JOIHF).
<strong>SIENNA BECKMAN</strong>
SIENNA BECKMANSpeaker Coordinator
Sienna joined the Hollywood Networking Breakfast® as a speaker coordinator. She is a producer specializing in creative development and production. Looking to emphasize storytelling and the grimy, flawed beauty that is real life, Sienna strives to meld the Creative with the Industry, and collaborate with passionate, high-calibre individuals committed to their craft.
<strong>ROCCO AMBROSIO</strong>
ROCCO AMBROSIOSocial Media Coordinator
Rocco Ambrosio coordinates and runs social media for HNB. Outside of the Breakfast he has made excellent use of his theatre background by transitioning those skills to unique strengths as a film director. Rocco believes that “Art impacts culture in such a powerful way, that we all have a responsibility to use our artistic gifts for the improvement of society.”
<strong>LAUREN WHITE</strong>
LAUREN WHITESpeaker Coordinator
Lauren White is a speaker coordinator for HNB. She is an actress, producer and host. Her credits include theater performances and on-screen work in commercials and feature films. Lauren graduated high school at 16 and pursued a BA in Communications and Masters Degree in Biomechanics, Kinesiology and Physiology.
<strong>CHERYL MORENC</strong>
Cheryl Morenc has been working with Sandra Lord and volunteering with the Hollywood Networking Breakfast® for over 15 years. She owns and operates CG Design Concepts, a graphic design and brand marketing business in Orange County. Cheryl is also a writer, producer and actress and is a member of The MoHos, Fred Willard’s comedy troupe. Barbie and Me, the critically-acclaimed one-woman show she wrote and in which she starred, enjoyed a sold-out run. She has also appeared in a number of stage productions and independent films.
<strong>DARLENE BORRIS</strong>
Darlene Borris has been involved with the Hollywood Networking Breakfast® and Women Helping Women organizations for several years. Darlene designs and creates the amazing gift baskets for HNB’s guest speakers. Over the past five years, she has been warmly greeting breakfast attendees and assisting with registration at the event. Darlene recently appeared in the independent film, The Recyclers. She resides in Orange County and is active in her community.

Paula Mitchell Manning is an award nominated writer and award winning producer whose unique blend of creativity and energy is evident in her stage, film, radio and TV projects. She is the recipient of an NAACP Theatre Award, among others. Her latest project, CPR (Child Performers Resurrection) Talent Agency, is a TV comedy pilot, starring Alison Arngrim (Little House on the Prairie) and Sean McNabb (S.O.A). Paula is co-owner of a travel agency where she indulges in her other passion, travel.
<strong>BRIAN BALDINI</strong>
BRIAN BALDINI serves as the MC for HNB, a role at which he has excelled for several years. Brian is an actor, who has worked in various commercials and films and can most recently be seen in the independent film Red Wing. He has been involved with improv comedy and the performing arts in New York and LA for many years. Brian hails from the San Francisco area and is proud to be involved with the Hollywood Networking Breakfast®.
<strong>TOM KATSIS</strong>
Tom Katsis serves as moderator for HNB and has been with the event for many years. Tom is a TV and Film actor who began his acting career in Iowa playing Santa Claus in the 4th grade. His Hollywood credits include roles in film and television and he’s one of the nation’s leading President Lincoln Presenters. He’s had great success and contacts because of the Hollywood Networking Breakfast!
<strong>SCOTT M. RICHTER</strong>
Scott Richter serves as moderator for HNB. He is an award-winning WGA writer, producer, attorney and president of Richter Scale Media. He has written extensively for print and television media and won the Austin Film Festival’s drama teleplay competition for his Grey’s Anatomy script, Reality Bites. A double graduate cum laude of the University of Miami and a member of Law Review, Scott has practiced law both in Florida and California.
<strong>KIMBERLY SEILHAMER</strong>
Kimberly Seilhamer is a speaker coordinator for HNB. She is a award-winning feature film writer, director, producer, former US Marine, cancer survivor. Her feature, JACK THE REAPER (aka One by One: Death’s Door), in which she made her directorial debut, enjoyed its first premiere at Marche Du Cannes Film Market AND reaped BEST HORROR/SCIFI film at the Cannes Independent Film Festival.
<strong>LAURA LEE BYRD</strong>
LAURA LEE BYRDSpeaker Coordinator
Laura Lee Byrd is a speaker coordinator for HNB. She is a multi-talented Writer and Producer. A New York City native, she has more than a decade of experience as a Television Producer and Content Creator. As a Producer at FOX, she was handpicked to launch the successful NewsEdge at 11 program. Laura Lee resides in Los Angeles and is currently working as a Screenwriter and Story Producer for an upcoming documentary.
<strong>THAINE ALLISON</strong>
Thaine H. Allison, Jr. is HNB’s official photographer. He is an accomplished actor who has studied acting with Maria Gobetti, Judith Weston and Stuart K. Robinson. He has appeared in over 50 films, has four features in post and is preparing for roles in three films in 2015. He has been in several plays in LA, music videos and commercials; written and produced a documentary film in Morocco; and is a produced playwright, published short story writer and poet.
<strong>DEBBIE LOLLIE</strong>
DEBBIE LOLLIE works with the breakfast in several capacities. She is an accomplished attorney, multi-award winning screenwriter and an independent producer. Debbie graduated from UCLA’s prestigious School of Theater, Film and Television, earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in screenwriting while also practicing law full time. Debbie is fervent about the power of film and specializes in crafting moving and entertaining stories. At present she is producing a feature based on one of her winning screenplays.
<strong>TAMIKA SIMPKINS</strong>
TAMIKA SIMPKINSWebsite Designer / Webmaster
Tamika Simpkins is a multitalented actress/information technology consultant, who handles the HNB website. As an actress, Tamika has shared her acting talents on hit TV shows such as Southland, Shameless, The Wire, and The Shield. As an information technology consultant, with a keen eye on the most efficient way to market and sustain a lasting footprint on the web, Tamika specializes in  developing interactive, high-impact,  responsive websites in arts and entertainment.