Tucson Shooting, Is It Our Problem?- By Sandra G.

By Guest Blogger: SANDRA GLUSCHANKOFF — Argentinian (read bio)

Like so many of you, I’m still searching for logical answers to the deadly shooting that took place in Tucson on Saturday January 8th. Fourteen injured. Six dead.

Stunned by the shocking developments I couldn’t stop but racking my brain once more about another widely ignored problem in our society. What could drive a twenty two year old boy, who only a few months ago was committed to a college education, to unleash such a devastating shooting rampage?

Unlike what the international community might think and many cynics in this country too, I don’t believe the latter tragic mass murder has a thing to do with the so called tension in our charged political atmosphere. Nor it has to do with Sarah Palin’s love for guns or with the Tea Party’s heated opposition to our current administration. If we choose to allege the Tucson massacre to these factors, we are literally dodging the bullet, feeling lucky we were not the ones bleeding to death this time around.

Then with a quick shrug of the shoulders and the notorious “not my problem” line, we move on to see what the Kardashians are up to, fervently deeming their lives to be our problem.

Authorities claim, Jared Loughner, the shooter, took on the Fifth Amendment and has not said a word since he was tackled down and restrained by three courageous citizens, while he was attempting to reload his gun.

This twenty two year old crazy has been leaving a trail of troublesome hints for years. Moreover, Pima Community College communicated with Loughner’s parents after his suspension in early October of 2010 due to his erratic and disturbing behavior in class.  In a letter sent to his parents, the College Administration stated that to return to classes, he ought to obtain a mental health clearance indicating that he will not pose a danger to himself or others.

Seemingly the letter got lost in the mail or Loughner’s parents are illiterate, because six weeks later, Loughner purchased the semi-automatic handgun that was used in Saturday’s attack.

In the era of the social media, how can we afford to ignore explicit statements of murder left on a MySpace or Facebook page or disturbing Youtube uploads? Loughner warned his immediate group of acquaintances and for that matter the world when posting his distorted ideas online. What would you have done if you would have come across his uploads?  I do blame the people who knew him and decided to ignore his statements for not alerting the authorities. The man raised a red flag and screamed for help in the only way he knew how. Parents??? Where were you? We all know you are devastated now. No need to make a public statement about it. But, did you think you were off the hook because the kid graduated from High School? Wrong! Don’t shrug your shoulders, because IT IS YOUR PROBLEM.

I’m certain Loughner’s parents did not raise him to be a mass murderer or a madman. As a mother I can attest that from that first raw moment we cuddle our babies close to our hearts we could never fathom such wonder ever turning into tragedy.

Signs of trouble are usually evident in the early stages of life. Have you ever scrutinized the dynamics of children in a sandbox? How about the immediate reactions of parents to their offspring actions?

We’ve seen it before at least once in our life. A child hitting another kid for no reason or snatching away toys out of selfishness. Then, we wait for the response of the parent at hand.  Mostly we see parents taking prompt responsibility for the child’s action, teaching him on the spot about consequences.

But we also get to observe other parental reactions, which will most likely backfire in the long run. A dismissive wave of a hand, and a blank smile set the starting point of a succession of verbal excuses that could ultimately damage a young brain’s perception of right and wrong.

The lack of mental health awareness within our youth has been a great concern of mine from the moment my children started school. How do you know if the child sitting at lunch with yours is mentally stable?

The issue is somewhat controllable when kids are in grade school. The communication between parents and teachers tends to have a healthy flow in order to cooperatively handle troubling situations in their early stages.

But when my oldest son started filling out applications to go away to college, having witnessed through the news channels the many shootings that occurred in the past years in several college campuses across the country, my worry escalated.

While thumbing through some college brochures we received, I noticed a common denominator amongst them. Beyond stressing on the importance of academics, the imagery of the campuses did not fall short of some high end vacationing resorts. I have to admit it, as a parent I want my children to live in a beautiful environment and eat good food. But most of all I want them safe. Not once it is addressed in any of their well crafted booklets a much needed psychological evaluation for incoming students.

I believe mental stability to be a pivotal point needed to determine the applicant’s capability to leave its nest and join a community of peers where sexual and social tensions are at their peak.

In the light of this recent mayhem, I speculated about the effect of the latest trend in video games on a person who fails to distinguish fiction from reality and right from wrong.

The most popular games in the market today are those where a player is enlisted in a virtual army, to fight a virtual war to eliminate virtual enemies.

The tools of extermination are the latest most injurious firearms. The wounds inflicted in the targets are always fatal. But the soldier who shoots the gun does not deal with the graphics of death. Upon bullet impact, the enemy’s wound flashes a red spurt, and then the dead body disappears as if it had never existed.

In a troubled mind, the virtual world of video games blends with its blurred perception of reality. When playing “Call of Duty”, the delusional player becomes a soldier in and out of the game. The remote control is easily replaced with a real firearm, thanks to some states gun laws, and the license to kill in the form of a video game, is available for about fifty dollars at any local toy store.

I do know that there are viable methods to follow up on children’s psychological development throughout their schooling years and in a way prevent massacres like the one in Tucson.

The Rorschach test, mostly known as the Inkblot Test is used to examine a person’s personality characteristics and emotional functioning. It has been employed to detect an underlying thought disorder, especially in cases where patients are reluctant to describe their thinking processes openly.

I would be more than happy to sign a release for my children to be submitted to said test at least three times during their schooling years:  At the beginning of kindergarten, when they start Junior High and before they graduate from High School.

Just like the SATs and a decent GPA, a mental health status should be part of the admissions package to college before letting a child out of their parents’ grasp and into the world on their own.

It’s too late to sit down with twenty two year old Loughner and disarm him like a bomb to find the core of his troubles. He already exploded at took a community down with him.

When I became a parent, I don’t recall seeing a stamp on my babies’ soft bottoms with an expiration date on parent responsibilities.

Making sure that my children are good to themselves and to others is “my call of duty.”

As part of a society, I would not dare shrug my shoulders and say it is not my problem.

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  1. Elsea8161 says:

    I’d prefer to be straighforward. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I am for gun control. If people want to go deer hunting or mama grisly hunting they should be able to buy rifles and shotguns, that’s all that should be available to the public. Any one buying a gun that fires 31 rounds is not looking to go hunting animals, they’re looking to kill humans. Why can’t those gun fanatics understand that?

  2. befudge says:

    As usual I admire your passion. It’s a great idea to have an evaluation of children and young adults before they enter the various grades at school. It will not be a popular concept but I believe it is one that is timely. Thanks for the post. Another homerun.

  3. Karen says:

    Another thought-provoking article, Sandra. One of my cousins worked on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ staff as an intern while at university. Needless to say, he is one of the good kids and is heartbroken over her injuries and the loss of some friends.

    Another cousin is the assistant dean of students for a large university and the amount of violence that takes place — that you do not hear about in the news — is staggering. When did it become okay to not be responsible for our children??? Today many parents expect the schools and universities to raise their children for them. The hight student-teacher ration makes this highly improbable. And, it is not what institutions of learning are for! I am with you on this one … psychological testing should be a mandatory part of entrance to any college or university.


    I don’t know about this one. Parents have it tough enough just making ends meet. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT allow any school or government agency to routinely do a psychological evaluation of my child. And where do you draw the line as to sanity. I can tell you I have met many strange people on this earth (I won’t mention any names, but you know who you are). But I would be very careful about calling the authorities about their sanity. Parent’s should be responsible for their children; however, we have very little control them after a certain age. Morevoer, we would all have to take training to evaluate what is dangerous behavior vs. just normal outburst. Like I said when I started: I just don’t know about this one. Good article.

    • Sandra G. says:

      Hi Frummy;
      Thanks for your comment. I have personally been trained (as a separate degree) in the Rorschach Test back in the days when I studied Psychology and I believe it is a good method of assesment. Before taking my year long study away in Israel, all of us who went were subjected to a psychological test to determine if we were ready to take that leap.

  5. Brown Eyed Girl says:

    I want to know why it’s so easy for someone to buy semi automatic weapons with extra large clips without drawing concern from the seller, especially a young man. There is something wrong with this picture. Guns are not the problem. It’s the qualifying process that is faulty. Also, I disagree with you about the parents. We live in a time when parents have no control over their children with all the loss that protect chidlren’s rights, but parents have to be responsible for those same children. I am sure the parents of Jared Loughner are regular wonderful people trying to raise a socially responsible child like all of us, in these troubled times, but until we hear their story we cannot point any blame in their direction. Thanks for allowing me to comment! I enjoy reading a post that may make folks think.

    • Sandra G. says:

      Thanks for your comment. I do agree on your point about guns, but the parenting… We do have control over our children. Everything starts at home. It is a lot of work, but that is what parenting is all about.
      I’m a grown woman with children of my own, and even if my parents live in Argentina thousands of miles away, they still parent me. It’s a job that never ends and communication is key.

  6. Johnson Naillon says:

    I am impressed with this blog but I disagree about Sara Palin. This is one dividing b^tch!! Palin and Glen Beck and all those radical right wing idiots promote the polarization of the American people and are cowards that cannot own up to the repercussions of their hateful talk. I 100% believe that Sara Palin is to take some of the blame for the massacre in Tuscon last week. Think cross hairs. She is an evil person.

  7. johnny says:

    Wake up and smell the hate. How can you defend Sarah Palin? THAT is literally dodging the bullet, not the other way around. I’m disappointed in you in that point. But I like your suggestions for determining the mental stability of incoming college students, although universities are just interested in the almighty $$$. Let’s take a look at colleges. If they were really concerned about the students, they would not pimp all those black athletes on the field and abandon them in the community, uneducated and sometimes illiterate after they’ve used them up. So we cannot depend on these same institutions to protect our sane kids from the crazy kids because they just don’t give a sh*t about that. I say it comes down to the parents. Most parents know when something is not right with their children unless they have their head in the sand. I don’t know exactly what the answer is so Houston we have a problem.

    • Sandra G. says:

      Dear Johnny:
      We have to take responsibility for what happens at home. I’m a very political person and I can’t see the connection between politics and this guy’s insanity. Are you suggesting that he was hired by a politician to unleash the shooting rampage?

  8. Ellen says:

    I would too be willing to sign a release for my children to take a mental competency test before starting Kindergarten, Junior High and High School. This madness is getting out of control and everyone seems to have their head in the clouds without a clue while our children are hurting inside and innocent people end up being killed.

  9. Don & Jackie says:

    Thanks for the article. Our prayers go out to the families of the murdered victims, especially to congresswoman Giffords and to our nation. We need to find our way back to God.

  10. Death to Terrorism says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. Sarar Palin is majorly responsible for the increase in hate in this country. Her and her crosshairs map has done a lot of damage and she knows exactly what she is doing. She has hoodwinked her followers. She talks about God but thank God her true self is being revealed to us. The Bible says that in the last days all false prophets will be exposed. It’s just the beginning for Sara.

  11. glassy24 says:

    tea partyers are jacked up.

  12. Fringe says:

    Unfortunately every one is using this tragedy for their own and their own agenda. Let’s not forget the murdered victims and those suffering family members left behind. If you had lost someone you would be saying something different right now.

  13. Jim J says:

    Thank you! Amazing people aren’t make the connection between the violent video games and movies with subliminal messages.

  14. Brains for Idiots says:

    Well done again Sandra. I always enjoy reading your blog and I agree with you this time too. Jared Loughner is sick and we HAVE to find a way to determine who are the sick kids at school, sick people at work etc. in order to protect our communities. I’m sure this will not happen because we will be violating all kinds of rights given to us by our constitution, but we can all dream that one day when we’ve had enough of our kids, loved ones and being killed by people who shoulda been locked up in a mental institution or prison, we’ll have no choice but to implement some of these laws.

  15. J. Klein says:

    If Palin is so innocent why did she pull the map with her cross hair targets from her website. The woman is eveil I tell you. She shows no remorse and her arrogance is sickening.

  16. jaqui says:

    realmente me siento contenta de poder leer nuevamente sus reflexiones, estoy en un cien por ciento de acuerdo con ellas, usted tiene la capacidad y las armas para formar una organizacion a nivel nqcional donde la evaluacion de un estudiante sea parte de la admision a un establecimiento, yo como madre y abuela tambien tengo mis temores ante toda esta invacion cibernetica que invadio las mentes de grandes y chicos., su articulo es exceoente, JAQY

    • Jaqui says:


      I feel truly happy to have the opportunity to read your article. I agree with you a hundred percent. You have the capability of leading a nation wide movement to ensure psychological testing for students before being admitted into schools. As a mother and grandmother I have my fears about the cybernetic invasion that invaded the minds of so many children. Excellent article.

  17. Barette says:

    blunt and to the point, nice!

  18. Phyllistb20101 says:

    I am familiar with the Rorschach test and I wholeheartedly agree that it should be used for psychological evaluation in schools. It’s as good as any if not better than any other at this time. Thank you for the many passionate layers to your article; well-written and very appropriate.

  19. Single Mom says:

    Another good article. Again I agree with you and thank you for being bold in expressing your feeling s and offering suggestions, unlike most people. As a mother, I would support the mental test. I raised my children to be responsible and compassionate but we don’t always know how they will turn out. We can only hope that the values we teach them sticks when they get out into the real world. Honestly, my heart hurts for the Loughner family. Let’s wait to hear their story.

  20. tsunami22 says:

    I like the way you connected all the relevant themes in this post and I agree with you on evry point 100%.

  21. Christine says:

    Your suggestions are good in theory but not at all practical. We are heading into a police state and what you are recommending will make us get there quicker. Sorry, don’t agree.

  22. Opinionated Cabbie says:

    Sarah Palin always puts her foot in it then cries foul. It’s obvious that Sarah doesn’t listen to herself and her idiotic irresponsible ramblings and neither do you. Shame on you both.

    • Sandra G. says:

      Hi Opinionated Cabbie;

      I’m not fond of Palin myself, but I don’t believe she raised Loughner.
      This issue has nothing to do with politics. The first years of Loughner’s life were not spent in front of a T.V. listening to any politician’s rants.
      Thanks for your comment.

  23. Brian Thompson says:

    OUr country is on a fast track to hate city and our politicians need to reevaluate the message they are sending out there to their followers.

  24. Zwing says:

    The shooting showed one thing – we STILL have heroes willing to risk their lives for others. Americans we haven’t lost our hearts, the foundation we we were built on.

  25. Rufus L. says:

    Obama’s speech was very touching and right on target. We should not make this tragedy into a right ring or left wing issue. It is a time for healing and if we don’t pay attention to the writing on the wall this country will be in serious trouble.

  26. Tammy K. says:

    I watched President Obama’s address on tv and was so touched by it. Michelle reaching out to Congressman Giffords husband was a special moment. The whole thing was very sad and this is not the time to criticize. If Obama did not go to Tuscon everyone would criticize him. He did a great job and his speech was to unite not divide no matter which party you support.

  27. Kevin says:

    Obama is shamelessly exploiting this tragedy for his own gain. The man has no emotion. I’m sure his speech writers had to type in ‘cry here’ so he could inject emotion in his speech.

  28. Sean P. says:

    Great article.

  29. C. Joseph says:

    I had the privilege of attending the memorial service for the victims tonight and I was very very proud to be part of that experience. No one knew what to expect but it was very uplifting and gave us hope as a state and as a nation. People are criticizing the president but if you were not in the auditorium to feel his sincerity and the positive energy of the crowd you missed out on something special that could never be captured on television. He has my vote in 2012.

  30. laura says:

    Very good article Sandra!
    So sad that there is no “parenthood license”…

  31. Nicholas W. says:

    President Obama urged us let us “sharpen our instincts for empathy” in this sad situation. So lets not point fingers to the left or the right but look at the three pointing back at us.

  32. Meterman says:

    Obama’s speech was more like a political rally then a memorial service. Ugh!

  33. LeAnne says:

    We have cried ourselves out of tears in Tuscon but Obama put a balm on our pain. I am not Democrat but I respected his sincerity and the fact that he did not seize this opportunity last night to play politics. Pray for us.

  34. nobrainer2011 says:

    Michelle Obama need a good stylist. :-)

  35. Everette says:

    We have become selfish and indifferent as a country. which reminds me that ugly dufus bill maher is an idiot, but The heroes especially give us hope though.

  36. lonerider says:

    Sandra I really enjoyed this post. Your best so far.

  37. capitalista says:

    lovely post. i’m glad the media is not splashing loughner’s face all over the place giving him the fame i’m sure he wants. we need to focus on the victims and not those criminals, crazy or not.

  38. Linda Alemany says:

    I listen to KFI 640 am Radio everyday, so I can confidently say that Ms. Gluschankoff has summarized more valuable information in her article than all of the talk radio hosts have all together, she is brilliant and writes with the deepest sense of information and logic.

    • Sandra G. says:

      Thank you, Linda. This troubling matter has many shades. As a parent, I just touch on the one that hits closest to home, literally.

  39. Laughing Cow says:

    You touched on many things that I have asked myself, one of them is why didn’t any of his friends on Myspace, Facebook or Youtube alert anyone to his rantings? This tragedy could’ve been prevented on so many levels if we would all decided to get involved, to make strange things our problem. Thank you for a great article.

  40. biker chick says:

    The ARizona sheriff said we become a very angry country. Hmm. Ain’t that the same dude that want to run illegals out by any means necessary?

  41. claudep says:

    Great perspective, especially as regards to the video games.

  42. watercooler says:

    The way I see it we all have to get involved no matter our politics, race, education, finances,etc. We all stand to lose if we do not stop this spread of hate.

  43. Rick T. says:

    I want Daniel Hernandez to work for me.

  44. Ruthless Honey says:

    Obama is shameless. His speech was scripted to boost his falling ratings and nothing more. I can’t wait for 2012 to boot him out. BTW thank you for not blaming Sarah Palin for the shootings. We need all the support we can get as the lefties and prejudice media try to drag her through the mud. Keep writing.

  45. beatnik says:

    Lucky me I found your site by accident, and I bookmarked it. Love writing on gun control.

  46. cocopuffy says:

    Obama knocked it out of the park with his speech. I can’t stand all the haters y’all need to get a life an realize his ratings are up up up. :-)

  47. Celine says:

    Excuse me the Kardashians don’t go shootin up people. I like that show.

  48. nightrider2010 says:

    my two cents his parents did not train him to be a killer, they are devastated so you cut them some slack.

    • Sandra G. says:

      Dear Nightrider2010:

      Below you”ll find a portion of he article where I say just that. Thanks for stopping by and comment.

      “I’m certain Loughner’s parents did not raise him to be a mass murderer or a madman. As a mother I can attest that from that first raw moment we cuddle our babies close to our hearts we could never fathom such wonder ever turning into tragedy.”

  49. Adina says:

    Y’all all judgmental idiots.

  50. seahawk says:

    Nice blog. Point by point I agree with everything except your comments on his parents, too early to judge.

  51. Jimmy A says:

    Joe Zamudio is a hero but only because he used a level head. He could have easily kill the wrong man. I am concerned about the racist angry nutjobs out there that will not use the same restraint. Arizona’s gun laws are too lax but this incident has only one good because it brings up the gun debate and we are all talking about it.

  52. Sarah T says:

    A friend sent me this link. Great post, more special because of the young innocent kid that died. We should write to congress about your suggestions because they’re worth looking into.

    • Sandra G. says:

      Thanks Sarah T.
      Feel free to forward it to your friends and family. The more we spread the word on issues like this, the broadest awareness we create.

  53. tokley127 says:

    I like your writing, this is your best allthough I like the mosque alot. I agree with the test for people attending school but teachers should be tested too since there are so many molestations between teacher and student.

  54. Dane Pochatko says:

    I think you have mentioned some very interesting points , regards for the post.

  55. Rebecca Thomas says:

    it was to easy for loughner to get a gun there must to be anohter way to reduse crime. i understand the police don’t seem to be doing a good job to protecting us but loughner should fry, he’s evil.

  56. Sebastian Benyard says:

    This should not be a debate about the political climate, this is the kind of result we get when you take G-d out of the schools and every public institution. We should use this as a lesson to talk about man’s inhumanity to man and our growing insensitivity as a nation devoid of spiritual guidance.

  57. William Somerfield says:

    Good article and argument put forward well. However, I do put a significant amount of blame square on the shoulders of people like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Sarah Palin plays innocent babe but she knows the power of her words on impressionable, gullible people living in a fragile economy that has seen more than it;s share of troubles. Sarah Palin did not raise Jared Loughner but she certainly has influenced him with her crosshairs map. How many of us parents raise good kids only to see them go the wrong way because of peer pressure or negative outside influence. I looked at an old photograph of Loughner and he was a handsome, promising young man, light years away from the scary smiling monster depicted in the most recent photograph. I believe that there should be some sort of evaluation for students entering our learning institutions at every level, but sadly, I doubt we will see it come to pass in our lifetime. Keep up the good work.

  58. kourtnie says:

    Sandra big fan of your blogs. I agree with everything so far.

  59. Bill D says:

    Obama is bankrupting the country and you liberals are so stupid you keep beeing fooled by his charm! Palin is not my first choice in 2012 but she is the only one that can guarantee a one term for Obama. No to gun control for all you fascists out there.

  60. hummingbird says:

    I’m going to point out that I don’t like Sara Palin because I think she is one of the causes of the mean-spiritedness in this country now but I don’t think she is responsible for that shooting in Arizona.

  61. Herman Szwaja says:

    Excuse me Sarah Palin supporters and brown nosers, Gabriel Gifford SAID herself she was concerned about having the gun sights on her district BEFORE she was shot. And what did fame hungry, conflict champion Palin have on her site? Gun sights that included Gabriel’s district. So how is Palin not to be blamed MORONS????

  62. Vicini42509 says:

    Hi I like your comments and it was fabulous. Well Done! Lets pray for the victims and loved ones.

  63. Agree_I says:

    Sarah Palin is responsible. Unbelievable how she’s made this whole sad situation in ARizona ALL about her. She’s a narcissistic pig WITH lipstick. LOL :-)

  64. ledzepplin33k says:

    I always like your blog. your the best.

  65. McVeety says:

    LMAO! :-) You can’t be serious. My problem? You sit in your lofty mansions and look down on folk like us and pass judgment. Stop the bullying, the dirty politics, the judgment, the discrimination, I can go on and on and on but obviuosly you wouln’t understand so go fly a kite to cool off.

    • Sandra G. says:

      Thanks McVeety, I’m still laughing.
      By the way, don’t forget; tea time at my lofty mansion this afternoon.
      PS:BYOK (bring your own kite)

  66. Yolanda says:

    i agree, it’s all our problem.

  67. DonnieM says:

    sad state of affairs this violence, but i like what you said about parents responsibilities have no expiration date o babies soft bottoms. so true.

  68. scott statham says:

    I have to differ. Are you asking us to believe that the charged political climate had nothing to do with this young man’s actions? I hope not. This is a clearcut case of extreme politics influencing someone who is unstable and feels he has no control to begin with to engage in extreme actions in order to assert some sort of control. I read your bio and as a psychologist I would think you would see that as well.

  69. soulman says:

    One comment – “Don’t retreat-reload!” – Sarah Palin. Any questions?

  70. pinball junkie says:

    I would really like to thank you for sharing your ideas on you post.

  71. Silverbird says:

    The NRA has to take their share of the blame too. They are nutjobs that hide behind constitutional rights to be armed but they have nothing in place to protect us citizens from the crazies out there when they make it easy to buy a gun without any problem. But I don’t think they have any conscience or feel any guilt over the death of these people or those hurt in the shooting. The NRA should be banned and no one, no citizen should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon.

  72. Gurrad16 says:

    have you seen this weirdos you tube videos, the signs were right there.

  73. Atlanta Giant says:

    I don’t understand why people are still blaming the tea party. The guy is a nut job and the left wingers will do anything to get at Palin and her powerful group. There’s no connection between herbal tea, caffeinated tea, tea party or Palin to this psycho.

  74. DeltaDana says:

    To anyhone who listens to Jared Loughner’s rantings and ramblings on YouTube it is obvious that he is stone cold out of his mind. I’m not saying that Palin’s comments did or did not influence him, but that’s a stretch to go there at all without defining proof to tie the two together. So far no one has come up with any evidence.

  75. maura2k says:

    our politicians have to be more responsible with what they say and do just like our celebrities, our kids are watching everyone.

  76. Dr.Y says:

    The psychosis of this young man is nothing to ridicule or sneer at. Mental illness is a growing disease and it’s no laughing matter I assure you. My sympathies go out not only to the victims and their families but to Jared Loughner’s family as well. It’s horrible burden to bear when a loved one commits such heinous acts. We should empathize not criticize.

  77. petrified says:

    It’s impossible to see this as anything other than political. Most republicans are trigger happy. Add that to Palin’s cross hairs and petty comments about ‘reload, don’t retreat, then what did you expect.

  78. beetlejuice says:

    I saw a link to this post on another site and I am so happy I checked it out. I love this post. I agree with you and I was so angry that no one noticed that this kid was a danger to himself and others, or that if they did notice they obviously didn’t do anything about it. I also blame his parents. Come on, the parents couldn’t be that daft to not know something radical was wrong with this kid. On the other hand I sympathize with them because there is only so much you can do in a situation like that when the powers that be don’t help. lllegal aliens can come here and get all kinds of help, including for mental disorders and we can’t get it for our kids and family members. So maybe the parents tried but there wasn’t a lot they could do. I don’t know what the solution is but I know we have to do something fast.

  79. Moses Gable says:

    It really has nothing to do with liberals or conservatives, Loughner is mentally ill, it has to do with being unstable and deranged or sane. Must give some of those commenters a rush to be so smug and self righteous…

  80. 2Mississippi says:

    people are so stupid.

  81. pasty290 says:

    it might be best for us all to gain a better understanding of his psyche so that we might prevent such tragedies in the future.

  82. JX says:

    Lefties should be ashamed of bring politics into such a tragedy. Some people here need to do some reading to educate themselves on the facts of the tea party, Palin, Congresswoman Giffords, etc. The ignorance in some of these comments is stifling. Yawn! :-( But I liked reading your post.

  83. pcb ass says:

    Just another opportunity to polarize the American people.

  84. neon says:

    I see your point guns should be unlawful to own except if you’re in law enforcement. And even then I am suspicious of a few nuts in that profession. :-)

  85. MDW says:

    don’t care what ya’ll say giffords blood is on palin’s hands.

  86. Michelle says:

    I’m glad Gifford is doing well. I hope she has a full recovery. I also hope that the other victims recover fully and heal emotionally.

  87. Tucsonaz11 says:

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