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Lindsay Lohan, A Fallen Star -By Allison

By ALLISON LORD — Caribbean (read bio)

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I was in fourth gear cruising the twelve mile zone in my Mercedes convertible when I first thought of writing this article about Lindsay Lohan, the young people of today and the parents behind those kids.

There was so much to say that I couldn’t breathe, drive and write all at the same time. But out of the thousand paragraphs that infiltrated my mind, I finally settled on some of the significant thoughts that I would definitely write.

When a young person constantly lands in court with DUIs, driving charges, probation violations, drug abuse, failed stints in rehab, wears a SCRAM bracelet by court order, and suffers from eating disorders I think it’s time for someone, ANYONE to step in and help.

Such is the regrettable case of beautiful but troubled Lindsay Lohan, unfortunate role model for millions of teens and tweens everywhere. Apart from Rosie O’Donnell, who has come forth to offer help, there doesn’t seem to be any (more…)

Sandra’s Post – Mess Up À Trois

By SANDRA LORD – Caribbean


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.

It’s so good to see Jay Leno back on the Tonight Show, where he rightfully belongs. Jay’s debut on March 1, as host of the esteemed program for the second time around, beat out all the late night competition, not surprisingly, with an estimated 6.6 million viewers.

For several weeks I have been seething about the treatment Jay has received at the hands of the media, fellow comedians and other celebrities regarding the O’Brien-NBC saga.

Even the proud little peacock on the NBC logo, still justifiably hiding itself in shame, could have told network executives that the Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien switcheroo was a disaster in the making. The signs of a debacle were so obvious, it’s amazing NBC execs did not see it coming!

That fiasco sparked a lot of anger in Hollywood and most of it seemed have been directed at Leno. People seemed to be siding with Conan and searching for reasons to vilify Jay. I just didn’t get it!

I like Jay Leno, plain and simple – more than Letterman and more than Conan and I don’t particularly care to hear anything negative about him.

I have read and listened to bashings by a hurt Howard Stern who has (more…)




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