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By Sandra Lord and Allison Lord – Caribbean (read bios)


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The fall of an icon. It happens more times than we can imagine, and we start wondering… How?

Picture it: a skanky mistress is wronged by her “John,” a philandering celebrity husband, loaded with $$$$. Hey, what’s that on the broom in the sky coming to the rescue?? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman?? No, wait! It’s super-media hog attorney, Gloria Allgreed!

We used to admire Gloria Allred, the remarkable attorney and tireless crusader of women’s rights, who also fought against discrimination of any kind. She was the one who helped shed the international spotlight on the disturbing issue of (more…)

Media Jerks – TMZ Staff

By Sandra & Allison Lord



While we give this week’s Media Icon honor to Harvey Levin, creator of the ground-breaking TMZ entertainment magazine TV show and website, unfortunately, we have to give the Media Jerks honor to his underling on-camera staff.

Now, here are a bunch who, as we say in the Caribbean, “left school too early.” (more…)

Media Icons – Harvey Levin
By Sandra & Allison Lord


Some may scoff at the idea that Harvey Levin, television producer, lawyer, legal analyst and celebrity reporter is “the guy who rules Hollywood,” but that’s how he was introduced at a convention of powerful entertainment lawyers last year.

While some of the worst epithets have been leveled against him and his brand of tabloid television, and while we didn’t need another entertainment show on the air, one has to commend Harvey Levin for co-founding the hottest news and gossip website and its spinoff syndicated television series, TMZ. Harvey’s TMZ, which stands for the Thirty Mile Zone surrounding the Hollywood area, the epicenter of celebrity life, work and play, has revamped the format of the traditional entertainment magazine show to become one of the world’s most quoted sources of entertainment news. These days, everyone, including traditional news outlets quote and credit both the website and TV show regularly.

TMZ landed the scoop of the decade when it broke the news of the death of music icon and King of Pop, Michael Jackson, before it was officially confirmed. (more…)

Jesse the Tiger – Allison’s Post

By ALLISON LORD – Caribbean

I can see it now, Tiger Woods ringing Jesse James’ doorbell. Jesse opens the door, Tiger stands there with a big smile on his face, hands Jesse a helium balloon and a big card attached that reads simply, ‘You just saved my ass. ‘Here’s the torch Jesse, thank you.’

Yes people, as we all know, actress Sandra Bullock got blind sided by the actions of her cheating, disrespectful husband, Jesse James. Sadly, Sandra had blinders on, looking straight ahead because she so trusted her husband. The other jackass in this story, Tiger Woods, shot a tee right between the eyes of his wife Elin, who by the way, is also the mother of his two kids. Umhmmm! Nasty.

One can only imagine the many more men, celebrity and non-celebrity, who are shaking in their boots, terrified about their extra marital affairs. Those who are (more…)

Finding Love in L.A. – By Jasmine Rafati

By Guest Blogger: JASMINE RAFATI – Iran

Ahhhhhh…the conundrum of love! I have yet to find someone who has figured it all.  According to Webster’s Dictionary, love is “intense affection, feeling of attraction resulting from sexual desire, and fondness.“ There is not a definition about love that says it is “a state of mind that makes you completely blind to reality and makes you accept or do things that you would have never accepted or done before.”

I know beautiful girls who live in this city, who are educated, loving, fun and smart, who are not able to find the love of their lives and if they do find someone they care about, he is not ready for commitment. How many times have we women heard a man say: ‘You are wonderful. It’s not you. It’s me. I am just not ready for commitment.’

Sometimes we knowingly date men who are perpetual womanizers or liars, distrust women, or have jealousy issues. Come on ladies most of us have done it! And hooray to the ones who haven’t! We think that he wasn’t ready with others but with ‘me’ things will be different. Why we always think we can fix these men, God only knows.

I met a guy here in Los Angeles who was handsome, sweet, and attentive…in the beginning. (more…)




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