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A Question of Friendship, A Matter of Integrity – By Sandra Lord

By SANDRA LORD — Caribbean (read bio)

(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.

When I see the Real Housewives of any city or state, or any of the other reality TV shows whose very success thrives on drama replete with backstabbing, jealousy, envy, division and the destruction of friendship/relationships, I have to ask, WHAT does “friendship” mean these days?

Whenever I read or hear about a source “close” to a celebrity or public figure revealing privileged information to tabloid media, I cringe. Who are these close sources? Surely they must be people who are trusted enough to be in that person’s inner circle. Doesn’t that in itself count for something? Whatever happened to loyalty, as in “I got your back,” to those people whom we call friends?

Meaningful friendship — you know, the type exemplified in the beautiful lyrics of the Golden Girls theme song that starts with, “Thank you for being a friend…your heart is true you’re a pal and a confidant…” or what Dionne Warwick meant when she crooned, “That’s what friends are for… knowin’ you can always count on me for sure…in good times, and bad times, I’ll be on your side forever more,” or Simon & Garfunkel with “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” or Carole King with “You’ve Got A Friend” — seems to be dying a slow, painful death.

Nowadays, as everyone fights to get into the spotlight by any means necessary, these great lyrical expressions of gratitude, loyalty and unflinching support go out the window faster than Heidi Montag will go under a plastic surgeon’s knife. (more…)

Media Icons – Tyler Perry

By Sandra & Allison Lord  


Tyler Perry and alter ego , Madea (©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.

Six foot five, good looking, and successful – is this what makes Tyler Perry a media icon? We don’t think so. It is his determination to overcome his difficulties, sticking to his faith, and believing in himself, even in the toughest moments.

After Tyler attempted suicide due to a childhood trauma, where he was a victim of physical abuse as well as sexual molestation, he understood that he had to take the reins of his life in order to defeat the ghosts of his troubled past and set on a journey of a thousand miles, which began with a single step. 

Being a high school drop out, Tyler quickly realized that it took lots of (more…)




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