Stand For Something – By Kaz

By Guest Blogger: KAZ MATAMURA — Japanese (read bio)

“He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.”

I am bold.  I trust my luck.  I am still capable of “just going for it.”  I’m still leading my life as if I’m writing my fantasy autobiography. My sunny brain and penchant for the positive makes my life easier and brighter. So, to mark the 10th year anniversary of my non-profit company, Fire Rose, I shall share my some of the ingredients that make the recipe for this life of mine.

Trust I don’t waste energy being suspicious or worried, not because I lack an awareness, but because I surround myself with only trust-worthy people.

In Hollywood, I work with wonderfully creative people.  Paranoia is often based on how one sees and treats others and their expectations of those people.  An individual, who wants to be liked, attracts skillful suckers. These are individuals who will say whatever it takes in order to get what they want.  The rest of us just think the suckers are weird.

No pressure Most of the time, I am not sure whether I’m playing or working. Pressure doesn’t drive me.  ‘Drive’ drives me. I don’t worry about “making it” or “getting to the top” because I concern myself with the road in front of me.

I’m a perfectionist and I always give my best but I also acknowledge perfection as a creation of the mind, not something external.  Life can be perfect if that perfection comes from living in the moment.  Establishing conditional parameters fences in our freedom. “If I had more money”, “If I had time to…,” “If I had the opportunity…!”

Bottom line: a free-range chicken does not know where the fences are, or what the fences are for, or why there should even BE fences.

Set no limit, no pressure, no expectation.

Simplify – you don’t need much to live, even though it’s a rather hypocritical thing for me to say because I LOVE my toys.  And I admit that I pretty much have everything I need.

My ego “wants” to make a life meaningful, or “wants” to hear George Clooney say to me, “You and I would make great looking children.” But other than that, I don’t have much “want.”  I guess I am a Buddhist by default.  Wait… I am not really a Buddhist if I call myself a Buddhist – because labeling is preventing yourself from just being…. Oy…. Ok…  Forget it.  I am just nothing.

It’s OK to be hateful – as long as it doesn’t come from your self-hatred. List the things you hate – and if it grows from you or you grew from it – that’s self-hatred. I hate onions, but it doesn’t grow from me. So it’s OK to hate onions.  I grew from my parents but I don’t hate them…. Even though they are selfish, loud talking bohemians. If you hate one thing, hate everything equally. I’m a little bit of racist, sexist, ageist – be a well-balanced hater.

Recycle all – If you see trash, you pick it up. The same thing applies to relationships. When you see a Debbie Downer, don’t avoid her. You face her like an Eli Wallach would. You suck all the bad thoughts, energies, and ideas from her and recycle them into good ones. Don’t store it. Instead of “That asshole cut me off”, think, “oh glad the speedy Gonzales didn’t rear end me.” Staying away from negative energy is like being on the Atkins diet. If you avoid it, you are giving too much power to it and you won’t have any immunity. Learn to deal with downers.  It is inevitable.  No one can be happy all the time and   I think happiness is over-emphasized in our society anyway. Conversely, sadness has too much of a bad rep.  We appreciate comedy when we can understand tragedy.

Money – it doesn’t take much to live, but it can cost your life if you pay too much attention to making it. Whatever you do, if you are good at it and stay working hard consistently, you will make money. Possession is not achievement. Only you can own your sense of achievement.  That experience is only thing you take with you, and it is much more valuable than how much money you have in your bank account.

Be flexible in what to believe. I used to believe my classmate Miyama was my soul mate but then I had a change of heart to Aki. He was killed in a traffic accident. Now my definition of my soul mate is “anyone who can put up with me.” I used to believe in Santa Claus, but now I believe that everyone can be a Santa Claus, and I love being one every Christmas.  I’m not a Jew, but I enjoy practical Hanukah gifts, too.

Friends – Be with people who share the same moral value. True friends are lovers minus the passionate French kiss. We respect, trust, and admire one another. We are each other’s fairy godmothers and godfathers.

Create a heaven here. I don’t know what’s going to happen after death. Honestly I don’t think I will ever die.  I used to have some idea about it, but I do not believe in something no one has experienced completely.  Death is an incident and concept.  However, the idea of earning reward points on this planet to go to a better place after you die puzzles me. It is less certain than “mama’s bank” where you see the money go in but you never see it come out.  If I get points on my good deeds, I want to cash in all my points here in this life. Call me a gambler but I’m betting my heaven is RIGHT HERE.

Home is where you restHave an oasis.  It could be a bathtub, a park bench listening your kids laugh, or a local pub.  Always know how to recharge yourself. My lover’s arm is where I surrender all the power games and preconceptions of how life should be.  Every night I thank him for being there for me, and every morning I am excited to explore another day with him.  But then, I do the same things with my pumpkin plants. Go figure.

Stand for something – You can see more standing up tall than sitting and resting. We have amazing freedom in this country, and it makes me smile that every individual enjoys it fully.  Each one of us is responsible for our own empowerment and inspiration.  I do not rely on others for empowerment, but I DO want to be with the people with bright eyes. Find your tribe – people that cherish who you are, and expand your compassion outside of your tribe members.

One of the things I’m still learning is how to slow down and smell the roses. I struggle with just stopping to have fun. I AM having a great deal of fun, but wouldn’t it be more fun to keep watering roses along the way to make our path a little bit prettier for the next generation?

64 Responses to “Stand For Something – By Kaz”

  1. Jim Fitzgerald says:

    Kaz, nice to see that someone else in this world “get’s it”. Great start to your blog, I just wish I could write like you can. The images I produce display my heart, soul and inner self. My way of trying to show the world the beauty they are missing by not slowing down to “see & smell the roses”. Some people “see” others just look.

    • kaz says:

      We are so RUCKY to have the means to communicate with others though arts! It’s the best way to communicate. You create it and walk away from it – and how they read it or see it is totally up to them. You don’t even need to answer “uh? What do you mean? What is that???”
      THANK YOU for your kind words!

  2. NYC Girl says:

    Hollywood is the epicenter of paranoia so I’m curious as to how you get to work with wonderfully creative people in Lala Land. Uplifting article nonetheless.

    • kaz says:

      There are suckers everywhere. True – there are more insecure “look at me-ners” here. BUT here are some SUCKER RADER POINTS:
      1. They want to be liked
      2. They come across (overly) nice
      3. They are dumber than you.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Ellen Bienenfeld says:

    Once again Kaz, you have made me smile and think a little more introspectivly. Personally, my rule every day is simply not to be the dark spot in anyone elses day. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. SMILE. Thanks for the blog.


  4. Kevin T. says:

    “a free-range chicken does not know where the fences are, or what the fences are for, or why there should even BE fences” – PRICELESS WISDOM.

  5. Sandra G. says:

    Hey Kaz;
    I really enjoyed your article. I guess that if more people will follow your advice, there will be a bunch of inmortals in this world!

    • kaz says:

      wow… I didn’t think about that…. if we live forever, our population would be… oh my… i started to getting depressed…

      I am not crazy about the idea of living too long. All Asian chicks turn into YODA one morning. You see HOT Asian or Yodasian. Nothing between. If you think I am joking, look around.

  6. PROS & CONS says:

    Great blog and congratulations on 10 years of your theater. You must be very proud. When your’e not sure if you’re playing or working I think you have found something precious in life.

    • kaz says:

      Thank you…. as long as I pay a little bit of tax (my rent to America), I feel too bad about playing too hard.

  7. Lionel says:

    you sound like my grandma. i do not mean to be insulting because you do not look old enough to be a grandma but you have so much wisdom. i like the title of your blog. grandma alwasy said if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. very wise writing. best regards.

    • kaz says:

      That is a compliment!!! THANK YOU! I love talking to older and wiser people. Or sometimes MUCH younger people – as long as they don’t smell like a dirty diaper.

  8. dugout says:

    Are these all Japanese principles that you grew up with or principles you developed as you went through life?

    • kaz says:

      I came out like this. Old troll stuck in a me-love-you-long-time body. For the first 10 years of my life I looked like a small old lady in the Poltergeist movies. My voice pitch was lower though.

  9. Jessie says:

    Kaz, your writing continues to inspire me.

  10. Sonya says:

    You hit all the points I discuss with my empowerment group. At the end of the day what does all the hustle and bustle mater? Life is truly what we make it and if we are content we are achieving. Great article.

  11. Michael Helms says:

    some simple rules, some simple insights…some hard stuff to apply. We are all works in progress!
    Wonderful article Kaz.

  12. DC Chick says:

    Your on the money with this one. Wish I could frame it and put on my wall for daily inspiration.

  13. Jazzy says:

    interesting article but if heaven was RIGHT HERE this world would not be such a hell hole. and it ‘s getting worse.

    • kaz says:

      Seriously, we are DAMN spoiled. We have ELECTRICITY, CLEAN water and HOT water. Clean shoes and clothes!!! The problem is we are so inundated with too much information. We are drown by it. We don’t know where or what to hold on, and we live like a hamster on a wheel. No direction whatsoevahhhhh.

      In this info junkie society (who the hell cares about Rindsay Rohan), We just need to get WISER to how to pick and chose what to believe and what to pass on to the next generation. Older I get, more I get tired of people bitching about how sucky it is getting, at the same time I become more aware, and appreciative of the people who are doing something to improve this world.
      Hell exists in the lazy minds.
      Hope is the engine of the action takers.

    • Antonio D. says:

      Jazzy, heaven is where you make it and we can experience heaven every day in how we approach life. Is the glass half full or half empty? How you look at the glass will determine how well or bad you leave your life. As Kaz says stop and smell and appreciate the roses. Life is not that bad…things could be worse.

  14. pea says:

    i love you without French kiss!

  15. Louis vuitton223 says:

    I have adopted your outlook to now live life like I’m writing my own fantasy autobiography. what a great way to experience life at it’s fullest and brightest. Thank you.

    • kaz says:

      Every day something surprises me…. A couple nites ago, a slice of tomato dropped into my dirty martini…. I left it there for a bit, and ate it. Was really good. Life is good…. simple oral pleasure…

  16. Claude says:

    i lover you would like WITH french kiss, please?. :-)

  17. Chris says:

    you are fiery and mellow at the same time, i like your blog.

  18. ford lover says:

    Great information, I just bookmarked this.

    Sent from my iPad 4G

  19. JustMe says:

    great pearls of wisdom. thank you for sharing.

  20. Bananas says:

    I agree with your viewpoint on simplifying. As George Carlin said many times, why do we need all this stuff in our lives. Barbara Streisand simplified a few years ago getting rid of even homes. Simplification is the best, but doesn’t it seem like we only “get” it as we get older?

    • kaz says:

      You are so right – when we have so much, we realized things don’t mean much. But it is a path we aaaaalll need to take.

      George C. also said “everything is BS” – but I want to believe there is something we can take it with us.

  21. puberty35 says:

    you can do better than george clooney. i don’t see what’s the big deal with this guy, not attractive at all to me.

  22. income tax calculator says:

    do u have a twitter

  23. cherrypie says:

    Your idealism is good but with the gulf disaster, economic crisis, social security problems, bad role models,there is not much we can do to make it prettier for the next generation. I’m not being pessimistic but these are difficult times we live in and I wonder what we leave for our kids. I worry about that as a mother.

    • kaz says:

      No matter how horrible things get – we can still pass the strength to be “HOPEFULLY” in the most hopeless situation – to our kids. Smile and glum are both contagious… if you can pick one, what would you pick for your kids?

  24. Mimosa says:

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  25. ANNA says:

    Well said. Take a long walk and you really will smell the roses.
    : )

  26. floafox says:

    This is very good article, I am very interested in its topic and read them was a pleasure.

  27. bestgirl says:

    OMG> I cant believe there are so many comments here like “great post!”, etc. This blog sucks.

  28. privacy says:

    Thanks For the great Read Looking Forward To Reading Some More From You !!

  29. leoneq.wife says:

    To cherrypie, lighten up. life’s too short to take things sooooooo seriously. And yes you ARE being pessimistic.

  30. Caren7 says:

    Hi, with the abundance of crappy blogs around it’s great to see that there are still some filled with great content! Is there any way I can be emailed when you create a health post? thanks!

  31. Gaytra says:

    I understand what you mean but it’s never ok to be hateful. People could take it the wrong way.

  32. Lyma Dise says:

    GREAT blog. Your posts are the most interesting to me. I’m curious how you consider yourself racist, sexist, ageist, well-balanced hater, .

  33. Nathan says:

    Hey guys, I am Nathan Choo and I am now in Indonesia. Reading your blog has helped me move on and find the happy things in life. Things that do matter. Thanks.

  34. Tidrick58004 says:

    Hola Kaz. Thanks for the words of wisdom. you are my shinning light.

  35. Brittany says:

    kaz your too much of an optimist. wake up and smell the real world.

  36. faris3 says:

    either you or i am an idiot, the second option doesnt surprise me lol. thanks for a great blog!

  37. juduif89st says:

    Nice post — you are very wise and so entertaining! :-)

  38. Loaded fun says:

    I Like your style, easy and nice like Sunday morning. Keep up the good work Kaz.

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