Media Jerks – Sarah Palin

By Sandra & Allison Lord


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved


How has Sarah Palin managed to seduce so many people into thinking she could conceivably be the President of the United States and Leader of the Free World?

There are a few things in her favor: her feistiness – she gives as good as she gets; her sense of humor – she knows how to laugh at herself and minimize the effect of a multitude of humiliating faux pas; her marketing skills – she has perfected the art of playing the media like a hooker practiced in the art of seduction and has them eating out of her hand; her brazenness – she has a unique ability to look you squarely in the face, with unwavering eyes and that beaming, shameless smile while she gives uninformed, meaningless, answers to pointed questions; oh, yeah, and she’s sexier than McCain, Newt, Giuliani or any of the Republicans to boot!

But none of these things is presidential.

We must admit, after seeing Sarah on the new Tonight Show with Jay Leno this week, as well other television appearances such as Saturday Night Live, we can understand, a little bit, her appeal to some. But we just don’t understand how intelligent Americans find anything presidential about Sarah Palin.

In the serious business of national, let alone world politics, we have never seen any evidence of Palin as a thinker. Watching her play politics makes us just want to pull our hair extensions out!

She comes across as misinformed, and seems to outdo herself in the idiocy department with each public appearance or statement. And we have yet to see her answer a question directly. She meanders more than the “long and winding road that leads to nowhere.”

Simply put, Palin lacks a certain finesse and eloquence that, notwithstanding George W. Bush, is typically associated with the esteemed office of President of the United States.

Moreover, no-one respects Palin on a global level. The whole world laughed at us during the ’08 election debates. Michelle Goldberg of the British newspaper, the Guardian said it best, “In her only vice-presidential debate, she was shallow, mendacious and phony… that her performance was considered anything but a farce doesn’t show how high Palin has risen, but how low we all have sunk.” Ouch!

But Michelle didn’t stop there, adding that Palin has “lowered the standards for both female candidates and US political discourse with an almost surreal disregard for the subjects she was supposed to be discussing, to unleash fusillades of scripted attack lines, platitudes, lies, gibberish and grating references to her own pseudo-folksy authenticity…”

We concur. Case in point, in her own pseudo-folksiness, she criticizes Obama’s use of teleprompters, but mere moments later she is caught red-‘handed’ reading crib notes scribbled in the palm of her hand, about issues, mind you, that are supposedly “close” to her heart – including a classic, “lifting American spirits.” So un-presidential! Gotcha, Sarah. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! No pun intended. Wink, wink!

And this is the best candidate Republicans have for the presidential run in 2012? Pelease!!

Are we so desperate for a female presidential candidate that we will latch onto mediocrity and ruin the chances of other more qualified candidates around?

Heck, she bailed on the biggest job she’s ever had as Governor of Alaska when she realized she had to do more than see Russia from her house! So, do Americans really believe Palin can run a country as ‘big’ as the USA?

Moreover, Palin’s engaging in public wars with high-school dropout and self-described f$%&@*n’ redneck, joined-at-the-hip-for-life father of her grandson, Levi Johnston, Family Guy show producers and anyone or anything that can propel her into the spotlight, has been pathetic and downright embarrassing. That, too, is un-presidential behavior.

The quintessential stalker of fame has found a new gig at Fox News, and seems to be indecisive as to whether she wants to be a TV personality or a politician. She should just stop “moosing” around with the American people and go away.

Granted, Palin has numerous fans and supporters, but just because people tune in by the numbers to watch doesn’t mean that she is popular or admired by the masses. The media gushed that her appearance on Oprah gave the show the highest ratings for the season – as if Oprah, the biggest talk show on the planet needs anything from Sarah Palin! What drives ratings is “let’s see how Sarah is going to her foot in her mouth this time.” Heck! WE tune in!

Palin is one of those annoying people whom we describe in the Caribbean as “talking loud and saying nothing.” When you look beneath the surface of her manic beaming, there’s really nothing. So, to all those who want to put Sarah Palin in the White House, we share with you another Caribbean saying, “you can put a pig in a palace, it’s still a pig”…lipstick and all.

38 Responses to “Media Jerks – Sarah Palin”

  1. Sean says:

    I like this drawing of Sarah Palin. How long has this blog been up and running?

  2. B. Robert says:

    I disagree with Sarah Palin being on this list. I found the article offensive and totally biased.

    • Bernie says:

      Right on the mark. Palin is really one of the most annoying media personalities ever. Enough already of this woman!! Everywhere I turn, she’s there. Go take care of your kids, Sarah.

    • Simon Says says:

      B. Robert, the article is not offensive to me. I really enjoyed reading it. Palin is an idiot and unfortunately, there are many more Palins out there. LOL! The animation is really good. Keep ’em coming ladies.

  3. Simon Says says:

    Tiger Woods and Jane Velez Mitchell need to be on this list. Congratulations on the blog. I enjoyed reading it.

  4. B. Robert says:

    Your ideas might be well founded. I will have to consider more than what I normally take into consideration.

  5. AngelFace says:

    Hee Hee thats a great blog

  6. AngelFace says:

    I love the animation. So appropriate for her. LOVE IT!!!!

  7. SAfe says:

    This is a great blog. I love the sisters and their boldface point of view. Congratulations!

  8. Melody Jackson says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I will start by telling you that I am disappointed in your article on Palin. You’re both beautiful and bright, and I know that you are FOR women having power. That’s all great. You have your opinion and you express it. I can’t believe, however, that you would undermine this woman in that way that you have above, for how she looks, for smiling a lot, for having a sense of humor, and even go so far as to call her a “pig.” This breaks my heart to see you do this to this woman as so many others have.

    Not just because she’s a woman, but because she is a human being, first and foremost, who has stepped out to do something about what she believes in.

    Whether she was ready for the White House or not is not even my point here. My point is that it astounds me that so many otherwise intelligent, reasonable people attack this woman on a personal level with such vehemence and vitriol.

    I strongly assert that when that happens, it is only because something has hit a nerve with people and there is some truth to what is being said. You see, if you are a woman, and someone says to you: “You are not a woman,” you wouln’t give them the time of day trying to discredit them, you would think they are an idiot.

    But when Palin expressed her viewpoint, people went crazy trying to discredit her — but the reaction would only be this way if there were some truth to what she was saying.

    Palin hit a nerve with people–a raw, exposed nerve–not veiled under the silky smooth, refined and perfected charm of the opponent. Sure, she lacks polish and finesse, and doesn’t have all the political-speak down like our well-educated Harvard boy now in office. But that’s what I like/d about her is that she was not polished (She’s becoming more polished by the day).

    She was going to be the (Pit) Bull in a China Shop in Washington. I couldn’t wait to see what she was going to break next! All those fancy dishes who are our Senators and Congressmen… I was excited to see this unpolished Pitbull get to work! Talk about CHANGE! THAT would be change.

    But alas… people didn’t know what to do with this Pitbull who was threatening to bring REAL CHANGE — people say they want to change, but they don’t really. Instead we opt for someone whose idea of change is so small that we can palate it.

    Perhaps this is why people attack Palin for her looks and style rather than dealing with her accomplishments in winning Alaska’s Governor seat over a popular incumbent and that fact that she confronted huge oil corporations and won that battle… and so on…

    My disappointment in your article comes from the personal attack on her as a human being and her personal style, rather than her SPECIFIC position on policies. At the same time that you write that she says nothing, you haven’t yet named one specific thing that she was for or against.

    I know one thing for sure, if that had been me campaigning for the White House… I would have given up after the first round of such vicious attacks and death threats. I would have said, “xxxxx you, you guys are on your own.” But she’s tough. She is a pitbull with lipstick. She’s here to stay — wherever she chooses. And I can wait to see!

    With regard to your post, I hope that in the future you will consider dealing with the specific issues and people’s actual positions, rather than quoting others who discredit in rhythmic sound bytes that beg to be repeated. I invite you to come up with your own.

    And by the way, I don’t care what other countries think of my country or our politics here at home. If we listened to them, we would be followers, LIKE THEM, instead of the Leaders of the Free World, that our great country is.

    Thank you in advance for the space to express my candid opinion.

    Melody Jackson, Ph.D.

    • Sandra: Co-Founder of this Blog says:

      Also, your allegation that we attacked Palin on her looks (mind you, we called her “sexy”) is not correct and the “offence” taken is as ludricous as Jessica Simpson saying that she was angry John Mayer told the world she was great in bed, all the while laughing that her phone was ringing off the hook. We did not call Palin a pig. “Put a pig in a palace, it’s still a pig” is a phrase we use in the Caribbean for calling people out – telling it like it is. You could substitute dog, or cat or wolf and the premise is still the same. Everyone is free to write what they want on this blog, and I, too, will be very candid in my opinions, but attacking someone on their LOOKS is personally not my cup of tea. That will not happen in any of the articles I write here — just not my style.

  9. Connie says:

    What a dufus! Excellent choice.

  10. slickster22 says:

    Best caricature I’ve seen on Sarah Palin, the Pinochio touch is classic.

  11. Newsy says:

    Palin is an icon not a jerk. You guys need to wake up and smell the moose stew.

  12. MsBrown says:

    LOVE the caricature. If only she looked half as good.

  13. Helga says:

    She is the perfect example of the working mother who balances everything so well. It’s not nice to pick on her just because you don’t like her. So I don’t agree with you for naming her a media jerk. Not nice.

  14. Tryeia says:

    Empty vessels make the most noise for sure.

  15. Wilbert says:

    I just don’t get the fascination with this moron. We are truly desperate if Palin is all we can get for presidential material. lol.

  16. Boomerang says:

    You ladies forgot the moose in the picture. :-) Hehehe!

  17. Truth2010 says:

    Sarah needs to go away and take care of her kids in private. This woman is an opportunist and I don’t blame her since we keep throwing all kinds of opportunities at her. I am no fan but you have to admire her balls and guts, but a talented or knowledgeable leader she is not.

  18. Patrick says:

    well done!

  19. Peppy Richards says:

    The word “bail” is spelled incorrectly. “Bale” is a formation of hay!

  20. Reuben says:

    who let the moose out, who who who who.

  21. B. Robert says:

    I actually find attacking people and personalities on blogs as global and cyber-bullying! It saddens me that some cannot rise above a low level of communication and address people and issues based upon the event facts and or details.

    When building bridges, I will pray that specifications apply rather than the actual cosmetics.

    I would bet that most people who bash and beat up others have not read the profiles of those they attack!

    I could certainly appreciate more disagreement commentary on Sarah Palin’s accomplishments that are well documented in history rather than cosmetic specificity.

    Moreover, I could enjoy a discussion opportunity to learn reasoning and forward intentions rather than to experience more of Katie Couric’s simpleton questions.

    I find it quite remarkable that most Sarah Palin bashers have not realized her true endeavors and undertakings, as they have not taken infinitesimal efforts to research her actual events or actions.

    Sadly, your remarks regarding visualization of Russia and Alaska, only references a lack of knowledge in the history that abounds between these land links that survive as a most dangerous border for attack.

    Opinions are a wonderful treasure to be massaged and intelligence broadened by discussion of factual entities; however, I can hardly grasp or place my concentration for any stimulation based upon biased personality and charismatic behavior measures.

    I would be pleased to revisit your site and partake in any opinion expression based upon factual events and proceedings that could either enhance or digress the American way of life.

  22. Sandra: Co-Founder of this Blog says:

    BLOG Note to Melody and B. Robert: We understand that you are fans of Palin’s, but the title of this particular regular blog feature is “Media Jerks – Most Annoying Media Personalities” NOT “[Media] Politicians – Most Annoying Policy.” We outline the things about these media personalities that are annoying to us and we think we covered Palin pretty well. Sorry…disagree with you on every point. Also, we were fortunate to have come across Michelle Golderg’s quotes as they echo our sentiments exactly, and we think we have come up with some very quotable gems of our own.

    By the way, Melody, you complain about people attacking Palin about her looks and style, how would you describe your reference to Obama as the “well-educated Harvard boy now in office?” Also, you did not counter with any specific Palin policies either, opting instead to say what she would have done as a (Pit) Bull in a China Shop in Washington.

    Our commentary on Palin’s position on policies will definitely be addressed on this blog, so be sure to save up your comments for that. We look forward to them.

    • Melody Jackson says:

      My comment is not a complaint, Sandra, but an observation which I share with the intent of bringing awareness. If people want to attack others based on their looks, they have every right to in America.

      My comment on “our well-educated Harvard boy now in office” is in juxtaposition to Palin’s lack of polish and finesse that you criticize and demean.

      To further the point, Ivy League schools like Harvard, for those who can or could afford it, tend to produce graduates who are more refined in their presentation. State school’s like the University of Idaho, where Palin earned her Bachelor’s Degree, may not have the luxury to focus on “refining” their students. It’s a State school.

      The important point is that a refined presentation, which Obama has to an astonishing degree, and which Palin lacks by comparison, has no relationship whatsoever to substance. These ideas (refinement and substance) are often collapsed by those with a less discerning mind … and they are often persuaded to be FOR the one who is highly refined, regardless of whether there is any substance.

      That is the subtext of my comment on “our well-educated Harvard boy now in office.”

      • Sandra: Co-Founder of this Blog says:

        The word “boy” is generally frowned upon when used to describe an adult black or biracial (“black”) man. That to me was denigrating. The sting is still felt, even when used in the same sentence as “Harvard-educated.”

        However, you and I agree on one thing, “a refined presentation [or fancy education] has no relationship whatsoever to substance.” Allison and I were raised to judge people not by the accoutrements they acquired in life, but by who they are. Palin’s education is not an issue for us. When she criticizes others on their presentation or launches personal attacks, she and all her followers have to be prepared for the same. “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.”

        You and I both have read the SAME information on Palin (and Obama), but have come to different conclusions — we differ in our opinions – that’s what makes this world so interesting. So, let’s agree to disagree on Palin, our first Media Jerk listing, because Allison and I still find her “one of the most annoying media personalities.”

  23. Miato says:

    You may portray Sarah Palin as a moron and she has certainly played into that to some extent, but Sarah Palin has more balls than most male politicians and that’s why she’s a threat. She did not run for the presidency, yet she is constantly being put up against Obama and not Biden. Isn’t that something? She makes them cower in Washington, beaming smile and all.

  24. Payday says:

    I like you two sisters and your commentary on Palin is right on and funny. Like the caricature too. Keep it up. I’ll be back.

  25. Sandra G. says:

    Long before Palin ran for office I read an article in a magazine where they featured her right after she gave birth to her youngest son. I remember being amazed by the strength of this woman who not only had a bunch of kids at home but two weeks after giving birth, she was back at work, running the state of Alaska with her baby resting in a baby-seat at her feet. As a woman and a mother I was proud of her. However it didn’t take long for me to wish that she belonged to different specie! When she was nominated as the running mate for McCain and took the stage to address the American people I was appalled. She was the vivid picture of the fanatic soccer mom (hockey in her case) who would stomp into the field and cuss at the referees if she did not agree with a call or if her team was losing. I found her narrow minded and daft. She definitely does not represent me as a woman or mother and her choice of friends, like “Joe the Plumber”, a liar, gave me a hint of the type of people she would be associated with should she have become the second most powerful person in our country.

  26. Snooze U Lose says:

    To Melody – You don’t care what the world thinks of America? That’s the kind of dumb arrogant $&*# that makes us hated by the rest of the world. We have no problem telling other countries what policies to implement and how they should live their lives, yet you have a problem with them having an opinion about us? You make some good points about Sarah Palin, but you lose on this one.

    • Melody Jackson says:

      Hey Snooze U Lose,

      I get what you’re saying….I should have elaborated.

      When I say that I don’t care what other countries think, what I mean is that their opinion is not going to tell me how to think. Just as what an individual thinks of me personally is not going to tell me what to think. I will however, take their opinion into consideration to see if there is some insight for me to gain. I am specifically saying that just because so many other countries were happy that Obama was elected does not, for me, validate the choice.

      The fact is, I DEFINITELY don’t think that the U.S. should be telling other countries how to run their own governments either (which is why I said I don’t care about what they think about our politics “here at home”). I have very mixed feelings about how we try to take democracy into countries, even though I love democracy. Politically, I think we should let every country decide for themselves.

      The real dilemma for me is an ethical one. If individual human beings are being tortured and suffering, and people are being raped, beat, mutilated, and murdered, should we go into that country and help the human beings? If we do, it’s a political move… if we don’t, it’s a lack of ethics. It’s a philosophical dilemma.

      As for the arrogance, I wish that every person in EVERY country could love their country as much as I love mine. I WANT people to have pride in themselves and their country. We would all have healthier hearts if that were the case. Each and every person on the planet feeling that they are in the Best Country would not have to take away from any other person or country.

      If I may use a crass comparison, it’s kind of like thinking that you have the “Best Mom.” It doesn’t take away from the greatness of other Moms. And if someone talks bad about your Mother, hopefully you would not be swayed by their opinions either. That’s what I mean when I say I don’t care what they think about our country or our politics here at home.

      Thanks for pointing that out so I could clarify.

  27. Saba Moore-Doucette says:

    Hi Sandra & Allison
    You guys did a GREAT job! I checked out your blog & didn’t want to log off. I love, love, love “Living in America…MyCandid Opinion.” & I will spread the word to as many of our fans as I can. If you have a FB go to BollywoodtoHollywood send us the link & we’ll pass it to fans of our web show. They are world wide. As soon as I have time I will read some more. I was able to read Allison’s take on Obama. It is right on & I really like her style. I checked out Chocolate Rain, Kat & McKay & read some of the stories but not in depth. It was all a very enjoyable read. Even though we are busy we are still big fans of what you do to help others & often send people your way. Love & Light.

  28. browndog says:

    Palin is an idiot. Why do we waste airtime or ink or any time on this woman who clearly shows she cares about nobody but herself. She winks because she knows how much she has fooled the American people.

  29. JulianneC says:

    Sarah Palin is nothing but a polarizing figure who has cashed in on her power to divide and conquer and she’s doing so all the way to the bank while we all waste time helping her do so including this blog. Although I must admit it was a guilty pleasure reading this and the caricature is to die for.

  30. Jared says:

    Palin was stomping for McCain today so it’s true politics comes up with the strangest bedfellows. Is anybody fooled?

  31. peachy says:

    ALL politicians are opportunists and they do the strangest things.

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