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He’s got an overly whitened smile, and pumped pectorals that are sure to become ‘man boobs’ in a few years time; but he’s also got the pin up good looks of a teen idol that make him endearing to some.

To us, however, Levi Johnston is a babyish media jerk who, like his former “mother-in-law-in-waiting,” Sarah Palin, just can’t seem to go away. So, while he may be new to politics and entertainment, he has become a jerk in his own right.

In a desperate bid to extend his 15 minutes of fame and remain in the spotlight, Levi seems to latch onto any and every little opportunity to be the day’s media sound byte. Maybe the Palin “publicity-hungry gene” can be inherited just by association. Hmmm. Levi certainly has all the characteristics of Palinitis. Yes, that condition is as bad as it sounds!

Hey, he’s even getting involved in the family business – running for public office, eyeing the mayor’s chair in Wasilla. Not bad, huh, for a high school dropout, whose pregnant teenage girlfriend just happened to be the daughter of the Governor of Alaska, no less. Wonder what the laws up there say about sex with a minor. But that’s not our issue.

Truth is, we feel for Levi. He seems to be a nice, if not misguided young man whom comedienne, Kathy Griffin, described as surprisingly sweet and courteous.” But posing for Playgirl? Oh, please! Bad idea. Shopping around a memoir allegedly involving the Palins, tacky commercials, music videos and silly media appearances show him to be little more than a comedian’s punchline. And accusing Palin of all kinds of things, then apologizing and retracting…then retracting…again, says he didn’t learn anything from Sarah about sticking to your story even if contradicting facts are staring you in the face. But that’s one point in Levi’s favor – he mans up when he wants to. But with such missteps, we have to concur that the high school dropout left school too early.

Unfortunately, due to the obsession our media has with glorifying jerks and rewarding bad or obnoxious behavior, Levi’s fifteen minutes of fame might be extended by a reality show he is pitching that could end up with him in office as the next Mayor of Wasila. For his sake – no, for our sake – we hope that doesn’t happen. One idiot of a politician per family is more than we Americans can take!

So, we have some good counsel for you, Levi. Do yourself a favor and take your ex, Bristol Palin’s advice and go back to school to make something respectable of yourself. You are still young and in time people will forget about this stupid stage in your life. No one wants to remain a jerk forever.

But alas, there’s that pesky little Internet that seems to keep a record of everything for all time…


  1. Lakita in Indiana says:

    Finally another post from you fab ladies! This is a good one. I feel sorry for him though, he’s a loveable doufas.

  2. robin says:

    Your right a little Palin in the making only he’s smarter than sarah and bristol. :-)

  3. Mimosa says:

    give the kid a break he’s too young for this award. lol.

  4. Samantha says:

    levi, levi, levi. poor little misguided troll.

  5. curious george says:

    I like Levi. He should be on DWTS not Bristol.

  6. maka says:

    i like these jerks, wish you post more often, their all very good. levi is a dweeb.

  7. magic says:

    He didn’t hoodwink us with the engagement and he won’t hoodwink us now.

  8. YakYak says:

    Levi reminds me of the republican hypocrites that talk about family values etc and we all know the reality.

  9. C.Parks says:

    he’s a menace to society that needs to be locked up with sarah.

  10. Put A Ring On It says:

    The Palin circus act continues.

  11. Legallyblonde says:

    If Sarah Palin can be a governor of Alaska then Levi is over qualified to be mayor of Wasilla. LOL

  12. Philly says:

    Why is Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars?????? She’s not a celebrity and if she wants to play one then she should be on this page as a jerk NOT Levi.

  13. asdf says:

    i am addicted to levi, you guys are jerks.

  14. clueless2me says:

    Wonderful, i truly like your opinion about Levi.

  15. Trevor P. says:

    A very entertaining article. Well done. Go on with your bad self Lord sisters.

  16. westerner says:

    At least he’s not out there doing drugs and driving drunk like some other skanky celebrities. He’s a good kid that just wants to earn a living in the public eye just like his baby gramma sarah.

  17. singingbee says:

    Hei, I like this blog alot. keep up the good work.

  18. Abdale123 says:

    he’s a fame whore but you gotta love him.

  19. ladybug says:

    Levi is no baby jerk he is a fully grown fool trying to milk his 15 minutes of fame into $$. A title well deserved ladies.

  20. SSS says:

    Great choice ladies.

  21. Roxanna says:

    I should not say this but levi is a pompous X@@##! who always has this smug look on his face.Personally he is not a smart man, but he sure flaunts himself and anybody who is so full of themselves needs to be brought down a peg or two.I am sure this will not be printed

  22. Poker Back says:

    His claim to fame is he screwed some political wanna-be’s skank daughter and he’s going to run for mayor on that? Excuse me while I vomit.

  23. Ben Gleck says:

    Does he know how to read and write. Can he spell mayor or even Wasilla?

  24. kinoki says:

    despite sarah palin and levi johnston not everyone in Alaska is an idiot. thank you.

  25. Vetterick says:

    I wonder how Levi feels about Bristol’s success on DWTS. Success is the best revenge. :-) lol!!

  26. chiquita banana says:

    I just read through the entire media jerks articles of yours and they are quite good. They’re funny and entertaining. My fav is Palin. Levi is a bit young for this one because he is not meanspirited he’s just a bit stupid. Lindsay Lohan or even Dina Lohan would be good candidates for this title.

  27. gold coast says:

    McCain should be prosecuted for bringing these people into our lives.

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