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The fall of an icon. It happens more times than we can imagine, and we start wondering… How?

Picture it: a skanky mistress is wronged by her “John,” a philandering celebrity husband, loaded with $$$$. Hey, what’s that on the broom in the sky coming to the rescue?? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman?? No, wait! It’s super-media hog attorney, Gloria Allgreed!

We used to admire Gloria Allred, the remarkable attorney and tireless crusader of women’s rights, who also fought against discrimination of any kind. She was the one who helped shed the international spotlight on the disturbing issue of domestic violence against women like Nicole Simpson. She brought Amber Fry forward to help convict Scott Peterson for the murder of his pregnant wife, Lacey and we cheered. She represented actress Hunter Tylo, when her “Melrose Place” bosses tried to get rid of her during her pregnancy. Gloria fought for women’s rights back then. Those were the days!

Gloria is still in leading the fight, BUT in our candid opinion, she is on the wrong side of the ring. We are disappointed that her carefully crafted reputation for justice has virtually been reduced to defending home wreckers and mistresses.

Every time a cheating scandal breaks, we can almost bet that Gloria Allgreed is at the forefront of the media circus, the camera-hogging attorney in charge. Her own explanation for her involvement is that many women are being “taken advantage of” by rich, powerful men and she is the one to fight for them. Really? Give us a break, Gloria. These women go looking for these cheating situations, (calling it a relationship would be insulting all of us who are or were ever involved in one) knowing that their actions are wrong, hurting innocent families, including children, not to mention the one who really belongs in that relationship, commonly known as “the wife.”

Given her previous good actions, we would have liked to give her the benefit of the doubt, but seeing video where Gloria demands an apology – from Tiger Woods to one of the many bimbos he allegedly screwed, pardon our French, okay… one of the many he “bedded”…again, allegedly, nixed that in the bud. The sight of Gloria holding the porn star’s hand while the latter shed crocodile tears just made us want to throw up.

Gloria has virtually glorified the “other woman” – lowlifes in our opinion, who have contributed to the destruction of marriages and public humiliation of wives – giving them a voice, celebrity status, and worst of all financial (wink) “compensation.”

Is it the money Gloria, that would make a respectable lawyer who fought the right fight for the right women, to give up her prestigious title of “justice icon” for the title of “media jerk?”


  1. Lakita in Indiana says:

    Excellent! Excellent ! Excellent! I was wondering if I was the only one on this planet who thought of Gloria Allgreed in that light; the same as all the bimbos she represents. My gosh, you gals did a fabulous job on this one. :-)

  2. BE ME says:

    If those wh*res are being exploited by those sleazy rich men what do you call what Gloria is doing to them… is it any different? I hope her mortgage is paid off by now.

  3. Paula St. James says:

    nothing wrong with what my girl Gloria is doing for us women. she’s bold, she’s fearless and yes she’s superwoman. she’s showing women how to not be used and take our power back. so get over it ladies, thank you. yeah Glo, you rock!

  4. FANTASIA says:


  5. Miller says:

    Allgreed. What a great name play!

  6. Addison says:

    Now there’s a mistress show. What has America come to? And we wonder what is going on with our kids! Where are the positive role models. I am afraid for what we will degenerate to in the next five years.

  7. Blast says:

    This lady used to be a real powerhouse and legal icon back in the day. What a shame.

  8. Crush says:

    I am surprised that Bombshell Magee has not been represented by Gloria yet. Aren’t you guys too? Can you imagine that picture perfect Kodak moment, the two of them sitting next to each other, Magee is crying and Gloria is wiping away her tears and the caption reads ‘Magee Bombshells Gloria Allred.’ LOL. :-) But maybe even Glo has some principles left.

  9. Hannah says:

    First, I love the caricature. I’ve always had a problem spelling that word, so I had to make sure I got it correct. Second, I love the caricature. It depicts Ms. Allred the very way I see her. She’s a great attorney but as you say fighting on the wrong side of the ring. What a waste of talent. To me, she’s a disgrace to her profession.

  10. Top Gal says:

    I see nothing absolutely nothing wrong with what Gloria Allred is doing. She is an icon and still a champion of women’s rights. Can you imagine if she was not there representing these women. They would just be used by these scumbag men and dropped like yesterday’s news. She’s making sure these men understand that there are consequences and I APPLAUD her for that. I’m surprised that strong women like you would rag on someone like Gloria.

  11. Baguette says:

    I’m with you ladies. No self respecting attorney would be giving these homewreckers a voice let alone compensation. I’m ashamed of Allred.

  12. Waldo Munteanu says:

    I LOVE this blog. Great caricatures, and funny posts and comments. I appreciate the info.

  13. Campbell F. says:

    Gloria’s allright with me. She should take those lying cheating bastards for all they’re worth. Go get ’em Gloria. You’re my hero.

  14. explosion says:

    Have we all forgotten that Gloria tried to jump on the Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. “Octomom” bandwagon. When Octo wouldn’t play her game she went on Dr. Phil with a list of criticisms regarding Suleman’s performance as mother and homemaker. Gloria I say to you look at yourself and your daughter Lisa, who is trying to follow into your footsteps. What a bad example you have shown this lost girl.

  15. Mr. Clean says:

    Hey, the lady made it in a parody on Saturday Night Live, so that makes her an icon. Pick on someone else. I love Gloria. She has more balls than most guys in Hollywood or anywhere else.

  16. STRAWBERRY says:

    I HATE what Gloria Allgreed did to the king of pop Michael Jackson. I feel she had absolutely no RIGHT. This was a good human being and for her to get her name in the papers she tried ti vilify him. She lost me after that. I hope he comes out of the dark and pulls her leg or haunt her for the rest of her life.

  17. Ratatouille says:

    I love Gloria Allred. I think she is a weasel but I like her fighting spirit.

  18. Hotshot says:

    Like Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin Gloria Allred NEEDS TO GO AWAY!

  19. Remote C. says:

    Law will never be the same without Gloria Allred. She has guts and charisma. I’m a big fan and I say let those dishonest celebrity husbands shake in their boots. I was actually surprised that she was not the one to bust Jesse James. Get them all Gloria. You’re the attorney I’m calling if I need a ball buster.

  20. Bennett Trucchi says:

    Gloria Allred rocks! Big fan.

  21. duckseason says:

    Some actress just accused director Roman Polanski of sexually abused her in his Paris apartment when she was 16 years old. I believe Gloria is her lawyer. Now if thats true I think Gloria is back on the right track. Go Gloria go get that sucker who takes and molests children. Thats what you were known for. To stand up for good people.

  22. Grad says:

    So guess what her tombstone will say. Defender of homewreckers, mistresses, lowlifes and high class you know whats. Wow! What a legacy.

  23. Enough says:

    I wonder why Gloria feels she has to defend these low lifes. Has she ever been a slighted mistress that she feels the need to represent those floozies, I mean douchebags. There has to be something to it and it’s NOT about so called women’s rights. Something stinks here and I don’t mean the STDs.

  24. Justine says:

    The best Media Jerk you’ve had so far. How apropos!

  25. St. James says:

    It couldn’t be the money, she’s loaded. It has to be the shock value and the fame. The scary thing is her daughter is another one in the making. OMG, they’re multiplying. RUN LIKE HELL!!!

  26. Erik Mcfarland says:

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  28. teaser says:

    She got Scott Peterson and that makes her all right in my book. Icon not Jerk.

  29. Alice says:

    As a female lawyer I am ashamed of Gloria and the way she has turned around in her profession. Everyone seems to be obsessed with fame and fortune these days an that saddens me a great deal. Unfortunately, I doubt that there are many lawyers that would not do the same if they were in her shoes. What bothers me is that the media seems to be afraid of saying anything about Ms. Allred. I do believe they think what you guys think but they need her and her daughter and the controversy they bring to their programs so it goes on and on. However, thanks for saying what a lot of us are thinking. It’s a great blog and the caricatures are absolutely hilarious. Congratulations and much success…

  30. Coupon John says:

    Much thanks for posting about Gloria Allred. High class prostitution will never be the same.

  31. matakisah says:

    FYI Gloria Allred has represented parties in various high-profile cases, the all-male Friars Club in Beverly Hills, California State Senator John G. Schmitz, Amber Frey, Boy Scouts of America, the former Sav-On Drugstore chain Hunter Tylo etc.
    Also with Catherine MacKinnon, drafted a version of the Antipornography Civil Rights Ordinance for Los Angeles County. You ladies give Gloria a bad rap. She deserves to be an ICON not a JERK.

  32. jasmine says:

    Gloria algreed has to try really hard to get rid of her new nickname and change her image.

  33. Scatchy says:

    She is a shameless self publicist and I can’t stand her.

  34. Gunta says:

    For those of you who obviously don’t know, Gloria has had a hard life including being a victim of rape and that’s what forms the basis for her fight for the underdog. You may see it as fame seeking but she is a champion of rights. I applaud her.

  35. iamhappy says:

    Gloria had an interview with Showbiz today and I must say I hate her even more after that. She said that she does not put up her finger to see which way the wind is blowing. I betcha she smells her middle finger to see which way the money is rolling in. I have a better idea for you Gloria you should take your middle finger and put it where you so desperately seem to try to avoid touching.

  36. iamhappy says:

    Tiger I hope you can publicly tell Gloria AllthatisGreen to f**k off.

  37. Jiran C. says:

    That fame seeking b*tch should be ashamed of herself. Those media people should be more ashamed of themselves. Interviewing Gloria, REALLY! What fro? I suggest you really spend the time interviewing people who matter.

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  39. Sandra G. says:

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  40. D. Wayne says:

    What a B**ch!

  41. Maltie says:

    The woman talks like she had a stroke. Her mouth goes west when she is ttrying to talk straight. Hey, heres something she should talk about. Did she have a face lift or a stroke and while at it she should talk about her convicted exhusband.

  42. Matt B. says:

    The media is the only ones giving Allred the exposure she so badly craves. The media is no better than Gloria, all are prostituting misery and misfortune. Every one f*cks the other in, oops I mean, on the air.

  43. Vandyke says:

    Oh I hate this jezebel, Gloria Allgreen. Aftere what she did to Michael and then try to do to Octomom she should be ashamed of herself. But I applaud Octomom for standing up to her telling her to go to hell just like Michael Jackson did. Gloria I challenge you to a dual anywhere anytime, you loser.

  44. Poppa Knows Best says:

    Say all you want but Gloria Allred is the kind of attorney I would want in my corner in a pinch. She’s brilliant.

  45. Charlena Fess says:

    Thx for this article , your blog desearve to be read by all. I’ll book mark and send to my friends.

  46. Heather says:

    OML, but you guys are giving her more publicity! Shame on you.

  47. Darron Aquino says:

    I have to state, you chose your words well. The caricature was well placed. This is an incredible blog!

  48. favre says:

    great post, pretty much covered it all for me.

  49. wallstreet says:

    I have always admired Gloria Allred, she is a brilliant attorney and even a better publicity strategist. But I must agree that of late my admiration of her has lessened with the choices she has made in the clients she represents. These are homewreckers looking for a big payday and not “victims” as they allege. How can you be a victim when you are voluntarily in a relationship with a married man. They knew exactly what they were doing frolicking around with these scumbag men and looked the other way as they enjoyed the good life. Shame, shame, shame.

  50. Consequence says:

    the fabulous caricature says it all. well done.

  51. paws says:

    Seems like Gloria may be redeaming herself ladies. She is now representing Debrahlee Lorenzana the woman sueing Citibank for discrimination against her body. now that’s a little bit a kind of representation we got accustomed to for the ball-b*#&ing Gloria even if I don’t agree with Ms. Lorenzana.

  52. Tamara says:

    Great post. A nice blend of humor and opinion. The caricatre is fantastic.

  53. Roane G. says:

    We only hear about Gloria Allred’s high profile cases, but I’m sure she works with other lesser known clients. I mean she’s famous filthy rich and is on television all the time. She has everything going for her so I’m not sure I agree that she’s doing it only for the fame or money. I believe she has a good heart and really believes in the fights she gets into. She needs to be admired not ridiculed.

  54. Knock Knock says:

    Is there no end to this woman’s antics? Jacyee Dugard’s alleged father? Come on!!!!!

  55. Maarti says:

    Unfortunately as long as there are cameras, lights, action and sexcapades, there will also be Gloria. Sorry no end to this woman’s mug in the limelight.

  56. Oshigi says:

    Gloria Allred is good lady. She funny, straight arrow and like her alot alot alot.

  57. Marcus G. says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about Gloria Allred. She fills a need and does a great job. Yes absolutely she loves the spotlight, but which attorney would not welcome notoriety if they had the chance and the ‘it’ factor to become a national or worldwide personality. Most people are jealous of her accomplishments. Perhaps you guys are too. Give Gloria a break.

  58. Shakey says:

    Great blog ladies. I just love the name Gloria Allgreed. It says it all.

  59. Betty Wynn says:

    i just found out that Lisa Bloom is her daughter. apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. lol. :-)

  60. Erdmann1127 says:

    Thx for this entertaining post , your blog desearve to come in the limelight.

  61. Nice Girl says:

    Ms. Allred is definitely on my most annoying media personalities list and I just wish she would disappear. Not likely, right? I guess there’s nothing wrong with wishful thinking.

  62. Lucy says:

    How many times has Gloria been inthe limelight this week? I don’t have fingers to count. For all those that say they admire her I say you are just as media crazy. Gloria is annoying as you gals have proven and I’m glad you had the balls to say it.

  63. Velvet Vanvalkenburg says:

    Hello This is a great blog keep your good work and thank you for hvar in with me So nice to read.Thanks!

  64. S. Tanna says:

    I really thought Ms. Allred would jump in line to sign up Lindsay Lohan. You cannot get more hi profile than that right now.

  65. marina says:

    You got to give it to her she smells the mess a mile away and beats everyone to the punch. Didn’t she snag Mel Gibson’s ex Oxana Greediova? LOL.

  66. Kawi gurl says:

    It’s time to bring those babies back from obscurity!

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  67. Vincent says:

    I wonder how much Gloria Allread has made off celebrity troubles?

  68. battlefield says:

    what’s the old girl gloria up to these days ladies?

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