Media Jerks – TMZ Staff

By Sandra & Allison Lord



While we give this week’s Media Icon honor to Harvey Levin, creator of the ground-breaking TMZ entertainment magazine TV show and website, unfortunately, we have to give the Media Jerks honor to his underling on-camera staff.

Now, here are a bunch who, as we say in the Caribbean, “left school too early.” Some of them are NOT the brightest bulbs in the pack as they struggle to string a sentence together, yet scramble to make fun of others. We do compliment Harvey for a genius concept (on-camera staff meeting in a newsroom setting), but he missed the boat when he got – with a few exceptions – some of the most intellectually challenged monkeys to wipe their tongues on celebrities, where they repeatedly display mind-numbing ignorance.

And the gall of the black guy (not the Rastafarian – no, he seems intelligent – the young bespectacled one, who had the nerve) to disrespect First Lady, Michelle Obama by saying how he would like to “tap that!” He needs to take a “vacation” in the Caribbean under the tutelage of our grandmothers to learn some serious manners the good old-fashioned way.

How did Harvey come up with these guys? Granted they are an attractive group of predominantly young men and women, reportedly “college educated,” who pitch salacious celebrity stories or make outrageous comments hoping to get kudos from Harvey or spark his interest, but, yikes! No wonder Harvey works 12-hour days to maintain his reputation for accuracy.

74 Responses to “Media Jerks – TMZ Staff”

  1. Musicman says:

    This is a funny post. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be sure to recommend this site to others.

  2. chuck says:

    dax is much cooler than a lot of the people you’re talking about.

  3. EdwinS says:

    I don’t agree with either ‘honor’ – Harvey as an icon or his staff as jerks, it’s all just trash TV, but the illustrations are dead on.

  4. Susana says:

    Dax is pretty cool! : D And i like Kelly too

  5. MESTicles says:

    TMZ is one of the best shows on TV…. DAX and the rest of the group that you are talking about are amazing and do their jobs well. I think what is even more annoying is when a 2nd rate journalist has to “attempt” to bad mouth other journalist to get a little exposure. TMZ ROCKS!!!!!

    • Tannen says:

      If you think they rock you should be swinging on a vine with them, Rhino! These are a bunch of losers on TMZ which stands for Too Many Zoo animals and Harvey is Tarzan, Queen of the jungle.

      • MESTicles says:

        HA Ha Ha….. ITS TMZ you douche bag not TMZA….. sounds like you might need that zoo animal swinging job becuase you are not bright enought to know this….. from the sound of it though you might break that vine so better to just see you around the watering hole like the rest of the beast!!!

    • Rockefella says:

      Agree with you. BIG, BIG TMZ fan. Have to admit the cartoon is cute only good thing about this article. Dax is amazing. TMZ ROCKS!!!!!

  6. Tannen says:

    Yeah, these are a bunch of losers on TMZ which stands for Too Many Zoo animals and Harvey is Tarzan, Queen of the jungle.

  7. Ralphee says:

    Dax and Max and Dennis are AWESOME!!!!

  8. Amanda says:

    Dax is great, and most of the people that work at TMZ are very smart

  9. Brian says:

    Great article. TMZ can dish it but can’t take it. The caricature is awesome. You should have put some of those ditsy women in there too.

  10. hoodia says:

    I wouldn’t say I completely agree on certain thoughts, but you sure got an interesting point of view. Anyway, I appreciate the quality you bring to the blogosphere and that this isn’t just another abandoned, made-for-adsense blog! Take care…

  11. Larry The Table Guy says:

    If the only way I could make a living was to report on people’s misfortunes I’d drown myself! TMZ staff AND Harvey, you are all jerks. Shame on you.

  12. Sherman says:

    TMZ, Too Many Zoo animals. Harvey as Queen of the Jungle, PRICELESS. LOL. An award well deserved.

  13. PAT says:

    WTH, Harvey Levin should be on this list with his bunch of losers. Harvey is no icon. I’m disappointed in you guys.

  14. I am the Man says:

    That little black dude gotta go.

  15. Isaiah says:

    Good selection. Harvey’s cool but his staff gives me a headache. BTW Sarah Palin as a media jerk and her caricature was on the monayy!! lol

  16. TMZ FAN says:

    TMZ is the best entertainment show on TV. The best. You guys are wrong on this one. The staff is smart and funny. Dax is just great at what he does. :-)

  17. Dontrell says:

    You ladies are cute and all but don’t do a brother wrong.

  18. TonyTheTiger says:

    They seem to be getting dumber and dumber over at TMZ. Cartoon is cool.

  19. Realist2U says:

    Who is this Dax guy everyone keeps defending. This is a great article long overdue and those schmucks at TMZ deserve to be called jerks and annoying. I hate that show and its gutter journalism, if you can call it that. TMZ stands for Too Many Zoo animals like the other person said on this blog.

  20. Smokey says:

    TMZ is #1. Do i need to say more.

  21. fantasy tech says:

    Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on all tabloid TV.

  22. high4jc says:

    you guys are way better at slander than they are !! Point well made ;-/ Dax has a heart

  23. Kenyatta says:

    MESTicles is as dumb as the TMZ staff. Dude, you need to check your spelling and grammar.

  24. Gavin B. says:

    Pick another group. I like TMZ.

  25. Prankster007 says:

    TMZ is the best. NOT! April fools. Ha! Ha! lol

  26. Avgusta says:

    As an artist I can appreciate your caricatures. They are funny and make your blog fun to read. Great job.

  27. JustMe says:

    TMZ staff is just whack. A well deserved award.

  28. Wenda C. says:

    :-) Love it!

  29. Darius says:

    The little white guy with the long hair who cannot keep his mouth shut, that’s what you call a dumb blonde. Cartoon looks like him too.

  30. Tannen says:

    My friends love this comment so much they asked me to post it again. Yeah, these are a bunch of losers on TMZ which stands for Too Many Zoo animals and Harvey is Tarzan, Queen of the jungle. LOL! :-)

  31. Earlyriser says:

    ‘No wonder Harvey works 12-hour days to maintain his reputation for accuracy’ – are you kidding me? You ladies forgot the recent Kennedy photo fiasco that Harvey and TMZ had to apologize for? Obvioulsy Harvey is not working hard enough, or hardly working.

  32. Tuscany says:

    Disagree. These are college educated kids and they do a great job. You are the jerks.

  33. facebook poker says:

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  34. B.D.Rafferty says:

    Did you see Harvey sticking the straw up his nose last night? Need any more evidence of being a dufus? Jerk award well deserved.

  35. WindyCity says:

    Losers. Not TMZ. You and your stupid readers.

  36. Mark from Philadelphia. says:

    Some agree with this choice and some don’t. I don’t care either way – just like the cartoons. They rock.

  37. Margie says:

    Some of us like TMZ and some of us dont. I like them although some of the staff are definitely jerks. Would that nappy head black guy ever refer to Barbara Bush as “that?” Harvey whats wrong with you, can you not put muzzles on those disrespectful d..s of yours and rein them in. I cannot believe you let that one pass you by. Maybe you are just like those jerks of yours but I would like to think differently about you. Prove me wrong Harvey! Tap that!

  38. mytwocents says:

    What did the little bird say about TMZ? Cheap, cheap.

  39. Hana says:

    Nicely written, but I disagree.

    I think the black guy is funny!

  40. Andresje says:

    TMZ!! What??? I like all those fools. They entertain me.

  41. Objective in Detroit says:

    the little black guy is naaaaaasty!

  42. New Jersey James says:

    Hands down TMZ is the best mindless entertainment on TV (besides Snookie).

  43. dental hygienist says:

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

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  45. BMW3000 says:

    Yes, with each new addition TMZ staff seems to get dumber and dumber. Why would you bright ladies and I watch such crap? As New Jersey James says because it is such mindless entertainment.

  46. Smithy says:

    Great choice. Everything that needs to be said on this one has been said by most of the people here.

  47. BOZO says:

    TMZ has some new additions to their on camera staff and they seem to be a bit brighter than the regular set. The young white attorney is smart. Harvey on the other hand always seems to be out of it.

  48. Gustavo Winsett says:

    I just finished reading some of your posts and really enjoyed this one. You ladies are funny, outspoken, no holds barred power women. Keep it up. Thanks.

  49. Shannon Poledore says:

    The young white lawyer that always challenges Harvey on law is the exception. He’s quite smart. The others…well the others are just what you say. Dumb.

  50. Lena Suominen says:

    Can we add other dumbos from other shows to this list? There are plenty to compete with the TMZ staff for the title of Media Jerks.

  51. Mr. Ewing says:

    This was funny without being mean. I like the character designs. Congratulations ladies. Keep up the good work and don’t be like some of those really angry bloggers out there. Best wishes.

  52. Talia M. says:

    I’d like to add the entire panel from the Insider, the people from Showbiz Tonight, definitely Nancy Grace, Kate Gosselin, John Gosselin, Octomom and a zillion others to this list.

  53. Thelma says:

    TMZ staff still tops any list. They’re jerks. Great choice.

  54. Lynne A. Thomas says:

    TMZ has been beaten to death on this blog and i agree with all the comments. Now who’s next?

  55. Torrance says:

    There are far worse tabloids out there than TMZ. The staff work hard and they make the show fun. Do your homework ladies.

  56. Wendell McKnight says:

    My question is how did TMZ come from a little nothing website to this top tv show and Harvey the big man on campus? Unbelievable. Only in America. By the way, TMZ sucks if no one has said it yet. Harvey too.

  57. Anthony B. says:

    You go girls. Love it.

  58. Shannon Olsen says:

    A friend sent me the link to this blog and I just love it. The drawings actually looks like the TMZ staff. Great job. And I enjoyed reading all the comments as well.

  59. Beam Me Up Scotty says:

    TMZ rocks and rocks and rocks.

  60. Jessie says:

    TMZ is my favorite show on TV. I watch it twice a day and LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. You women that are the jerks.

  61. Ebony T. says:

    Hey, that drawing really looks like the little black ugly dude. lol.

  62. Sonia Scott says:

    An award well deserved. They should be off the air. They sicken me.

  63. SuperSonic says:

    Come On!

  64. B.D.Rafferty says:

    I came back and see that TMZ staff are still jerks.

  65. Sea Biscuit says:

    TMZ puts the competition to shame. If you want jerks you should look at the National Enquirer, Nancy Grace, the Insider, especially Niecy Nash and so many others. TMZ brings authenticity to tabloid journalism and the kids are smart. Give them a break!

  66. Matthew Mann says:

    You shoulda have some of the TMZ women in there. They are way dumber than the guys.

  67. Montana W. says:

    It’s a given that these TMZ morons are jerks. Why waste your ink and time?

  68. Mitchel Tuliau says:

    Dax is cool, the best in the bunch.

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