Media Icons – Tyler Perry

By Sandra & Allison Lord  


Tyler Perry and alter ego , Madea (©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.

Six foot five, good looking, and successful – is this what makes Tyler Perry a media icon? We don’t think so. It is his determination to overcome his difficulties, sticking to his faith, and believing in himself, even in the toughest moments.

After Tyler attempted suicide due to a childhood trauma, where he was a victim of physical abuse as well as sexual molestation, he understood that he had to take the reins of his life in order to defeat the ghosts of his troubled past and set on a journey of a thousand miles, which began with a single step. 

Being a high school drop out, Tyler quickly realized that it took lots of passion to accomplish his goals. It is this passion and personal experiences that he poured into his first theatrical musical production, “I Know I’ve Been Changed.” The play was a total failure. But Tyler was meant to succeed despite his poverty, hunger, and homelessness and he did not deviate from his goal; he kept his eyes on the prize. 

Eight years later after a few more rewrites, Tyler’s musical became a total success. The rest is history. 

Tyler has gone on to conquer the stage, television and feature films, and has added ‘best-selling novelist’ to his list of accomplishments. 

The release of his first movie, DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN, in 2005, sealed his national celebrity status. Tyler played the lead, his famous female character, Madea, based on his mother and other strong black women who were around him during his upbringing. The film has spawned a Madea franchise that has struck box office gold

In October 2008, Tyler launched his multi-million dollar motion picture and television studio in Atlanta. 

Critics have claimed that Tyler perpetuates negative stereotypes in his movies. He disagrees and says that his characters are real and hiding them would only deny their true existence. He has stood his ground. 

In 2009, Tyler Perry was ranked the sixth highest paid man in Hollywood by Forbes magazine. As of July 2009, Tyler’s films had grossed nearly $400 million worldwide

How about that? 

Beyond his career and financial success, Tyler Perry serves as an inspiration to everyone who uses life’s setbacks as an excuse for failure and he continues to “give back” in various forms to the community, especially to underprivileged children. 

Tyler Perry is an admirable representation of hard work and ethical conduct and his journey is vivid proof that the American dream is still alive and possible.




28 Responses to “Media Icons – Tyler Perry”

  1. Wanda P. says:

    Tyler’s humble spirit is what endears him to us folks, black and white. Congratulations Tyler Perry.

  2. Angela Jackson says:

    biggest Tyler Perry fan but his last movei with Janet ‘Why did i get married too’ not his best work. But Tyler u r still the best. Media icon yes.

  3. Jamal says:

    am always inspired by Tyler’s work. congrats brother.

  4. Oliver E. says:

    I don’t like the buffoonery characters in Tyler’s movies. I think he does a disservice to the blacks just like Eddie Murphy’s characters in the Nutty Professor and others. ‘Why Did I Get Married’ was good on many levels (the second one was awful), but Tyler looks like he’s a good chap. A good son, a good friend and a good boss. For all he’s accomplished he’s an icon when you look at the full picture. So, congratulations.

  5. Marianne C. says:

    If Oprah had Tyler’s brains she would rule the universe. lol.

  6. Makela says:

    I just saw “Madea’s Big Happy Family” and it was incredibly beautiful. Your cast is talented and I like how you let each one of them shine on stage. I laughed. I cried. I sang and had an all round great time. Thanks for sharing your talent and for giving others an opportunity.

  7. Marilyn A. says:

    tyler is just awesome and a very good son. well deserved.

  8. Tila says:

    This is a great choice. Like you ladies said he’s talented, handsome and has a good heart. Oh and he’s also a good role model. You go Tyler.

  9. Tami says:

    he’s not maried so there’s hope for me. lol

  10. Bay says:

    Tyler is really a good person we were told but I have not heard of him doing any good deeds for the poor or he needy except the huge studio he built to get more money. Tyler please help more needy people.

  11. Brenda Jackson says:

    Tyler Perry gave Oprah and Gail Bentleys as gifts and he never said a word about it. Oprah can buy her own Bentley and Tyler knows that but he wanted to show his friendship to the big O. OMG I want to be friends with Tyler so badly.

  12. Stacey says:

    Is Tyler’s mother really dead? If yes then my sympathy goes out to him. Hang in there Tyl.

  13. Jimmy K. says:

    Dreams never die they just change slightly as we tackle the days. I wonder if Tyler ever sat and thought of his first dream and say that he achieved exactly what he wanted.

  14. Antoine says:

    Is Tyler’s father still alive. If yes, does he have a relationship with him. Do you know if he has any family apart from his aunt and his mother.

  15. Jeannette says:

    may his mom rest in peace on this mothers day.

  16. Dionne says:

    is Tyler Perry really gay?

    • JUST IN TIME says:

      Dionne, you have way too much time on your hands honey. what does that have anything to do with who he is and all his good work.

  17. Kalisha says:

    How can I get in touch with Tyler Perry I have a project for him. Can you help me I know you guys have access to all those celebrities.

  18. Elayne says:

    I am so proud of Tyler. he did well for himself coming from humble beginnings and all. Tyler never forget where you came from and where you are going.

  19. Cornwell says:

    Reply to Dionne – is Tyler gay? what do you think moron?

  20. Georgette says:

    I heard he’s an only child. with all his money he seems sad and lonely. I would love to start a family with him. :-) no kidding.

  21. Dagwood says:

    Dionne, you people are always ready to diss a brother. Is Tyler Perry gay? Go ask your mama you ghetto b**ch.

  22. beauty101 says:

    jealousy is a bitch. the media always build people up to tear them down. Tyler rocks.

  23. kendra says:

    tyler is NOT gay. I believe hes in love with Oprah but he cant do anything about it because of Steadman. such a fine brother cannot be gay.

  24. Vivica G. says:

    The Lord sisters have done it again. Girls I love the blog. Keep it coming.

  25. Twiggy says:

    i hope all Tyler’s fame and fortune have not gone to his head. he seems to me like a well rounded and down to earth guy. i would be very disappointed if I found that he is not.

  26. sunshinegirl says:

    Great choice. He’s got a big heart and I’m glad he’s on his way to earning media mogul status.

  27. Steve says:

    Tyler is da man.

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