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Being candid ladies ourselves, we just absolutely adore Simon Cowell. LONG before America finally “got” him and it became the “in” thing to jump on the Simon Cowell bandwagon, we loved his equal opportunity blunt honesty as he unsparingly distributed controversial criticism on the oftentimes pathetic performances on American Idol.

We would voice our opinions on the performances and mere seconds later Simon would roll of his eyes and echo, almost verbatim, our criticisms about the contestants. We were all in accord, Simon Cowell and us. Of course, he became notorious and was publicly roasted over the coal for hurling insults and wisecracks about the performers, while we discreetly stayed in the background cheering him on.

So, like millions of Americans, the last week of May 2010 will go down as a dark time in American Idol history – the last time that the controversial judge graced the stages of the mega hit television show that made him a household name in America. Since Simon’s success on Idol, practically every other talent show competition has attempted to come up with its own “Simon Cowell” type personality, obviously without much success. He is unique.

But Simon is on to bigger and better things as he continues to build his empire and an enviable legacy.

He is a highly-esteemed, 20-year veteran of the music industry, a television producer, television personality and entrepreneur. Along the way, despite having suffered major financial failure at age 30 that forced him to move back in with his parents, Simon bounced back bigger than ever. Over the last 15 years, his music acts have achieved sales of more than 150 million albums, and he has had more than 100 No. 1 records.

His U.K.-based production company, SYCO, produces the BAFTA Award-winning and chart topping UK show, The X Factor, which spawned the career of singer Leona Lewis. The show will premiere in the U.S. on the Fox network this fall. SYCO is also the company behind American Inventor and the successful “Got Talent” franchise that includes America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, which introduced singing sensation, Susan Boyle to a global audience. Versions of both X Factor and Got Talent can be seen in more than 70 countries.

In 2009, Simon was named No. 1 in the Hollywood Reporter’s Top 50 Most Powerful in Reality TV, one of People’s 25 Most Eligible Bachelors in 2004 and one of Entertainment Weekly’s Top Entertainers of the Year and has ranked on the Forbes Celebrity 100 Power List.

The U.K. born mega-millionaire is known to be generous with his charities, family, friends, and ex-girlfriends. He recently got engaged to makeup artist, Mezhgan Hussainy, whom he met on the set of American Idol and we wish him the very best.

Simon Cowell is an icon both in America and the U.K. Hey, when you are immortalized in Shrek 2 as a judge in Far Far Away Idol, how much more of a pop culture icon can you get than that? Except, if you add, Media Icon on this blog. J

49 Responses to “MEDIA ICONS — SIMON COWELL”

  1. Lakita in Indiana says:

    i’m soooo sad simon;s leaving idol. :-( it will not be the same without him. i don’t think i’ll watch next season.

  2. luann says:

    Idol will never be the same without Simon and I’m sure it will be canceled within a year.

  3. SUSIE Q. says:


  4. bigbang says:

    It had to take an English man to show Americans how dumb they are. Everybody thinks they can sing, some do it for the fame and some for the money but when it comes to American Idol most of them do it just to say I did it AI. Cool but not cool enough for Simon Cowell who I think is an honest no bull shitter. I wish you well Simon on your well deserve fame and fortune.

  5. bullock says:

    American Idol sucked this year but I will watch tonight to see how Simon says goodbye. I will definitely be watching XFactor. Farewell and Godspeed Simon.

  6. Boo says:

    Simon Cowell is a bully and I don’t like him one bit. He is an insecure little man that has to put people down for him to feel great. And even with all his accomplishments he still says he’s depressed. Does he ever think about how depressed he makes the American Idol contestants feel with his criticism. Good riddance. Bring back Paula.

  7. mouseclick says:

    Simon is a complexed individual and that’s what makes him so special. He is indeed an icon and I wish him well. I can’t wait to watch him on his new show X Factor. Congratulations Simon.

  8. oscar d. says:

    Simon may have demons but he does have a great future ahead. Best wishes Simon. America loves you.

  9. FANTABULOUS says:

    I’m watching American Idol from the East Coast and I’m amazed and pleased to see an emotional Simon Cowell. He seems genuine in his expression of sadness at leaving American Idol. Paula Abdul as a surprised guest was great. These were the highlights in an otherwise boring show. Good luck Simon. I can’t wait to watch you on X Factor.

  10. Ole says:

    Simon Cowell Rocks! American Idol sucks.

  11. carpeteria says:

    Ba Bye Simon. I never liked you and your phony English accent.

  12. Kindell says:

    I like Simon Cowell better when he keeps his mouth shut. What a negative moron! Now we can pay more attention to Randy Jackson, my dawg, get rid of Kara whats her face, say bye bye to Ellen and bring back Paula. Nuff said.

  13. B. Allen says:

    Simon Cowell’s ex-girlfriend wants to give him away at his wedding. AWAY WE GO, to whom, to where and to what. lol. DUH! Ain’t that a bitch! :-)

  14. Mamsy says:

    Never been a Simon Cowell fan but after seeing him on Oprah felt sorry for the man. He is an icon and I wish him nothing but the best in his personal and professional life.

  15. Rosie says:

    Wow! Did you know that Simon Cowell was ejected from every school he attended due to bad behavior. Is that surprising? Absolutely not!. Go Simon, I hope you remember that when you have children of your own. Home schooling sounds nice. :-)

  16. summertime says:

    Great choice for an icon. He certainly has the midas touch and a charming way of letting you know you have no talent. Americans love to hate him but we also love to love him.

  17. GolfPro says:

    I don’t understand the fuss about Simon Cowell. T o me he’s just a pompous ass that needs to get a wake up call. Maybe his new show will fail and he’ll see that he’s not all that. And Media Icon? Please, ladies. I’m disappointed in you two.

  18. beaches2010 says:

    I absolutely love Simon Cowell and his candor. I just wish more people were upfront like that. Godspeed Simon and much success.

  19. Esmerelda says:

    As a judge on American Idol Simon Cowell was the life of the show. I luv this man. I wish he wasn’t engaged I would marry him on the spot, so Simon when you break up with your fiancee look me up. SORRY, but these entertainment hook ups don’t last. Well, with AI, I don’t know how much more “dawg” and other stupid comments I can take from Randy, Kara and Ellen. I will miss Simon’s bluntness. As you gals said people have tried to copy him but they’ve fallen flat. He’s one of a kind. Whoever replaces him should NOT TRY to duplicate him. But whoever they choose, PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THAT MORON P. DIDDY. What an Ass!

  20. Sacha says:

    Does Simon have a green card?

  21. celebration says:

    I love the fact that it took a Brit to come over here to teach people how to be honest and true to themselves. No matter how much people bitch about Simon, they still like the fact that he’s right 99% of the time. Simon Cowell rocks.

  22. Angela W. says:

    Simon Cowell is a control freak and I’m happy to see him gone from American Idol. I pity his fiancee.

  23. circumspect says:

    I wouldn’t want to be Simon’s fiancee. He told Oprah he gets into very deep dark moods and he likes to be alone. What a piece of work! He’s talented but he needs to be left alone.

  24. diamondback says:

    with the kinda money simon has he could at least get a better job on his teeth. dems caps too big. come on simon, YOU should sue your dentist. :-)

  25. USDA Choice says:

    For what he’s accomplished, Simon is the icon of icons. He singelhandedly brought back the talent show to America in a classy entertaining way. Media Icon well deserved.

  26. capitol gains says:

    To B. Allen. Simon’s ex girlfriend Sinitta ‘So Macho’ singer really needs a proper weave. Her so called fear that Simon will not go through with his wedding plans is wishful thinking. Simon put the girl out of her misery and ask her to take care of her lil cubs and MOVE ON.

  27. Kilt says:

    Simon and his man boobs need to put on a bra and get outta here fast. I’m tired of all those Brits trying to tell us American about talent when they copy and steal from us all the freakin time.

  28. Sapitda says:

    Paula should be your next media icon. simon is already passe and it couldn’t have happened faster. Next…

  29. Lanses says:

    Simon is a great role model for all of us. He’s failed and been successful time and time again. Now he’s on top and I don’t think he will be down again. He’s an inpsiration and a TRUE media icon. Congratulations Simon. A well deserved honor.

  30. Sandra G says:

    What is it theat I like about Simon? He expresses his “Candid Opinion”, right up my alley.

  31. PMB says:

    Simon who?? LOL. :-)

  32. LBJames says:

    Big Simon fan but AI will survive without him. I will definately watch his X factor show in September.

  33. Elizabeth S. says:

    Brett Michaels will be a good replacement for Simon. If not then Ryan Seacrest although he acted to big for his breeches this season. So Ryan replaces Simon and Ellen replaces Ryan. Perfect. Good luck Simon. You are great.

  34. Amy B. says:

    Simon comes off as mean and rude but he’s a generous philanthropist. I just love and admire the guy and wish him so much success with his new tv show. A true media icon, media mogul.

  35. Tian says:

    simon is alright with me.

  36. oxygold says:

    Sorry but your media jerks are more interesting to read than the media icons. The goody two shoes are boring. Simon would have been a great jerk.

  37. Yummy Icecream says:

    Good choice. At first I didn’t like him but he grew on me. I’ll miss him. And Yes, he really is a generous guy.

  38. cheap date22 says:

    we haven’t heard much about Simon Cowell lately since he left AI, what’s he been up to?

  39. USC GRAD says:

    I vote Harry Connick Jr for Simon’s replacement.

  40. Gaya says:

    I agree. Ryan Seacrest should replace Simon and Ellen should switch places with Ryan. so obvious Duh!

  41. Sonny L. says:

    LOVE Simon. I would like to see him happily married and enjoying the fruits of his labor.

  42. Paul W. says:

    congratulations simon well deserved.

  43. Lee Pugh says:

    I want this post up top, up top! Top up to everyone to see!

  44. The Ex Back Guy says:

    can you believe the puerto rican opera singer didn’t make it? he was so much better than hannibal!

  45. Prudent says:

    Nice. The way you covered his credentials for media icon information is really impressive, good work keep it up.

  46. louis vuitton223 says:

    Good luck Simon.

  47. Lekisha Mcanulty says:

    congrats simon, you are #1 in my book. AI will nevef be the same without you.

  48. Terry Derensis says:

    american idol won’t be the same without simon cowell!

  49. Lover of Life says:

    this looks like simon too much. can’t wait for his new show in september.

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