Media Icons – Oprah, Ellen, Whoopi

By Sandra & Allison Lord


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Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres and Whoopi Goldberg have such a great sense of humor and joie-de-vivre personalities, we often joke that they must have Caribbean ancestry. Bar none, they are three of the most fascinating women on television.

Of course, Oprah, the Queen of talk, doesn’t need to be grouped in any category with another living person. She does stand in a class of her own on so many levels, but the most significant common factor that connects Oprah, Whoopi and Ellen is their ‘authenticity.’

They are remarkable in so many ways. None of these women puts on an act to generate ratings. All three are accomplished, multi-award-winning, record-breaking individuals who got to the top without berating or shouting down their guests. At the same time, they are not afraid to discuss or give their ‘candid opinions’ about the major issues of the day, nor the things they’re passionate about.

Unlike the competition, they endeavor to bring people together instead of tearing them apart with irresponsible rhetoric. They motivate and inspire others to be the best they can be and to adopt an attitude of compassion, tolerance and generosity. Moreover, they have used their fame to initiate or support causes that help the disenfranchised, disadvantaged and less fortunate – people and animals alike – without a thought for self-aggrandizement.

All three women have also worked hard and have overcome tremendous personal and professional hurdles, criticism and controversy to get to their current position of success. In the process, they have established, each in her way, a level of credibility that is priceless.

As much as the media has tried to create drama around these women in their individual lives, each has stood the test of time and has come off stronger, more popular and more powerful.

Of course, they are not perfect (we have our beef with Oprah regarding Michael Jackson; Whoopi regarding Roman Polanski and Ellen for, well, nothing), but in our eyes, their level of remarkableness far outweighs any missteps they may have made along the way.

As Oprah makes her exit from her record-breaking TV show next year, we believe that Whoopi and Ellen are the only two contenders who can step, and eventually grow, into her huge shoes.

Other names have been bandied about in the media, but it takes more than the gift of gab to fill that spot – it takes ‘heart.’ Whoopi and Ellen have that heart and much of the other qualities that catapulted the Queen to the top and they bring some of their own unique traits to the table, too.

When Whoopi speaks, people listen as she comes across as very fair and astute in her assessments.

Ellen is real with a good heart and soul, and just exudes a “feel good” aura.

And Oprah, well, Oprah is Oprah. She has all of the above and then some. Oprah is one of a kind and can never be replaced or duplicated, but she has certainly paved the way for two of the most dynamic media personalities the world would have probably otherwise not known.

Congratulations, ladies, and continued success from “Living in

19 Responses to “Media Icons – Oprah, Ellen, Whoopi”

  1. Cardio says:

    Oprah makes all black people proud. She is one of a kind and I beg to differ with you ladies. Whooopi and Ellen are good but tehy cannot hold a candle to her. I love the caricatures. Whoopi’s the best.

  2. butternut says:

    Great choices, but Oprah needs to be in her own space. Oprah is not arguably the most powerful woman in entertainment, Ms. Winfrey IS the most powerful woman in entertainment and arguably in the WORLD.

  3. phew says:

    You didn’t mention that Whoopi Goldberg is one of a handful of people who have won an Academy Award, and Emmy, a Tony, a Bafta award and so many other awards. Whoopi is my favorite because she is humble and smart and genuine and a true media icon.

  4. Maxi says:

    Great choices. Great caricatures. I especially like the one of Whoopi. This blog is fabulous.

  5. Hairil says:

    I like all three women. Interesting combination.

  6. Nola says:

    Sorry not my cup of tea. They are all too self absorbed for my tastes although Ellen is more down to earth than the others.

  7. Blue Eyed Cutie says:

    Great choices for your first (??) media icons. I LOVE Whoopi, although the View can be tiring sometimes. Ellen is sweet and as you say, Oprah is well, Ops. They are a cut above the rest. Tyra is too low-class for me. I’m glad she’s going off the air. Oprah, we’ll miss you.

  8. Hamme says:

    Oprah is the most generous person on earth. I am happy for all her success. Well deserved.

  9. Saba Moore-Doucette says:

    Hi Sandra & Allison
    You guys did a GREAT job! I checked out your blog & didn’t want to log off. I love, love, love “Living in America…MyCandid Opinion.” & I will spread the word to as many of our fans as I can. If you have a FB go to BollywoodtoHollywood send us the link & we’ll pass it to fans of our web show. They are world wide. As soon as I have time I will read some more. I was able to read Allison’s take on Obama. It is right on & I really like her style. I checked out Chocolate Rain, Kat & McKay & read some of the stories but not in depth. It was all a very enjoyable read. Even though we are busy we are still big fans of what you do to help others & often send people your way. Love & Light.

  10. Edie&Samy says:

    We love Ellen. We agree she has heart but Oprah is the queen and will always be the Queen of Talk. Ellen is doing alright on her own and so is Whoopi, but they would make good replacements.

  11. Nelson H. says:

    Love Ellen. Great choice. She’s an icon on any day of the year.

  12. Mabel Hill says:

    I’ve bookmarked this blog because I find it so different and a such a great read. I particularly like the fact that you chose some of my favorite women as icons. Congratulations to all of you.

  13. Barbera says:

    I’m gonna miss Oprah. I agree, Ellen and Whoopi are the only ones that can come close to replace her.

  14. Sweats says:

    Whoopi is my fav. She tells it liek it is and she’s really cool.

  15. stream says:

    Not everybody loves Oprah, Ellen or Whoopi. The three women I don’t like you choose as icons. I disagree. They’re all about themselves.

  16. Helen Thong says:

    Cool…great to know that my absolute favorite celerbrities are icons. Excellent!

  17. Lance J. says:

    They’ve all done well and are generous – Oprah and Ellen especially. Congratulations. Well deserved.

  18. Freelance says:

    Hey…thanks for that. Cool post. I’ll be checking back shortly for more info. Excellent!

  19. sky says:

    I’m going to be the next Oprah. Watch out for me.

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