Lindsay Lohan, A Fallen Star -By Allison

By ALLISON LORD — Caribbean (read bio)

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I was in fourth gear cruising the twelve mile zone in my Mercedes convertible when I first thought of writing this article about Lindsay Lohan, the young people of today and the parents behind those kids.

There was so much to say that I couldn’t breathe, drive and write all at the same time. But out of the thousand paragraphs that infiltrated my mind, I finally settled on some of the significant thoughts that I would definitely write.

When a young person constantly lands in court with DUIs, driving charges, probation violations, drug abuse, failed stints in rehab, wears a SCRAM bracelet by court order, and suffers from eating disorders I think it’s time for someone, ANYONE to step in and help.

Such is the regrettable case of beautiful but troubled Lindsay Lohan, unfortunate role model for millions of teens and tweens everywhere. Apart from Rosie O’Donnell, who has come forth to offer help, there doesn’t seem to be any serious ‘takers.’ No one is offering or has offered a path or even a trail for Lindsay to get back on.

In the last few years Lindsay Lohan has become more famous for being a fallen tabloid star, deadbeat actor, alleged drunk, substance abuser and addict than for her acclaimed talent as an actress.

A decade ago what Lindsay had was a promising career as an A-List star. She was considered one of the most talented young actresses of her generation. Mark Waters, who directed Lindsay in “Freaky Friday” and “Mean Girls” has said that ‘her talent was undeniable.’ Yes, we all seem to have forgotten that Lindsay.

Now she is a source of ridicule and fodder for the media and tabloid covers; her image being more suited these days to TMZ than respected entertainment industry trade papers.

While her defiant, complacent attitude and sense of entitlement don’t endear her to us and elicit very little public sympathy, I am empathetic towards Lindsay Lohan. My heart does go out to her. Beneath the bravado, I see a seriously sad, lost, troubled, desperate, scared, pathetic and misguided child on a train of denial, destined to collide with destruction unless she changes tracks…pronto.

The question is, how does one go from A-List to Z-List so quickly? True, Hollywood offers many temptations and dangerous traps that ill-prepared young stars fall into, but I seriously believe that in Lindsay’s case there’s more to it than meets the eye.

First, I believe something terrible has happened to this young lady in her personal life – something that has not yet been disclosed and probably never will – that set her on a downward spiral. I will eat my shorts if I am wrong. No one behaves in that manner, doing such a sudden radical 360º and not have something traumatic at the root of it.

Second, I take issue with Dina and Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s fame-seeking parents. Yes sireee, I blame them too for Lindsay’s downfall.

To many of us, Michael and Dina are not ideal parents by any stretch of the word. Dina, a former Rockette, and Michael, a semi successful actor who spent four years in jail for security fraud act like they deserve a spot in the limelight. They have been elbowing each other and their daughter to the side, fighting for the front page of any newspaper, including tabloid covers for as long as we can remember.

As a mother I openly and loudly do not support that kind of behavior of wannabe, so-called “star” parents. At 24 years old, Lindsay is an adult, but her infantile antics clearly display that she is still a child who needs tremendous (parental) guidance; but how can Dina and Michael give such direction when they obviously need it themselves?

When Dina goes to nightclubs with her fragile daughter it says a lot about her level of parenting. In defense of Michael Lohan, regardless of his motives, he is at least attempting to be the father he apparently has never been. Both Michael and Dina Lohan need to put away their differences. Stop bickering and competing in the limelight to show who “loves” Lindsay more and fight to save your child’s life!

I say stop competing with Lindsay, neither of you has one-sixteenth of the talent she has in her little finger, so accept the fact that you’re not going to be stars. Stop being afraid of losing her “friendship” and find your way back to being her parents again.

Today, parents want so much to be their children’s friends that they have forgotten how to parent. They are scared shitless for their children not to like them, forgetting that they are not there to be liked by their kids but to give guidance and love, lots of love, and more love, unconditional love no matter what and get respect from them in return.

To me the stage parents are the most despicable. They see money bags marked on their children’s foreheads and all parenting guidelines go out the window.

When my son started in the entertainment industry as a young actor, I would go on set with him most times and I could tell from the other young actors and their parents, who was going to be in the spotlight as a star parent, who was going to self destruct as a star, and who would handle success well.

Take for example Dakota Fanning, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez to name a few, I think these young people are grounded and have parents with their best interests at heart. Miley Cyrus on the other hand, seems to be heading in a direction I would question, but I see her parents as nothing like the Lohans, so I think Miley is still in good hands… for now.

I understand it could be hard to discipline a child when they are the primary breadwinner in the family, or when they pay your salary as “manager” of their career, but when that prevents mom and dad from being, well, mom and dad when necessary, that NEVER ends well. There are certain principles that children have to abide by and respect is at the top of my list when it comes to parents.

Unfortunately, all these senseless reality television shows portraying real families seem to be doing the very opposite – promoting overly ambitious parents who either want to live vicariously through their kids or steal the spotlight from them, not to mention widening the lack of respect between the parents and children.

When I was growing up I couldn’t dream of talking back to my mother like I see Khloe Kardashian talking to her mother on their reality show. I watched that show once and never made that mistake again. I have absolutely no respect for that particular Kardashian. It took me years to know my mother’s first name and when I did, it never occurred to me to refer to her by her first name. And if the thought of any demeaning, non-respectful insulting names ever crossed my mind and she sensed it, I would be searching the web to find the best dentist to repair my crushed jaw. Kim Kardashian on the other hand is different; she shows some kind of class…sometimes.

The 24/7 coverage of these questionable role models by the electronic mass media is especially troubling, creating lots of wannabe “Lindsays.” But of them all, THE Lindsay Lohan is big business.

The media knows that the public thinks Lindsay is a train about to wreck and they can’t get enough. They can’t look away. So the mass media continues to fill her tank with fuel to make sure that when she does crash, it will make a big explosion.

My island style upbringing would definitely put the brakes on Lindsay’s collision course. I say give her to me and I will show her how to find her way back to the wonderful human being she was meant to be, help her regain her self-respect, public support and become a productive member of society once again.

There is nothing Hollywood loves more than a good comeback story and there are many filmmakers, who would be willing to welcome Lindsay back into the film world. She is not so lost that she cannot come back. Let’s not forget she is a pretty little white girl and she can act to boot! Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke did it and she can too, only if she can defeat her demons.

After Lindsay has done her time in jail and has received treatment for her alleged addictions and is ready for her “comeback,” I trust Judge Marsha Revel will be given due credit as the one who stepped in as the much-need authority figure, without fear or malice, to save Lindsay Lohan’s life.

269 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan, A Fallen Star -By Allison”

  1. Antonia says:

    Big mouth Lindsay bawled like a hyena when the judge sentenced her to three months in jail and three months in rehab program. BOO HOO! :-( I think it should have been worse for violating the terms of her probation but FINALLY, hallelujah!!!

  2. Nice Girl says:

    Ah poor baby. I say lock her up then put her in rehab for 6 months, if she doesn’t learn anything in that amount of time then lock her up again and throw away the key. Time to grow up Lindsey.

  3. Dr. Pepper says:

    The sad thing about people like the Lohans is that they multiply. Whooooh! Scary. Please no more little Lohans.

  4. Anna says:

    Allison you echo my feelings exactly. I work in the medical field and like you I definitely feel something has happened to Lindsay in her young life thats why she is acting up. I sincerely hope she gets the therapy she needs.

  5. Lakita in Indiana says:

    I think your article is great. Lindsay’s parents should be put in jail with her and their time doubled. The judge gave Lindsay many chances and she blew it, she has no one to blame but herself because she really thought she was above the law. I guess she knows now that she is not.

  6. Enough Of This says:

    The party is finally over… Time to wake up to the real world little girl.

  7. Mental Disorders 101 says:

    I found your entry on Lindsay Lohan interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  8. Blog Fan says:

    Once again you’ve outdone yourselves with the caricature. This is one of the best I have seen on the web. I am surprised you support Lindsay because she is an arrogant little you know what but I can still love you guys blog and disagree right?

  9. Sandra G. says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you, Allison. I blame her parents 100% for keeping her in the public eye and still making money off her even in her misfortune. Unfortunately, Judges should have taken matters in their own hands yeras ago, and the Lohan children should have been removed from the care of those parents. This could have ben prevented. As a mother I feel very sad to see this young girl going to what she is going through in her life.

  10. Dirty Diana says:

    The last thing Lindsay needs at this point is to do porn star Linda Lovelace’s story. All her peers declined the role about the porn actress who also did a film involving bestiality with a freakin dog. Big mistake Lindsay. WTF kind of career advice is mom and manager Dina Lohan giving her fragile daughter????? Come on!

  11. Teniece says:

    Go to jail Lindsay and I hope you get Big Butt Bertha as a room mate to set you on the straight and narrow road. Grow freakin up!

  12. MeThinks says:

    Lindsay ‘acted’ like she didn’t understand why the judge gave her jailtime. Amazing academy award performance. Of course she doesn’t understand, cuz she knows she is a dumb blonde and thinks she is a pampered princess, who is above the law. She thinks she can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants and the laws of the land do not apply to her. Wake up and smell the jail cell Lindsay, Dina and Michael Lohan!!! Big Sally is waiting for ya. LOL.

  13. C. Dwight says:

    I’m so tired of hearing about these troubled young stars refusing to take responsibility for their actions and believing that money and star power can get them out of any situation. Oh wait…it can. I’m tired of it. I want to see Lindsay Lohan go to jail, take her jail sentence like a big agirl and not a cry baby, face up to her actions and take responsibility like the rest of us would.

  14. Heidi says:

    Lindsay I believe those Caribbean sisters when they say they can set you on the right path. CALL them and get some life changing direction. Dina, you and Michael should call too…for yourselves.

  15. Bugzz says:

    Send her mom Dina to jail with her.

  16. Christyl says:

    You hit on a lot of key points! But one thing that was left out was who she was around when her life began to fall apart. Paris Hilton was her closest friend, and since being around her she’s never found firm ground. Many who are or were around Hilton never do, and since Lohan was soo young she didn’t realize what she was doing til it was too late, and no one good enough was there to say otherwise.

    A perfect example of a young star who’s going somewhere with their career and the parents were there in a good way the WHOLE way is Daniel Radcliffe. One of his parents was on set every day he was working. They also had him in school, so they didn’t hide him from the world. And I haven’t heard a single bad thing about him. I wish there were more parent/child relationships like that one.

    Reality shows originally were for adults (Real World…) and then there were the documentaries that were set around parents and children. Now with how “reality” shows have become, I don’t think a lot of people know what reality is. Children with no respect for their parents, parents trying to act and dress like their kids…where did the line go??

    Thanks for posting this, very insightful.

    • Allison Lord: Co-Founder of this Blog says:

      Christyl, thanks for the comment. I did forget Paris Hilton. Thanks for reminding me but I think after Paris got her taste of jail she kind of straightened up. We cannot totally blame Paris for Lindsay’s downfall but we can totally blame Lindsay’s parents for the dysfunction in the family. There aren’t many young bad boys around and I must agree with you that I have only heard good things about Daniel Radcliff and Justin Bieber.

      The thing is reality television is the ‘in thing’ now. I remember the time when big stars did not want to do television shows much less commercials. They thought it was beneath them and left it to the wannabes, but now everybody and their mama wants to be on television. And there is no more ‘fifteen minutes of fame,’ it’s everyday of fame.

      The young kids are hungry for things and sadly they are turning to the wrong things. There aren’t many role models today because everybody is competing on the same level and the competition is fierce and there aren’t many adults who care enough to step in.

      I really think that Lindsay has had something traumatic happen to her along the way and she is probably terribly ashamed of it. She badly needs a therapist to help her. Regardless of what people say, they do help and if she does not get that help soon she will self destruct.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate your comments.

  17. Clarissa J. says:

    All the young kids who want to be in the business and their parents should read this article. I too dislike Khloe Kardashian and her filthy mouth and vulgar attitude. I thought ODOm had more class but I guess he went for the booty instead of substance. Yuck!

  18. Samantha Rutledge says:

    Thank you for writing a very different article on Lindsay Lohan than what is out there right now. Every one is down on Lindsay. Can’t people see that something is very wrong with this young girl? As you said she seems to have gone from sweet little Lindsay to out of control acting out Lindsay. Something is wrong. I think going to prison will help her to reflect on her life and hopefully ge t the proper treament. I really hope she spends the whole time in jail and when she gets out I hope she goes to thank Judge Revel.

  19. Valerie Thompson says:

    I don’t give a sh*t about Lindsay Lohan or any of those Hollywood types. But I’m writing to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and to compliment you on your animation. They are the best. Lindsay’s jail house cartoon is to die for. I always look forward to reading your blog. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  20. R. Castro says:

    I respect Shawn for quitting and I am proud that New York attorney did not take the case. Lindsay has her head in the sand. Why would anyone want to represent that b*tch? Why will anyone want to work for that trailer trash?

  21. Nicki says:

    seriously allison, not worth the ink. look forward to your next blog.

  22. Shakey says:

    I am totally in agreement with your article. Lindsay is an alcoholic, an addict a liar and a spoilt sad fool with a sense of entitlement who is surrounded with enablers. I guess these enablers are not watching the news to see what is happening to Howard K. Stern (not the loudmouth) and the doctors who were enablers to Anna Nicole Smith.

  23. treetop says:

    Put her away for the full 90 days, then 90 days in rehab. And send her mother in with her and get the Lohans off of our tv’s.

  24. Seaurchin says:

    Very well put. Time for Lindsey to grow up and take responsibilty for her actions.

  25. Karma Conscious says:

    I always wonder what’s going on in people’s life when they encounter trials and tribulations…if there is a generational curse on the family like I believe the Kennedys have. Allison I think your onto something with whats at the root of Lindsay’s troubles.

  26. Nurse Ratchett says:

    Your caricatures are absolutely beautiful. I especially like Lindsay’s image. Allison I like the fact that you attempted to defend Lindsay and it was a nice effort, but since you didn’t say you know her personally I will have to look at it as speculation and see Lindsay for how SHE has portrayed herself in the media – a selfish arrogant brat.Ever heard of ‘Scared Straight?’

    You bet I can’t wait for her to get her comeuppance…pronto.

  27. Aha says:

    Every attorney is turning Lindsay down. What about Gloria Allred? Oh, I forget she has bigger fish to fry like Mel Gibsons ex baby mama.

  28. A. White says:

    People have some sympathy for Lindsay. Allison thank you for presenting a different point of view. I am not in showbizness but took a downward turn and thanks to people like you that cared I am back on track. Lindsay needs people like you in her corner.

  29. La Nuit says:

    The next film Lindsay Lohan should do is “Clueless in America”

  30. S. Sheppard says:

    Dina has her head in the sand too. Listen to what Dina says in her interviews and you too, like me, thinks she is nuts and so is the father and in the end if someone from the outside with maturity and brains doesn’t step up soon, Lindsay may not live long enough to see her next birthday.

  31. Zuchinni says:

    You put forth a good argument but no sympathy here. Lindsay lost me a long time ago with her arrogance.

  32. Eva says:

    Hi Allison
    Thank you for your article. It shows a problem that escalates in today’s society regardless of whether you are a child / youth who are in the spotlight or not. A child needs love and care but must also have a secure basis to develop on. Parents can not be friends with their children. Parents should be role models and teach their children respect for others but also to ensure that they are individuals who are confident and able to meet the demands of society when they become adults. There is a saying .. your child do not do like you say .. your child act as you do. It’s a tough society today. The requirements are enormous for our children, and for those who do not have a good foundation to build on, this can be disaster.

  33. Oaktree35 says:

    Sympathy is not weakness, so I sympathize with Lindsay, I am not weak I am just a bystander watching her spin around in the garbage disposal unable to stop her going down the sewer pipes.

  34. Jackie says:

    I am counting the days when Lindsay reports to jail. What a media circus that will be. Toot toot, the train is coming fast on the wrong tracks.

  35. Trueblue says:

    Dina and Lindsay must be mad that the media spot light was taken away from them with the Mel Gibson’s story. Watch this, Lindsay IS definitely going to do something stupid again to upstage Mel and get the spot light back on her. Watch it! Its coming!

  36. BooHoo says:

    It’s the path Lindsay has to walk and unless we walk a mile in her shoes we should keep our traps shut on criticizing her.

  37. Tommy says:

    Love the caricature, in fact love ALL the caricatures, so far.

  38. pat says:

    I support you Lindsay and Mel you too. I am a black female who has Mel’s back. I also agree with Whoopi on her view about Mel. Have we have forgotten what friendship is. We Americans always cry ‘Freedom of speech’ ‘Land of the free’ and so on but when someone voices their opinion every body wants them castrated. You guys are so fake. I think Mel’s girlfriend egged him on for her own monetary, greedy, selfish,ugly reasons and soon the truth will come out about her. Why do we assume Mel meant only black men when he said a pack of n*****s will rape you. America we are in 2010 and need to move on. N*****s are not ONLY black people! you have a friend in me when you’ll want one, anytime.

  39. guess who says:

    You are right. Robert Downey and Mickey O’Rourke came back to Hollywood with no problems so Lindsay should do quite well. Hollywood is very forgiving with it’s white stars. Todd Bridges wasn’t so lucky neither Gary Coleman.

  40. Allison Lord: Co-Founder of this Blog says:

    Christyl, thanks for the comment. I did forget Paris Hilton. Thanks for reminding me but I think after Paris got her taste of jail she kind of straightened up. We cannot totally blame Paris for Lindsay’s downfall but we can totally blame Lindsay’s parents for the dysfunction in the family. There aren’t many young bad boys around and I must agree with you that I have only heard good things about Daniel Radcliff and Justin Bieber.

    The thing is reality television is the ‘in thing’ now. I remember the time when big stars did not want to do television shows much less commercials. They thought it was beneath them and left it to the wannabes, but now everybody and their mama wants to be on television. And there is no more ‘fifteen minutes of fame,’ it’s everyday of fame.

    The young kids are hungry for things and sadly they are turning to the wrong things. There aren’t many role models today because everybody is competing on the same level and the competition is fierce and there aren’t many adults who care enough to step in.

    I really think that Lindsay has had something traumatic happen to her along the way and she is probably terribly ashamed of it. She badly needs a therapist to help her. Regardless of what people say, they do help and if she does not get that help soon she will self destruct.

    Thanks for reading our blog.

  41. peanuckle22 says:

    One word for Lindsay, SCRAM. No, five words for Lindsay. SCRAM & GO TO JAIL. Enough of your tricks.

  42. J. Johnson says:

    I am keeping my kids out of the acting industry until they are of age to handle themselves. I definitely don’t want them ending up like Lindsay Lohan or the Kadarshians or Britney or any of those losers.

  43. C. Melnyk says:

    If was the best attorney in the world I would not want to represent that brat to have her destruction on my hands too nor contribute to her demise. She’s going downhill fast and she’s the only one that can stop herself.

  44. diggity says:

    I am one of those that do not like Lindsay Lohan. I dislike her mother even more. They both have a sense of entitlement and act like they should be allowed to do whatever they want without answering to no one. The Lohans need to take a trip out of town – to the moon where we don’t have to deal with them.

  45. A. Thomas says:

    Lindsay and her mother are bad cases but that Jenner woman is another parent that deserves no respect. She needs to take care of Bruce, help him bring his face back from that bad facelift and let her children live their lives. She’s all up in their business competing with them. My worry is for the two little ones. I hope htey don[‘t turn out like the other 3 losers and that mamsy pamsy son.

  46. Slinky says:

    Pray oh tell what will TMZ and all the garbage tabloid reporters do when Lindsay is locked up? As you said Lindsay is big business for the media.

  47. Kim Fan says:

    The Kardashians are more sane than the Lohans. Apart from Kim’s sex tape there has been no scandal with this family, so it’s unfair to lump them with Lindsay and her crazy clan.

  48. treetop says:

    Clever Shapiro. Lindsay will never serve any jail time. She’s rich and famous and they get away with everything. Look at Charlie Sheene (you forgot that one Allison).

  49. LaDonnia says:

    Both Dina and Lindsay need a reality check and it would seem Robert Shapiro does too.

  50. Animal Louse says:

    Let he who has no sin cast the first stone. Thank you for showing compassion to Lindsay Allison and all those here who have made encouraging comments to Lindsay.

  51. BlueTiger says:

    I was feeling a little sorry for Lindsay when I read your post but had to come back when I heard she checked herself into a rehab place. This is BULL****!!!! Enough! Judge Revel better MAKE HER ASS GO TO JAIL and ADD MORE TIME for trying to dupe the court.

  52. Betty says:

    What’s wrong with those lost souls. Lindsay and Mel. They should turn to the bible , that should set them straight and save them.

  53. curtain call says:

    Rehab? Smoke screen period. Please no leniency for Lindsay.

  54. Charlie says:

    I just heard that Lindsay checked herself into a rehab owned by Robert Shapiro, you know that lawyer that represented OJ. Does that mean she does not go into jail next week and what gives her the right to dish out her own punishment and ignore what the judge ordered? To me that is anohter slap in the face for our court system. Joe Nobody cannot decide what punishment he gets so why should Lindsay. I am sick and tired of Hollywood manipulating the legal system. Tired, tired, tired.

  55. humptydumpty says:

    I’m gonna switch professions and go Hollywood. These celebs get away with so much more it would be worth it. lol.

  56. jason says:

    I hope the judge doesnt’ fall for Lindsay’s latest trick of going to rehab. She’s just doing that to avoid jail but for that deception I hope the judge adds 30 more days to her sentence for trying to fool the court. lol. :-)

  57. Dancing Bear says:

    Great article Allison. Thank you for your courage in publicly supporting Lilo in the face of so much anger toward her. I don’t know anyone that supports Lindsay, but I do because I can see see is sick, enabled and in denial.

  58. Martha says:

    OMG I can’t believe someone hates Kloie Kardashian as much as me. what a loser. now she is Odom’s wife you see how she is trying to compete with Kim and playing like she is all that. I can’t stand that giraffe. She’s a disrespectful bithc ad her mother needs to make her wipe her mouth out with soap.

  59. Bobbie says:

    There’s still hope for Lindsay with people like you out there.

  60. topsy says:

    Sounds like Lindsay has this fool who say that she is her mother exactly where she wants her, in her back pocket. She has deceived her mother, father, sister and so she thinks she can deceive us all. Go to JAIL Lindsay, to the left to the left…

  61. Pamper says:

    Lindsay needs to do her time for the crime and Shapiro should be ashamed of himself.

  62. Y. Oviedo says:

    Allison, with this little rehab trick, your sweet Lindsay has lost my support. I hope you kick her to the curb too.

  63. Lie To Me says:

    I smell a rat named Lindsay. If she did not have a substance abuse problem like she has been saying, then WHY in the world is she checking into a rehab facility, hmm?

  64. Cassy says:

    Allison, I have read your blogs and I like your writing and your caricatures but you are dead wrong on this one. Lindsay has been given chances time and time and time again and she just spit in the face of the law. Have you forgotten the many lame excuses she has given for her not being responsible and owning up to her mistakes, “lost my passport” excuse and so on and so forth. The only thing I like about your post is the caricature. It is beautifully drawn and shows Lindsay where she belongs – in jail. Thank you.

  65. Carmella says:

    Celebrities get to decide their own sentences. This has got to stop. We all should demonstrate against that bullshit.

  66. Rudy C. says:

    Lindsay should just do her time and get it over with. No one is going to hire her now so this is the time to go to jail. You never know what the future holds and she may miss great opportunities if she puts it off.

  67. MelG says:

    She needs rehab not jail. She’s sick people, have some compassion. Would you want that for your daughter or family member? She’s sick and needs professional help.

  68. Kowinsky says:

    Lindsay is obviously hallucinating. Did she share that stuff with Dina and Shapiro they sure as hell not acting like they’re in their right minds.

  69. jacintha says:

    I don’t like Lindsay and I hope she does the crime for the time.

  70. Jacintha says:

    I mean I hope she does the TIME for the crime.

  71. Gladys says:

    Rosie O’Donnell may be many things but she really is a compassionate soul. She should be applauded for wanting to help Lindsay.

  72. HorseFace says:

    She is playing us at both ends but she is not smarter than the judge. She’ll piss her off and will get something far worse.

  73. Just So says:

    I used to like Lindsay and now I dont. I think she is a spoiled brat who thinks she is above the law. Judge Revel please show her who is in control here. I will never go and see another movie with Lindsay in it. If everyone stopped going to her movies then we will not be contributing to her death.

  74. Fright Time says:

    Dina Lohan describes her daughter as a normal young woman coming of age in Hollywood. Wow, that’s says alot. lol.

  75. Pelease says:

    Lindsay is a sad girl, no matter how we see her she is a sad and lonely girl. She needs counseling plain and simple, she needs help.

  76. John Estes says:

    If the courts gave Lindsay to you Allison what would you do to help her, change her and set her on the path of righteousness and cleanliness.

  77. B. Stanton says:

    The count down is on and the bets are coming in, Is Lindsay going to jail or not?

  78. Benefibrous says:

    Mel and Lindsay should marry each other. They are well suited and fitted with arrogance. Mel’s ex on the other hand should go to jail with Lindsay and Dina should live with Mel for a while to get the same stuff that that money hungry b**ch wants. Who will get that 8month old baby? Ah! I know, give it to Mel’s ex, Robin and that solves the equation.

  79. Wellness says:

    I’m sick and tired of all these Hollywood so called stars. Hollywood is a nasty place and only nasty people are running it. Good people stay out.

  80. Sleeper says:

    Why is everyone so down on Lindsay, cant we see that the kid is sick. Yah, sick in the head. Someone please call 911, quick.

  81. Gia says:

    I hate those Kardashian girls. What are they famous for. A sex tape of Kim? Another sex tape or pictures of the retard who just had a baby but the tape did not come out because she was under age. A stiff face step father who still wants to be somebody and a mother who has no clue and is not smart. What!

  82. J. Levine says:

    What great work you guys. I take pleasure in reading your blog. My boss got hooked on it too, now we sit and read and laugh when its posted or read when we want to have just a good laugh. Love it.

  83. Tampico2010 says:

    I can’t stand Michael Lohan. If I was Lindsay I would change my last name and let Michael Lohan have his. Its a disgrace to be a Lohan any way you look at it.

  84. Angelina says:

    Is Lindsay a lesbian or is what is she can any body respond if they know. Because if she is a lesbian I would like to meet her. She will not be disappointed.

  85. Bennifer says:

    Between Mel, Lindsay and the Kardashian monkeys, who would you pick as a media jerk. I say ALL of the above and throw in the families, friends and enablers with them including that he/she dork Ryan Seacrest.

  86. Edge of Light says:

    Dina is an ugly b**ch who wants to compete with her dayghter. But Dina you can never win unless you are born again by beautiful parents. The ugly stick was sure used on you when you were conceived. Go get your own life.

  87. Barbarino says:

    Lindsay and Mel are classic examples of Hollywood gone wrong. What happened to the clean fun and respectful hollywood. I used to enjoy it in my heyday.

  88. Lakita in Indiana says:

    Allison, as usual, your topic is hot. I allready posted a comment but I wonder what effect all of this is having on Lindsay younger sister Ali. SHe seemed at one time that her mother was going to ruin her too and I guess there was some kind of intervention. Some how I think this is not going to be good for her. She looks like she is smitten with her older sister and clearly dots on her and believes in her. She seems clueless too and someone needs to be worried about her before she turns out to be like Lindsay, for example children services.

  89. Jessica H. says:

    Where is Gloria Allred in all the saga that is playing out in the public. Have she had a stroke somewhere from all the money she has made from all those poor victims and is hiding in the corner? She is too quiet, too too quiet.

  90. P. Jackson says:

    Gloria Allred, Lindsay is available as a client and she is looking for an attorney. Have you not smell the money trail to her yet,. There is money there Gloria.

  91. Digg It says:

    You ladies are hilarious on this blog, to the point and clean. I especially like you Allison. You have a great audience.

  92. JT says:

    Lilo is not going to listen to any of us, Allison not even you because she wants things the way she wants them and that’s that. She doesn’t want anybody telling her anything including the judge. Remember the FU fingernail polish message to the judge and all of America? Lilo thinks she is smart, smarter than the system, smarter than the judge and everyone else, but we can all see her for what she is a dumbass and a smart ass. She has gotten away with so much she thinks sh’es invincible at this point. The only sobering thing for Lilo is jail, jail, jail. No excuses.

  93. Turnaround says:

    I was once a bad Hollywood wanna be but my parents stepped in and hauled my ass to school and out of the spotlight. That fixed me right up. Now I am a happy doctor.

  94. Sharon Payne says:

    Robert Shapiro of all people should know what Lindsay is going through. I guess he is given a second chance to help someone since he was not able to help his drug addict son. I think he will do right by lIndsay because he has gone through it and knows what is at stake. Thanks Robert for taking Lindsay in hand and trying to save her. She is a talented young actress and we would surely miss her great acting if something dreadful would happen to her. Save her.

  95. Geena says:

    The filmmakers should be ashamed of themselves for hiring Lindsay. Its because of them that Lindsay is doing what she is doing. Because of their greed they make her feel important and they are only using her. I say send those enablers to jail with Lindsay.

  96. Synergy says:

    I have turned my entire job onto this blog, ITS GREAT! Like Tony the Tiger would say.

  97. Cecelia James says:

    I am from the Caribbean and I must say our up bringing is vastly different for the Americans. I visit occasionally and I like it here in Atlanta but the young Hollywood starlets are getting to me now especially as I have three daughters and they like the show business. I am scared shitless especially watching Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Britney Spears, the Jersey Shore pinheads and now Lindsay Lohan go down the wrong path all for fame. Not sure thats a good idea yet although my girls were raised right with the proper guidelines and good parents.

  98. Antonia says:

    I’m glad you mentioned the Kardashians in this post. They disgust me too. I hope those two young Kardashian girls do not turn up like the older sisters for now they seem to be doing aright.

  99. Criss Cross says:

    If Gloria Allred did not take Lindsay as a client then does that say soemthing good about Gloria or somehting bad about Lindsay’s situation? Hmmm. They both love the spotlight and it would be a match made in heaven, but if Gloria refused her then Lindsay must be in some serious sh!t.

  100. Agape says:

    I’m glad she’s getting help. She has a disease and you would want help for her if she was your child. Where’s the compassion for a sick person?

  101. Carter says:

    Dina Lohan is scared for Lindsay to go to jail? Boo F*ck*ng Hoo! Is this woman’s head up her *$$ or what? I hope she can’t have any more kids to f*ck up! She makes me want to vomit.

  102. Chaise L. says:

    If I got a punch in the mouth by an angry muscular man, my face would not look like that picture of Oksana with a chipped veneer. Mel Gibson’s ex girlfriend, Oksana, also wouldn’t look like that either. I say send all of them to jail Mel, Oksana, the greedy lawyers for both sides and throw in Lindsay as a side dish, she is younger than them all.

  103. Jose says:

    hollyweird has gone bananas. quit monkeying around out there a$$h*les!.

  104. Simon Says says:

    What about that that ugly bat Joan Rivers where does she come from. HSe had better crawl back into her hole or fly back where she came from on her broom. Now that Joan is able to talk, now that the facelift has lifted and her Botox has worn out I suggest she leave Lindsay alone. Showing off your black assistant does not do shit for you Joan but it sure says a lot about that black assistant girl. Your jokes are sad and lacking and you have lost it with age. Go on retirement somewhere, any where, you old hag.

  105. Grrrr says:

    If Mel’s ex was bashed in the jaw dont you think she would get a bigger, fatter lip than she is sporting. I see no difference between her now and the picture on the internet. Either way she is ugly.

  106. Desiree B. says:

    Thank god the Lohans stopped multiplying, the world cannot take on more of them.

  107. A. Murphy says:

    Michael Lohan may be a convict but he is the only one trying to save his ill daughter Lindsay or so it seems. I do not like his media tactics, I wish he had done the salvaging out of the camera’s lens but anything Michael, right? Its never too late but i would suggest that you save yourself first then try to save Lindsay.

  108. Antelope says:

    Everyone keeps saying Lindsay is a talented actress, I find she’s just okay, her singing is average. Yes she is beautiful girl but she looks old and bloated these days. To me her true talent lies the fact that she is a master manipulator. I feel no sympathy for her. Sorry, I just don’t.

  109. bounce25 says:

    She has not hit her rock bottom yet and until and unless she does we will continue to have this circus.

  110. D. Andersen says:

    Lindsay is definitely going to look like Oksana if she does not straighten up. Go to jail lindsay and save yourself.

  111. BloggerDivine says:

    Excuse me why does everything have to be about race? Lindsay will not get back into Hollywood because she’s a pretty little white girl as you call it, but because she is talented period. You yourself said Hollywood loves a comeback story, so it has nothing to do with race. Todd Bridges was an admitted criminal that’s why he didn’t get any breaks until now he has proven he is clean and sober.

  112. Mary says:

    Countdown to Lindsay and jail. Wagers are up she’ll not go in.

  113. J. Peters says:

    Why are you people so angry with Robert Shapiro. He’s is on the right track with Lindsay Lohan and really is the best person to talk sense to Dina and Lindsay since he lost his son to drugs. Lighten up and send positive vibes instead of daggers.

  114. Friends of Lindsay says:

    poor baby. she needs to trade her parents in for better models as soon as she gets out.

    • Don says:

      Poor baby my foot! She is a damn grown ass woman who is busy doing damn grown ass things and then she wants to cry boo hoo I’m a poor little baby. Its people like you and Dina that wantto be your childrens friend and don’t want the responsibility of real parenting.

  115. Sandy Browne says:

    Lisa Bloom is clueless opportunist just like her mother Gloria Allred. She’s all over the place defending Michael Lohan but she would be singing a different tune if she was not his lawyer. She would give him the worse celebrity award on her tacky show Insider. Now he’s her client so now he’s a saint. They all disgust me.

  116. M. Hawke says:

    I am reading all these horrible comments and I am wondering when and how did we become so cold and inconsiderate as a country. She is a child, yes in denial, but still in terrible trouble. I would like to see some sympathy for this troubled young woman. Some of the worst comments here are from mothers boasting about their kids but we don’t know when our kids could be in the same situation, no matter how well we have raised them. Just think about that before you post your next self righteous “angry” comment.

    • iamwise says:

      Boo hoo you sound like a celebrity parent yourself with no backbone. Lindsay is getting the backlash she deserves for FN around with the court system, our lives on the road and everything else. And by the way she is no damn child. she is a grown woman who wants to be a child when it’s convenient. I don’t like her arrogance and how she’s playing everyone. I hope this is her wake up call. So this is another one of the horrible comments you complained about and your point is what????????

  117. ChuckECheese says:

    Lindsay Lohan had to give Judge Revel one more dig before going to jail… being ten minutes late. I applaud the judge for not letting all the hoopla get to her and respectfully ignored her tardiness by not commenting on it. Lindsay should certainly thank the judge after that.

  118. Smokeybear says:

    I am glad those nosey media people were not allowed to get to photo Lindsay with her handcuffs. They did it to Michael Jackson who was innocent and hid Lindsay who is guilty. What a society of low standards do we have in place in America.

  119. niteowl says:

    Countdown to Lindsay meeting Big Martha at Linwood. OTFLMAO. 😀

  120. Guandalara says:

    Does that mean that Lindsay is a convicted felon?

  121. specialist says:

    The countdown to the media circus begins…

  122. Tyler says:

    Please judge, pretty please rethink and give her 2 years.

  123. Kiddo says:

    I totally blame Lindsay’s parents for her spiral down fall. They are unfit parents and I hope they do not have any other young ones or child services should step in and take them away from them.

  124. KitKat says:

    I would like to shake some sense into Lindsay Lohan and BEAT some sense into her parents, especially Dina the Rhino.

  125. Fright Time says:

    Lindsay has no clue. She s off to jail and she still takes it as a big joke and in her peanut mind she thinks she still has one over the court system. Get a brian sweetpea and an education while your at it.

  126. Mi Casa says:

    Who the hell cares???

  127. flowerbug222 says:

    Dina and Michael Lohan need to do HARD TIME for the way they raised Lindsay. End of story.

  128. iamwise says:

    Hey M. Hawke, Boo hoo to you, you sound like a celebrity parent yourself with no backbone. Lindsay is getting the backlash she deserves for FN around with the court system, our lives on the road and everything else. And by the way she is no damn child. she is a grown woman who wants to be a child when it’s convenient. I don’t like her arrogance and how she’s playing everyone. I hope this is her wake up call. So this is another one of the horrible comments you complained about and your point is what????????

  129. Rose says:

    I wish Lindsay the very best. I wish that she will get her act together and once again become productive like you said Allison.

  130. girlpower12 says:

    WHy do we cut short sentences and make them even shorter? 90 days is not a long time and she should serve the full time. I can understand cutting down 2 or 3 years for good behvior, but 90 days? Gimme a f**k*ng break! Let that punk serve the full damn time. With 23 days she already penciled in parties and clubbing on her calendar without missing a bit. I am SOOOOO ANGRY about how unfair this is.

  131. Juliana M. says:

    Well, well, well Lindsay is FINALLY in jail. I personally do not think thats where she belongs, rehab sounds more like the answer for her problem but I think it will do her good upon her release.

  132. Just So says:

    This is a JOKE! She is protected from being photographed or taped in handcuffs (Michael Jackson wasn’t). She is led to jail in a private car. She is going to serve only 23 days of her 90 day sentence and Judge Revel says she is not playing favorites? Judge Revel is starting to sound more like Judge REVERE as in revering Lindsay Lohan. This preferential treatment is what made Lindsay say F**CK the court in the first place. All of them make me sick. If I ever get into trouble I had better get the same damn treatment. **(#OP@U$&(&(()*$#.

  133. Makko says:

    If we have a probolem with overcrowding then don’t send people to jail for petty little crimes. Too many blacks are in jail for little things.

  134. C. Estevez says:

    What! What! What! Lindsay will only be spending thirteen days in jail. Is that all. Thats our legal celebrity system at work for us. I was hoping her parents go to jail with her.

  135. Alex P. says:

    I am really pissed. How is Lindsay going to learn anything about her dangerous behavior if all she gets is a slap on the wrist, lucrative endorsement, movie and clothing deals. The message is very clear to us ordinary folk. Being “regular” stinks.

  136. KC says:

    I saw Michael Lohan outside the court when Lindsay was going to jail where was that b**ch of a mother. I wish she had showed up to the court so the public could have stoned her.

  137. Dianna says:

    Is there any body out there who feels sympathy for Lindsay. She is sick and we need to support her not her drug habits but her. Lets give her love. She needs it now.

  138. Drucilla says:

    that lindsey jailhouse design is bitchin. the orange jumpsuit with the prison bars and paparatzi in the bushes had me lmao. love it ladies.

  139. Jim says:

    Lindsay was driven to jail in a fancy car and judge said no special treatment. Come again?

  140. Pelease says:

    Lindsay needs serious therapy. My prayers go out to her and her misguided family that they may find redemption in the forgiving love Jesus Christ. Only then will they realize the things of the world that they pursue are fleeting and only then will they find peace.

  141. Chaise L. says:

    I think Lindsay Lohan will get out of jail a more angry person that before. She has NO CLUE why she is going to jail and will come out still clueless. She has no idea WHAT she has done wrong and will come out more angry, so being clueless is what Lindsay is, STUPID.

  142. Edge of Light says:

    I will bet any one out there that if Dina given the chance she would happily impersonate Lindsay for a moment in the spotlight. It’s scary how much they look like each other. She could easily do it. Well, She has her chance now. So watch out for Dina/Lindsay on the Sunset strip over the next couple a weeks. lol.

  143. Turnaround says:

    I feel so sorry for Lindsay. She will never get better with all those enablers around her. Judge Revel should send those people including her parents to prison and not jail.

  144. Watchthis says:

    There is a court system in place for the poor, one for the middle class and another one for the rich and famous. Guess which one does Lindsay belong to. Sure right. Judge said no preferential treatment, I wonder what she got today.

  145. J. Handy says:

    Michael Lohan is a real hypocrite but was there when Lindsay was hauled off to jail today. Dina was a no show and she should have been there because she is the real culprit in Lindsay demise.

  146. Bucky B. says:

    Lindsay looked cute but scared going to jail. I would be scared too. I do not think thats the place for her but definitely for her parents. They are the ones who made her think and feel indispensable, they gave her no guidelines and no responsibility for her actions. They are clearly afraid of her. Alison you are right when the child is the bread winner fear of losing all sets in. I love the blog. Keep up the good work.

  147. Zircle says:

    I like the blog. Allison I agree with you about Lindsay. I have heard about the Caribbean upbringing and I agree with you that she should be Caribbeanized. By the way I think people from the Caribbean are very nice people, you and your sister are perfect examples of that.

  148. IntimacyForever says:

    When are we going to say enough to the Courts that allow celebrities, politicians and executives to dictate their sentence, surrender to police etc. etc. the same court system that puts away young black men for simply breathing. This is getting so tiresome now I think I’ll get into showbusiness, stop tanning so I can appear as white as possible, just in case.

  149. Duke says:

    that double standard is starting to wear thin.

  150. StudPrince says:

    Lindsay will learn nothing from this other than crime pays. When she gets out she will make $$$ to tell her story and ham it up for the camera and start it all over again because I think she gets a sick pleasure from this negative attention. I wish I could SLAP some F*N sense into that b*tch.

  151. Wellness says:

    WHITE TRASH of the worse kind. At least she is not free for another 90 days to drive under the influence and possible kill someone.

  152. Foxy says:

    Shapiro is a scumbag that got free publicity for his drug facility and bailed on Lindsay. I never liked that wanna be lawyer anyways.

  153. RedHead says:

    We build these morons up to tear them down. We are to be blamed for the LIndsays of the world…but the parents? That’s another story, they are scum.

  154. Mimeo says:

    We create these monsters so we have to live with them. Stop idolizing these assholes and teach your children who the real role models are.

  155. Vicky says:

    Jail is just a teeny weensy setback for Lindsay’s social calendar. ATTENTION ALL CLUBOWNERS. She’s only taking a vacation from partying for a brief three weeks. Look at her calendar, I bet she allredy has parties set up in her schedule 23 days from today.

  156. make nice says:

    average joe blow would have the book thrown at him. this is really wrong.

  157. McDaddy says:

    She thinks she’s above the law. she has had no structure all her life and has done what she wants, when she wants and has given the legal system the middle finger. Remember Judge? The sheriff can override the judge’s sentence? Come on. She needs to serve her 90 days. In fact, she needs to serve at least 1 year.

  158. Cassy says:

    When will Lindsay get the punishment she deserves, when she kills someone under the influence?

  159. C. Biddingeri says:

    The papparrazzi are making people do crazy things to extend their 15 minutes of fame. Look at our “stars” these days – Snooky and the Situation? PELEASE!. Bad behavior pays, people pulling people’s wigs and weaves on tV to be on the news. We need to boycott these shows and these immoral people so we can bring our society back to civilization. WE ARE HEADING FOR DISASTER.

  160. Don says:

    To Friends of Lindsay, Poor baby my club foot! She is a damn grown ass woman who is busy doing damn grown ass things and then she wants to cry boo hoo I’m a poor little baby. Its people like you and Dina that wantto be your childrens friend and don’t want the responsibility of real parenting.

  161. steptoit says:

    i hope jail reduces her arrogance.

  162. JDH says:

    You do NOT put an addict in jail, you put them in a mental facility to detox.

  163. PlusOne says:

    Lindsay is going to die if she doesn’t get the help she needs. Plain and simple. She’s going to die.

  164. Carrie Johnson says:

    Camping is all about roughing it, so let’s just say Lindsey is going to summer camp for three weeks.

  165. Jacintha says:

    Lynwood is the same place that little thief from “Pretty Wild” is serving her jail time. The funny thing is she’s in Jail because she and her little gang robbed LINDSAY’S HOME and other celebrities like Orlando Bloom, Paris Hilton. Don’t you love this story! I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when Lindsay and Little Miss Pretty bump into each other. Wouldn’t it be funny if she’s wearing one of Lindsay’s jewelry? Cat fight anyone? Or romance?? Watch out Samantha. 😀

  166. Daddio says:

    If there’s over crowding they need to let out a few of the black and latino inmates that are in there for well just being black and latino, now that would open up some space for lindsey and all her freakin hair.

  167. Lori B. says:

    la vida lohan need to take off the blinders and smell the addiction, arrogance and entitlement.

  168. cupcake says:


  169. Eric says:

    I wish someone could get a picture of her peeing on the toilet or doing a #2. LOL.

  170. dweezil says:

    at some point in our lives we have to take responsibility for our actions and lindsay is no different than anyone of us.

  171. cindy says:

    I hope she gets the help she very badly needs it.

  172. Gia says:

    this would not get so far if Lindsay had only called a cab when she was partying drunk. she should not be drinking in the first place, but if she wants to drink she needs to not drive drunk. that’s vehicular homicide waiting to happen and I hope she hits a post or a parked car and not a human being.

  173. xman says:

    Lindsay is writing in jail? Besides F and U what else is in her vocabulary worthy of any attention by those with even half a brain?

  174. soso says:

    This is such a sad situation. Lindsay was one of the most naturally beautiful starlets in Hollywood, today she is a bloated hot mess. I pray she gets her act together.

  175. chiclets says:

    She went kicking and screaming to jail and rehab but heopefully she’ll “get it” while she’s away from her normal toxic environment. She should be weaned from her parents too while she’s at it.

  176. Purrfect says:

    At least at this stage Lindsay doesn’t want help or to change or to get “better” she just wants to be left the hell alone to party until SHE says enough is enough and it’s not going to happen one minute sooner.

  177. grinningbear says:

    Most relatives and friends have to sweat it out at Lynwood for hours unsure as to whether they can see their imprisoned loved ones. Sometimes you can go there every weekend and not get a chance to visit because of the number of people waiting like you. Yet Lindsay had a number of visits from her family without any hassle. I’m sure they didn’t have to wait in a crowded room like the rest of us. How is this fair? The message being sent here is disgusting and makes me sick to my stomach.

  178. mimi says:

    Lindsay Lohan needs to experience a freaky friday with some mean girls at Lynwood so she can be scared straight. Then she should set the parent trap to get rid of Dina and Michael when she gets outta jail.

  179. Wade Paletta says:

    this whole thing is a joke but i’m certainly not laughing.

  180. natasha says:

    I can believe LIndsay suffers from bipolar disorder. That explains a lot of her bizarre behavior. But what does Dina suffer from is my question.

  181. Nikki says:

    I’m just praying for Lindsay.

  182. headcase says:

    Whatever happened to Paris Hilton, she doesn’t seem to crave the spotlight since she went to jail. Maybe that will happen for Lindsay, we can only hope.

  183. manny says:

    If I don’t hear another word about Lindsay Lohan it won’t be soon enough.

  184. alabama says:

    Go away little girl.

  185. joey25 says:

    If we don’t start making these morons accountable for their actions we are going to lose our kids to more and more immoral beahavior. Believe it or not, these are our children’s role models and they think it’s ok to get on like that. Look at Fishburne’s daughter wanting to be like nasty Kim Kadashian. What are we coming to as a country, as a society?

  186. somethingnice says:

    People like Lindsay have no substance and that’s pathetic for someone 25 years old.

  187. Magic says:

    When Lindsay says being in rehab for 90 days is too long then she’s obviously not prepared to get well. Oh I forgot, she said she didn’t have a substance abuse problem so in that case 90 days is really too long. :-)

  188. Mack says:

    why oh why is this person getting such preferential treatment, she’s not even A list celebrity.

  189. ballotman says:

    So who’s footing the bill for Lilo’s rehab vacation. I hope it’s not the taxpayers.

  190. Vadim T. says:

    She’ll get out of rehab and the circus will begin all over again because what can they do to her after that?

  191. Kinder X. says:

    Hollywood is now lining up the block for Lindsay’s next best selling novel she ‘wrote’ – heh heh – while in the pen. Bad behavior sells so why are we acting so surprised that our kids are acting out. We haven’t seen the worst yet, unfortunately.

  192. safetynet says:

    with all the priviledges lindsey had in jail i know it was not a wake up call for her.

  193. Felipe says:

    I don’t think jail did anything for LIndsay. She’ll be back to her old entitlement tricks again before you know it.

  194. timeaftertime says:

    how can you get sober if you don’t think you have a problem?

  195. CityGirl says:

    People keep saying Lindsay Lohan is rich – excuse me? She hasn’t had meaningful employment in a long long time.

  196. fanity says:

    I never thought I would say this and slap me so I don’t say it again but Michael Lohan is looking more and more like the better parent. Shoot me.

  197. Wifi says:

    Hey since it’s a court ordered rehab I hope the State of California doesn’t have to pay that huge bill. Dina should don a waitress outfit and work for once to pay that bill or she and Michael can put on their clown outfits and do the Sunset strip for tips.

  198. Alicyia says:

    It’s very sad what’s happened to Lindsey but she has to take responsibility. Hopefully she will take this time in rehab to reflect and take stock of her life and see that if she doesnt’ stop she will end up in a body bag.

  199. pretty please says:

    Hollywood is the devil’s playground, we need some decent Christians taking over the reigns in that cesspool. Sex addiction is the new infidelity and bipolar is the new substance abuser’s excuse. That’s a slap in the face for people who really suffer from these problems. Lindsay for one needs a good washing with holy water. Dina too. And let’s not forget Michael.

  200. B. Meira says:

    On one hand I sympathize with Lohan, but on the other hand I really don’t like her and what she represents for our kids.

  201. JC says:

    Michael Lohan wrote a song for Lindsay. Nice, but I think it’s more about him and staying in the spotlight than wanting to reconnect with his daughter. He doesn’t fool me one bit.

  202. summertime says:

    Why didn’t they suspend her license a long time ago?

  203. YuckYuck says:

    Johnnie Cochran would turn in his grave knowing Shawn Chapman Holley is still fawning over Lindsay Lohan. I had respect for her when she quit but she went back and is boasting that in jail Lindsay is gorgeous, writing alot and creating art. Say what??

  204. singingbee says:

    She’s an addict people and that’s what addicts do – they deny until they hit rock bottom. She has to hit HER rock bottom before she realizes that indeed she is in serious trouble.

  205. Roscoe says:

    I agree. Dina needs to parent not compete.

  206. Ralph says:

    I love this jailhouse rock picture of LIndsay. You have the best animation, you guys rock.

  207. yessiree says:

    Don’t like her.

  208. Ron Depauw says:

    Lindsay rocks. Big fan.

  209. Hortense Vento says:

    Lohan’s mother Dina and sister Ali visited her at the Lynwood jail on a weekday, despite the fact that other inmates have to wait until the weekend for visitors.

  210. sonicboom says:

    I love your son’s video Brat Girls doing the Lindsay, Paris and Nicole parody. That’s the kind of message our young girls and boys need to hear more of. Congratulations. Your blog is good too.

  211. architect says:

    why is this woman even newsworthy? what does she add to life as we know it other than pathetic entertainment for losers that thrive on celebrities downfall.

  212. carl says:

    Allison your mugshot of Lindsay puts the real thing to shame. Yours rocks!!

  213. simeon says:

    Lindsay needs prayer and Jesus. I for one am praying for her.

  214. Isaac Moresco says:

    as long as the public supports the tabloids there will be many more lindseys.

  215. Risky Business says:

    If I ever get into trouble I’ll ask the judge to order me up a Lindsay Lohan or Khloe Kardashian special. We should ALL do that.

  216. susan k. says:

    Can Lindsay get any more famous after this? Maybe a sex tape is in the works? That always seems to do the trick.

  217. Audrea Beacom says:

    Why did you remove my post… My post was actually useful unlike most of these comments.

  218. LeeAnne P. says:

    I read somewhere that Lindsay was allowed to keep her long blond hair extensions because they were “sewn into her scalp or bonded.” and get this, the sheriff’s department said it would be like a surgical procedure to remove them.” I have never heard of anyone having a surgical procedure to remove hair extensions. NEVER! I hope the media lets us know when she goes into the hospital for that operation. And BTW, how does she wash that hair. This is such hogwash I feel stupid even commenting on it but it was too good not to pass on. What are your thoughts Allison?

  219. mi casa says:

    We are to blame for making this chick do more outrageous things. Just like Lady CaCa she is going overboard to outdo herself. Everyone is fighting to be first in line to shock. We pay attention. We talk and blog about it 24/7, no wonder things are getting out of hand. Am I the only one sick and tired of this sh*t? Allison, I read your blog because it seemed a bit different, and it is, but I just say enough already.

  220. switcheroo says:

    The doctors in Hollywood need to be closely scrutinized. Why does Lindsay have so many prescription drugs? We have seen enough celebs succumb to these prescribed medications and no one appears to be taking this dangerous practice seriously.

  221. Bobby C. says:

    You are right on Allison. The media is mostly to blame for giving Lindsay so much air time and press. If they would stop giving her coverage she would just fade away. Guaranteed!

  222. Roland Khu says:

    if you look up the word enabler in the dictionary i’m sure you’ll see dina lohan’s botoxed face right next to it. the more i see that witch on television the more i’m convinced this woman doesn’t have a clue or care about the seriousness of lindsay’s problems or anything. i wish there was a way that she could be incarcerated herself for something or force her to get counseling. this woman is bad news and should never be allowed to reproduce again.

  223. Darnell Kopatz says:

    Great post Allison.

  224. Jim Rebuldela says:

    Hiya guys, I am so over Lindsay Lohan, I just don’t want to read another word about her and media hungry family but I wanted to say I just love this picture of Lindsay. I love all of your pictures on this blog. Keep up the good work.

  225. Gaston says:

    going to New York will not do anything, your problems follow you where ever you go.

  226. Z. Ineson says:

    i pray for lindsay every day that’s whatt she needs prayers.

  227. TMP says:

    Does this moron have to kill someone for her lawyer, parents and enablers get it?

  228. Danika says:

    This is my very first time i visit right here. I found so numerous interesting stuff inside your blog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment right here! maintain up the great work.

  229. Carmelita says:

    Dina is a publicity hound who just wants to promote herself at her daughter’s expense. She does not seem to see the damage she does to her daughter’s professional image and reputation. The same goes for that jerk Michael.

  230. Andea M. says:

    Hi, Keep up the good work its nice to see a blog that stands out from the rest, this was a very interesting read and as now been added to my favourites!! all the posts are fun to read.

  231. Milton Mainey says:

    Allison, thank you for your compassion and heart. That’s really what Lindsay needs not all the attack from all sides.

  232. Taranto says:

    This was really interesting. I loved reading it

  233. Erica says:

    don’t like her neither her mother neither her father none of them.

  234. Jon McV says:

    Great post. I like your style of opinion and compassion and Can’t wait to read your next ones :)

  235. Elroy says:

    Doesn’t anyone care about this girl?

  236. lamplight says:

    Hi,nice post allison.

  237. Harris H. says:

    i could write a whole page about this lindsay fiasco but i’ll just say hmmm :-(

  238. Hermina says:


  239. Blink192 says:

    Lindsay is released from rehab. No wonder our country is going to the dogs. Our court system is a mockery to justice.

  240. Stephani Jurik says:

    Hey can I quote some of the material from this post if I link back to you?

  241. caren7diets says:

    I wants to thank you with the endeavors you have produced in publishing this post.

  242. Paul The Donut Guy says:

    Anyone who is naive sufficient to believe the law is equal – is additionally an idiot. Paris Hilton, despite being an idiot, is sensible sufficient to grasp that her economic scenario precludes her from the law. The law is for the poor and working poor/center class; to enslave us to the wealthy. Paris Hilton can get off or escape with a slap on the wrist yet again.

  243. vibrator says:

    how can any mother be so unaware of her own child’s problems. how can anyone not have a clue about how the public feels about her and her child.

  244. insanity workout says:

    I’m sure happy you dig right into the very center of what continues to be gnawing us about Lindsay. Dina.

  245. Krasner W. says:

    You write some great blogs. I like how you support Lindsay. She is an addict and needs friends and understanding not bashing.

  246. joy.pamj says:

    If they let TI and Tameka do any jail time for drug possession then it is clear that there is a different judgment for blacks and whites even with celebrities. Paris and Lindsay get off all the time for drugs and related offences.

  247. Showman97 says:

    Throw Dina in jail and give me the key.

  248. Kaci says:

    Where did Lindsay get those trout lips from? I think she’s a natural beauty and looked best when she didn’t puff up her lips and had that beautiful red hair.

  249. tanisha says:

    I Too Like the Blog here. Keep up all the work. I too love to blog. This is great everyone sharing opinions :)

  250. Qiana says:

    Johnny Cochran would be so disappointed in Shawn Chapman.

  251. Risky Biz says:

    @ Kaci it is very difficult for some to look the way they want. Obviously Lindsay has body image issues. Nobody should judge other peoples decisions.

  252. Felicia says:

    Dina Lohan is disappointed in every one under the sun but the biggest disappointment is right under her nose and right in her mirror.

  253. DinaIsDumb says:

    There is no comparison between Snooki and Lindsay Lohan. Snooki is lovable and Lindsay is well…trash y’all.

  254. roderick says:

    It’s his courtroom, the judge can say whatever he wants and if he wants to call lindsay and snooki a skank then I say right on brother!

  255. Pablo says:

    I think snooki is a stinking drunk just like lindsay but the judge was out of line to compare snooki to lindsay.

  256. Richard says:

    Dina do us a favor and just keep your mouth wired shut.

  257. Lesslie says:

    Dina, the judge is wrong? WHAT A CROCK OF S-H-I-T-!!!!!

  258. powertalk says:

    everybody saying the judge was disrespectful to snooki and lindsay but when lindsay put FU on her fingernail and walked in late she did not disrespect the court?

  259. Sandra Lord: Co-Founder of this Blog Site says:

    Allison, I have looked at the comments here and I must say you don’t seem to have much support for Lindsay on this post. Like many people commenting here, I don’t like her attitude and I don’t like the carte blanche she’s been given by the legal system to do as she pleases. She has pretty much thumbed her nose and given the proverbial finger to the courts, police, etc. She and Paris have gotten away with too much without repercussions. Lindsay has said she wanted to be like Britney Spears and look how that has turned out. Unfortunately, there are others who now want to be like Lindsay who wanted to be like Britney who probably wanted to be like Paris. None of it is good. I agree with you that there must definitely be some personal trauma over which Lindsay seems to need to medicate and numb herself, and for that I sympathize. Otherwise, I think I’ve had enough of her. Lindsay alone can decide if she wants to wallow in the mess of addiction or seek a more healthy life in sobriety. On the other hand, I have NO words to describe the disgust I feel for Dina. Funny enough, regardless of his motives, I have tolerance for Michael Lohan. At least his head is not up in the clouds. At the end of the day, I am curious to see what will happen to TI and his wife having been caught with drugs and see if celebrity justice applies to them as well.

  260. phil gilbert says:

    both snooki and lindsay are bad role models and they should not get any more media coverage. that’s whats making them do these crazy ass things.

  261. justin says:

    What exactly did you mean in the second sentance?

  262. Lorenza says:

    I think the comments by the judge warning Snooki about Lindsay were inappropriate and unprofessional. He just wanted attention like every media whore out there wanting to be famous. Snooki is NOTHING like Lilo. She should sue this judge just for the insult. At least Snooki took responsibility for her actions, pled guilty, took the punishment without pointing FU at the judge or throwing a temper tantrum and apologized to everyone who was affected or hurt by her behavior.

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