Jesse the Tiger – Allison’s Post

By ALLISON LORD – Caribbean

I can see it now, Tiger Woods ringing Jesse James’ doorbell. Jesse opens the door, Tiger stands there with a big smile on his face, hands Jesse a helium balloon and a big card attached that reads simply, ‘You just saved my ass. ‘Here’s the torch Jesse, thank you.’

Yes people, as we all know, actress Sandra Bullock got blind sided by the actions of her cheating, disrespectful husband, Jesse James. Sadly, Sandra had blinders on, looking straight ahead because she so trusted her husband. The other jackass in this story, Tiger Woods, shot a tee right between the eyes of his wife Elin, who by the way, is also the mother of his two kids. Umhmmm! Nasty.

One can only imagine the many more men, celebrity and non-celebrity, who are shaking in their boots, terrified about their extra marital affairs. Those who are not in the public eye are thankful, but I can assure you, they are all going through their own living hell right now.

The sad thing about it all is the media jokers who take pleasure in blasting these sordid affairs all over the air waves under the guise of ‘the public has the right to know the facts,’ ‘it’s all in reporting the facts,’ zoot, zoot, zoot.

My question is, facts from whose perspective? Who are their legit sources? Who really wants to know?

What’s even sadder is when they really want to juice it up, knowing that their report is mostly untrue and full of bull, they tag on the word ‘allegedly’ every fifteen seconds, enabling them to sell a pack of lies to a public that feeds on gossip and people’s misfortune. As they continue with the charade of ‘reporting the news,’ these media jokers further exploit the women affected by their husbands’ affairs, by pretending to empathize with the raw emotion they obviously are feeling.

If you take a good look at the reporters – male or female – delivering news of the infidelity scandals, you will no doubt notice their affected expressions when they dive into the stories. As they talk out of both corners of their mouths, they try to blame every one but themselves for the pain and suffering caused to the ‘sweet’ human beings they skewer over the coals at every news broadcast, day in and day out. If those despicable reporters would only close the door to the bedroom of all the couples going through their turmoil and let them deal with those matters in private!

But no, members of the media rush to get low class individuals, aka “the cheaters” on their shows. They make sure celebrity ambulance-chasing attorneys are standing by their call-girl clients who can give them the scoop, as they shed crocodile tears in what looks like rehearsed remorse. I can virtually hear the “CH-CHING, sound of a cash machine, with every fake tear that rolls down the dirty cheeks of these home wreckers – all in return for a prolonged fifteen minutes of fame and a few tabloid dollars that promise a life in the easy lane.

Years ago people used to feel embarrassed by scandals of infidelity. The “other” man or woman who encroached on the marriage or relationship would be hiding in shame. Not anymore.  With unprincipled attorneys pulling money under the table from guilt-ridden parties, in exchange for silence from their clients, and with the media glorifying these scandals 24/7, it is a feather in the cap to have an affair and more feathers if it is with a celebrity. That’s big bucks these days.

Have we become so hardened and callous that we have forgotten the victims are human beings who do have hearts? Does the human suffering mean nothing to anyone anymore?

My heart bleeds for the fun loving Sandra Bullock, America’s Sweetheart. At a time when she should be in the spotlight basking in the afterglow of her Oscar win, she is in hiding, utterly humiliated by the awkward circumstance in which her husband, Jesse James has placed her. Her image is plastered all over the world in a disgusting situation that evokes unwelcomed pity. And for a strong, vibrant, proud, confident loving woman as Sandra Bullock, this is truly unfortunate, for she did not sign up for any of it. To our knowledge, she has done nothing wrong, yet every word she’s uttered in the past on love, marriage, relationships, and fidelity has been unearthed, dissected, discussed and broadcast relentlessly.

If Jesse, who is ‘not all that’ can betray someone like Sandra, who completely trusted him, then who can anyone trust?

Unfortunately, there are many more of the Jesse James and Tiger Woods types out there. No doubt they’re nervous; but by the time the next few are ‘outed’ by a scorned, fame-seeking or money hungry lover, and Jesse is ready to pass on the philanderer torch, this kind of behavior will probably be the norm and no longer have a stigma attached. What a sad commentary on where we as a society are headed!

174 Responses to “Jesse the Tiger – Allison’s Post”

  1. Barbara B says:

    Sandra Bullock is America’s sweetheart and she will get over that loser. This too shall pass.

  2. H.E. Countess Karen Cantrell says:

    You are the best!

  3. Eddie says:

    Jesse is worse scum.

  4. Eddie says:

    Tiger is scum.

  5. Richard says:

    FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY. Cartoon is hilarious.

  6. Barbwire says:

    I see some of the ambulance chasing attorneys you are talking about on TV everyday. That kind of ‘legal’ blackmail against celebrities and prostitution of women should be outlawed.

  7. Sandy McCullum says:

    Am I the only one that finds it funny that Jesse hasn’t signed up for sex rehab like Tiger and all those cheating bastards who go after the flea infested alley cats while their beautiful trusting wives stay at home? It’s coming. Just you wait.

  8. Mark Levin says:

    If paparazzi trash like TMZ, Showbiz Tonight, Extra, and The Insider etc. would leave people like Sandra and Jesse and Tiger and Elin alone, their marriages would stand a better chance. Celebrities should all boycott those half ass shows. None is better than the other.

  9. Bobcat says:

    I heard a cop pulled Jesse over and he let him go because Jesse was crying about his troubles. Would that happen to any of us? HELL NO!!! What a scheming cheating manipulator!

  10. Taneika says:

    Just another two dickheads who think with their penises instead of their brains.

  11. Gale M. says:

    Sandra filed for divorce. Best news I’ve heard all day. I would give her another Academy award just for that.

  12. Cathy B. says:

    I don’t believe in divorce, but how can you trust someone after such a betrayal and public humiliation.

  13. James D. says:

    Divorce is not the answer. They should work it out especially for the kid. The media needs to butt out.

  14. Misty says:

    Allison I must say you were spot on with your article. The only thing you did not talk about was your thought to a pending divorce for Sandra and Jesse and now it is splattered all over the net. Did you think it was going to head that way?

  15. M. Martinez says:

    Hey, Jesse was a lowdown dirty scoundrel when Sandra met him and she should not be surprised. She married a bad boy and that’s what you get. Sorry Sandra. I’m a fan but as we all know most times a leopard can’t change it’s spots.

  16. helena says:

    Ba-Bye Jesse. Time to go. Sandra, stay strong.

  17. Frank says:

    Sandra knew that Jesse was a piece of shit before she married him. Sometimes we see nice ladies and think they are all that but most of them like the low life scum of bad boys. Having said that the media is scum just like them. Remember the guy who used to be on Insider and had to go to rehab? I cannot recall him telling the world that he was a drunk nor any of his cohorts reporting that to us. What’s his name again?

  18. Gloria says:

    It is with great shame that I have the same name as that low life scum attorney Gloria. I used to have such respect for her in the past but now I see, she is the same trash as her trashy clients. Gloria we are sick of seeing your ugly ass face all over the place. Chill and act your age.

  19. GloriaBT says:

    Family, friends, someone, anyone, , please pull Gloria Allred aside and tell her that she is sickening just like the ugly b… Nancy Grace. Gloria I have had enough of you, do us all a favor stay off TV.

  20. Martin Zwebe says:

    What I keep hearing in my head that makes me really really hurt for Sandra Bullock is that in almost every interview she would rave about this pig saying that this is the only person who had her back. She really believed that, but what a knife that was placed in it. Jesse makes all us men look bad.

  21. Zakara says:

    I didn’t get it when I heard they were dating and was even more shocked when I heard she was marrying him. It was an odd fit – she classy woman and him, well a dirtbag. Looks like I was right. What an idiot!

  22. DudeMan says:

    Why do women think that they can change men. Note to all women out there, take example from this situation. Once a cheater, always a cheater. No exceptions. And one more thing, you cannot change a man especially after marriage.

  23. Jessica Weinter says:

    Jesse James is taking a beating which he deserves because he is after all a married man, but most of you here are being a bit unfair. Sandra Bullock knew who and what she was getting involved with when she decided to date and marry this man. When you are covered up in tatoos like that, when you are married to a porn star, etc., your tastes are not going to change overnight. There had to have been signs but most women choose to conveniently not see the writing on the wall. I’m sure now when she thinks about it all the dots will connect. Believe me, I’ve been there.

  24. NikeCity says:

    Jesse should have kept his “monster” in his garage. Tiger should have stuck to “putting” his clubs on the course not in ter course.

  25. V.C. The Observer says:

    Ah the power of reality TV. Sandra’s Oscar has taken a backseat to a scandal in which she is neither the writer, director, producer or actor, but she’s definitely the biggest reality star in the highest rated unscripted drama the year. And we thought reality tv was on its way out????

  26. Morals Anyone? says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this article and cartoon. You hit a home run with this one Allison. Yessiree, the only winner here is Tiger Woods. Jesse is taking the heat off of him and for that Tiger owes him big time! One more check to write, Tiger. lol.

  27. Karma Conscious says:

    Rihanna laughed at Britney Spears at the American Music Awards during Britney’s dark days, but RiRi did not know that soon she herself would be splashed all over the tabloids in her own scandal. Same for Sandra who talked about Elin Nordegren, Tiger’s wife. No one knows when they could be tabloid fodder. That’s why we have to be compassionate towards people who are going through difficult times especially those in the spotlight.

  28. Angela W. says:

    I just read in an earlier post on this blog where someone said they found it strange Jesse had not yet claimed “sexual addiction.” Well, he did today. Is anyone surprised? That’s the new “my dog ate my homework” excuse for cheaters caught with their pants down.

  29. ironman says:

    sex addiction is the new cool. i wonder if it will work for me.

  30. Sarah S. says:

    As if it couldn’t get any worse, Jesse posed for pictures in Nazi hat and giving the Hitler salute? Here is a man who has displayed stupidity of magnitude proportions and should be shunned for that alone. Idiot.

  31. Larry J says:

    he looks like one of those skinheads to me with the hair and beard as a disguise. yuck.

  32. Shakeera says:

    I hope Sandra and Elin get fumigated from those flea infested dogs.

  33. DeliciousMe says:

    Jesse and Sandra are back together. they are going for counseling and want to have a baby. Tiger just announced he’s off women and has been sending lots of texts to Ricky Martin. Just kiddin y’all. April fools. lol.

  34. Hector R. says:

    sandra, come to me, baby. treat u like a queen.

  35. Avgusta says:

    As an artist I can appreciate your caricatures. They are funny and make your blog fun to read. I really like this one. Great job.

  36. Anonymous Observer says:

    What’s the deal with this Dr. Drew? He keeps talking about celebrities and their so called sex addiction when he is not treating them. Who is he to tell Sandra Bullock she is addicted to Jesse and should divorce him to save herself? Isn’t there some law against that?

  37. Cassandra G. says:

    I’m hearing a rumor that Sandra may go to rehab counseling with Jesse. I hope it’s one of those April Fool’s tricks. I hope she doesn’t go back to him.

  38. Alfredo E. says:

    how much u think a picture of sandra is worth right now? i bet millions. better get my camera out and go to the hollywood hills.

  39. Damian Johnson says:

    she’s america’s sweetheart and all but sandra could be a cold fish. can u blame a man then? nobody knows what the real story is.

  40. Cinderella Reality says:

    Warning to all celebrities – DO NOT BOAST ABOUT YOUR HUSBAND OR RELATIONSHIP to the press. I’m sure Sandra is feeling stupid and regretting it right now, but she can take consolation that Jesse is the most hated man in America right now. Her sincere words just show the world how much of a scumbag Jesee is.We despise that arrogant bastard. F*ing idiot. Bozo. Fugly Ass&%$#. Tiger is no exception. Dweeb. STD scavenger. Bow legged bullfrog. Dumb and Dumber.

  41. Mo says:

    If women would choose not have affairs with married men, I wonder who those men would cheat with. Oh, no! Can you picture this, Tiger and Jesse, ha! Now thats a Kodak picture. If you cant get a woman take a man.

  42. Rob says:

    Why are we so down on Jesse James, Tiger Woods, John Edwards, David Letterman, David Duchovny, and Eric Bennet. What do they all have in common? I envy them. Those are the bad boys who love to embarrass good women, their wives, women love. I wish one of them would write a book to tell us guys how to do what they do. Hey, I want to get my five minute of fame, too.

  43. Jose says:

    Mucho Gracias My Canddid opinion I love your blog. We needed it a long time ago. Love the opinions.

  44. Aaliah says:

    My prayers go out to Sandra and Elin.

  45. Maddie O. says:

    Jesse, Tiger, Eric Benet, David Letterman, David Duchovny and the band of other ‘alleged’ :-) philanderers give love, marriage and men a bad name. They should all be taken to a deserted island and let’s see how much of a sexual addiction they really have. Cop out little boys trying to be men.

  46. Beverly Hills says:

    Thank you for this blog. Some of the comments are dead on but all are interesting. Keep up the good work.

  47. Gustavo Torres says:

    Dumb and Dumberrrrr. I wonder which one is dumb and which is dumber?
    Clearly those low life losers did not have role models in their lives OR they did not see the men in their lives do right by their mothers OR the mothers have to be blamed for their indiscretions. Either way they are scum. I love my wife and I respect her even more. Lack of respect for themselves and their wives is key. I say dump all those losers.

  48. Jeanne says:

    they’re both dumb and dumber. lol.

  49. Harve says:

    Can I be a blogger too. Luv it. I think a male spanish will be great for you.

  50. Jamie Soxx says:

    There was a man named Jesse
    Who like just too much p**sy
    He cheated on his wife
    Back stabbed her with a knife
    And now he’s going looney.

  51. Eddie says:

    I like your poem Jamie Soxx, but there are some very different words I would have for Jesse, but I know I can’t write here. I can only call Jesse and Tiger scum and worse scum.

  52. Sandy McCullum says:

    Well, I called it here first. Three days ago I said Jesse the coward was going to blame sex addition and sign up for rehab. Now everybody is saying it. I should be writing for this blog.

  53. Sandra G. says:

    Even if it is for bad behavior, these cheaters love to make the headlines. When you are in the public eye and you cheat it is obvious you want to get caught. In my opinion it is the “redemption process” that these a-holes look forward to. They misbehave, and still in the public eye, they keep a celebrity status since every TV channel we tune on or every magazine we browse through talks about them… Sickening! Then, the redemption process starts where these jerks go into some type of rehab, like sexual rehab, where I guess they tie their penises to their pants and bow to never again lay with nobody else other than their spouses. They come out of the rehab as “born again monogamist” with a halo shining up their behinds and end up as public speakers against infidelity at your nearest high school.

  54. Clayton S. says:

    I am so over hearing all this BS about sex addiction. They cheat like so called macho men and cry like freakin hoo frickity hoo…Sex addict my a**. Its called self control and self respect.

  55. Leslie M. says:

    Am I the only one who’s sick and tired of GLORIA ALLRED? Before any celebrity misstep hits the news she’s right there circling to get a good feeding from the carcass. What a sad excuse for an attorney. She should be your next media jerk.

    • Carole Miller says:

      Gloria Allred is the lowest of the low. She says she fights for the rights of women, but have you ever seen her take a case that does not involve a celebrity, $ and the media?

  56. Monica Trucker says:

    Can’t Sandra and Elin sue these trollops for alienation of affection? I think there are laws that allow the wife to sue the mistresses for stealing their husbands.

  57. Melody Jackson says:

    The reality is women (and men) often find that they have so many other reasons to stay with a cheating spouse that they often don’t leave the first time they find out (even if it was a bunch of women). Clinton? Other politicians? Marriage is not just about sex for many people. How many people do you know that left after the first time they found out their spouse was cheating? How many stayed–at least for a while?

    Everyone seems to think it is a simple decision to leave… and logically it should be…. But the way human beings are built emotionally, for most people it is not as simple as flipping a switch and saying “goodbye, it’s over.”

    You may think it would be that simple… but there is usually far more emotional entwinement and there’s a lot more to it than just the sex component. I think it is good to give Sandra Bullock (and Elin) the space to do what is right for her. And what that is, we shall see.

  58. C. Young says:

    No woman steals another woman’s husband or man, idiot. Let’s get that clear. Men stray because they want to stray. Did you hear anything about a gun being put to Tiger or Jesse’s head to have sex with these women? I didn’t think so.

    • Monica Trucker says:

      Talking from experience dumbo? Some men have no intention to cheat but can be tempted to do so. Obviously that’s not your excuse.

  59. LOL says:

    Jesse looks like Glenn Beck.

  60. Sandra says:

    Don’t like Tiger one bit, but how can his teacher say he’s lying about his experience as a child? She wasn’t there. Even an old broad is trying to cash in on Tiger’s troubles. Oh, but what am I thinking, her attorney is Gloria Allgreed.

  61. Max says:

    Gloria Allgreed? That’s a good one. I agree with you that this new one with the old lady pushed the envelope. The teacher says “I don’t believe it happened,” but she doesn’t say emphatically “It didn’t happen” which means she cannot prove it didn’t happen. I guess everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

  62. Tammy says:

    Opposites attract? Trash is trash. Class is class.

  63. Eternal Optimist says:

    The media should just leave these people alone to heal and work it out.

  64. Anonymous Observer says:

    Came across this comment elsewhere and thought you ladies at My Candid Opinion (and your readers) would appreciate it. Pretty funny.

    ‘Jessie James is being treated for “Testicularis Stupidosis” : PDR -“An uncommon condition contracted by men who have beautifully attractive, rich wives who then experience a compulsion to pursue, wallow and rut with trashy females.” Condition can be very difficult and costly to treat especially when parasites appear in the local environment in the form of trashy women or lawyers which exacerbate the condition. Usually divorce is resulting symptom accompanied by significant financial drain of the sufferer and public humiliation. Radical treatments have been attempted such as severe and brutal beatings, public humiliations and loss of commercial endorsements. Murder has been known to occur in the most extreme cases.’

  65. mytwocents says:

    I’m on the ‘Sandra divorce the loser and get on with your life’ bandwagon. Same for Elin. Get a clue from HALLE BERRY and wash your hands off of these losers.

  66. Tristan007 says:

    Look how happy Halle is right now. Eric Benet who? There’s life beyond this humiliation Sandra.

  67. Moonwalker says:

    Sandra must be feeling like an effin’ fool after giving her “expert opinion” on what Elin should’ve done with Tiger. :-( That’s what happens when you’re too engaged in others lives and not watching your own….THAT GOES FOR EVERYONE HERE WITH THEIR SELF RIGHTEOUS COMMENTS. Elin and Sandra have some advice for all of you – before you talk about the speck in Tiger and Jesse’s eyes, take the plank out of your own.”

  68. JustMoi says:

    Sex addiction is the new get out of jail free card and both Jesse and Tiger are playing big time. No more needs to be said about that. We all know it. Case closed.

  69. Ocean Breeze says:

    Wish everyone peace.

  70. Joyful says:

    Happy Easter All.

  71. Sunshine Sara says:

    Jesus died for us. Tiger, what has Budhha done for you? Jesse what has Hitler done for you? Jesus is the way to your redemption. The ultimate true love. The ultimate sacrifice. Have an affair with him. Happy Easter. Be blessed.

  72. Elene says:

    Caricatures are great. Frame them. pack them. Send to the Jerky Boys pronto.

  73. Peter Johns says:

    A whore totting woman feels slighted by the way the married man Tiger Woods told the whole world that he loves his wife. I wonder how she felt about the other married men she slept with, who had no fame and fortune who used her services then went back to their innocent unsuspecting wives (at home) waiting for their filthy husbands to come home to spread her disease. As for Jesse James I wonder what diseases he has rummaging through those dirty garbage bins. I hope they treat him for it in rehab.

  74. Sonia Lovell says:

    WTH!!! Dumbbbbbb Jesse!

  75. Chase Michaels says:

    Beautiful Caribbean queens. Are you and and your sister twins? Are you guys married? Keep the blog going. Caricatures are the bomb. You rock!

  76. Rose Barkley says:

    Gloria Allred, Joy Baher, Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell, etc. should all be in the media jerks column.

  77. Kashikah says:

    Those ambulance chasing attorneys you spoke of in your article sounds like Gloria Allred, why didn’t you just call her out. She is a scum bag and a th…t.
    Someone needs to uncover something about Gloria Allred so she can be quiet for a while.

  78. Bridget says:

    Did Gloria Allred’s husband leave her another women? She looks as though she has a vengeance against men.

  79. Sexy Fox says:

    My husband knew before we started dating how I felt about cheaters, so when we got married it was set in stone so when he cheated on me all he did was come home pack his bags and split. That was the end of that. I wonder if Sandra Bullock set any boundaries for Jesse before they got married, knowing what kind of person he was.

  80. Colin says:

    As a man I do not really feel sorry for Sandra, I think she knew what kind of possum Jesse was. I feel sorry for her for the way the media has crucified her all in the name of reporting. I think your article is dead on, I wish you had written more as I could not stop reading, it was very interesting. I like your blog. Keep up the good work sisters. I will be back.

  81. Andresje says:

    Sandra, ask anybody about me and they will tell you that I am a good guy and I am available. Email me. Lose that loser

  82. Andromeda1111 says:

    Men are unconscious, are married and are looking for women

  83. Andromeda1111 says:

    It is true that the celebrities the media will put more of what was.
    Pero de que son… mujeriegos son.

  84. Laptop says:

    what can i say that hasn’t been said about jesse and sandra and tiger and elin and all those bozos. nuthin.

  85. Houston We Have A Problem says:

    The show Cheaters missed these scoops!

  86. Andrew in NYC says:

    Great blog. Enjoying the reading ladies.

  87. Jean Davis says:

    I can’t believe this is causing so much commotion. Get over these people’s lives that have nothing to do with your own, and start looking at what is ACTUALLY important.

    Explain to me how Sandra Bullock’s marriage is going to have an impact on your life. From what I know, it will have none.

  88. ELVIS says:

    Speak English Andromeda1111. What does this pero de que son bull**** mean.

  89. Kirsten Thomson says:

    Hilarious and well said, Allison!

    I came on here through Donny’s link. You may not remember me from Tomorrow’s Stars Today…regardless, it’s cool to see your blog!

  90. J. McIntyre says:

    The whole bloody lot are sick, adulation seeking douchebags.

  91. PacMan says:

    Most people want to cheat at one time or another, except for asexual people. They don’t cheat only because they don’t have the opportunity or financial means to do so, or they are not attractive, have no $ and women don’t want to be bothered with them. Of course celebrity males have many more opportunities to cheat, compared to other men. BYW, women cheat at almost the same rate as men and that number is rising.

  92. Nicolas says:

    Let’s face it, men make decisions about sex based on their eyes, while women make decisions based on their hearts; both get screwed in the end.

  93. Juliet Separated from Romeo says:

    The big problem is women still who feel they can fix any man if they only love them enough.

  94. Jeremiahh says:

    Allison, you may have to write another article, because Tiger has now taken back the torch back from Jesse (or Jesse happily handed it back). Tiger is now dominating the news with his new Nike commercial, which I think is brilliant strategy. Although I still think he is a louse for what he did to Elin.

  95. Klinko says:

    Tiger rocks. If you men had the chance you would do the same thing. And if you skanky women had the chance you would do the same thing too. So enough of your stupid comments.

  96. Pegasus22 says:

    Tiger is back at the top of his golf game and the reporters have no shame trying to get in his good books. Unbelievable!

  97. Roy C. says:

    Welcome back Tiger.

  98. Tamara says:

    Just heard that Dixie Carter died yesterday. Dixie Carter and Hal Holbrook had such a great marriage. Tiger and Jesse should have taken notes from that lovely couple. May your soul rest in peace Dixie.

  99. Julie B. says:

    I enjoy watching the shameless media tryihng to kiss up to tiger now. If he was doing bad they would love to say that he is washed up. Success is the best revenge. That’s a tough one for Jesse to compete with. LOL!

  100. KAZ says:

    What disgusts me (or make me sad) is our moral value became “negotiable.”

    No matter what, LYING is bad.

    If Tiger felt “caged,” he should have talked his wife. Maybe he is not made for monogamy. He should have never married, or maybe it is a “tiger gone wild” phase for this unstoppable athlete. Cheating is the lowest … lying to a person whom once you called a “partner for life”?

    To increase sales or rating of your products, it became OK to exagerate or fabricate the facts. Fact is not something you can play with. Call it “Opinion” instead!

    But can we keep everyone’s privacy private for now and focus on PUBLIC POLICY?

  101. Anonymous says:

    Yes. Dixie and Hal’s relationship did not get much media attention but they were a good example. I guess good news does not sell.

  102. Anonymous says:

    I was about to say that Tiger’s father would turn over in his grave at the scandal, then I remembered…that’s where Tiger earned his philandering stripes…allegedly.

  103. BusterG says:

    A famous actor once said, ‘why go out for hamburger when you have filet mignon at home’. Hal and Dixie obviously enjoyed their meals together and didn’t feel a need to look elsewhere. That is precious. Most of us wish we could find that contentment in our lives before we die and maybe that’s why we keep searching.

  104. Rameet says:

    most men keep searching because they are too blind and stupid to see the special woman right in front of them.

  105. Confused in LA says:

    I just don’t understand why these guys get married. No one would care what they do if they didn’t. Think Wilt Chamberlain.

  106. Wendy C. says:

    That doofus Jim Carrey on a rampage against women since his breakup with Jenny McCarty. He tweeted Elin was a willing participant in Tiger’s infidelity. Low, low, low.

  107. arolina says:

    Tiger lost big time. So what now? Boo hoo.

  108. Andromeda1111 says:

    Some Men are never satisfied with anything, and if they have money they are worse.As has a chance forget their commitment

  109. Mercedes Mom says:

    I’m so glad Phil Mickelson won the Masters and left Tiger in the dust. Here’s a gentleman who has shown love and support to his cancer-stricken wife (unlike that other dog, Edwards). What a special special gift to his wife and mother. Congratulations Phil Mickelson. Well deserved.

  110. Replica says:

    Phil Mickelson is 1000 times the man Tiger or Jesse could ever be. Head and shoulders a Master above those creeps.

  111. Reuben25 says:

    Can you imagine if that creep Tiger had won the masters? Then he would feel that he could do anything and still prevail and would probably not learn anything from his infidelity. Losing was the best thing that could have happened to Tiger. It’s a good place to start rebuilding all areas of his life.

  112. Leslie M. says:

    What happened to that little old lady who tried to get in the limelight with Tiger? The teacher. Those 15 minutes came and went really fast. Wish the same could happen for Gloria Allred. By the way, I really like this blog. This is my second or third post.

  113. Showbiz Fan says:

    Sandra Bullock is going on George Lopez show in November to give him the scoop. They’re good friends. By then the whole thing will probably be old and somebody else will be in the cheating spotlight. We can bet on that, but we I don’t want to wait till November. Do you? In the meantime, I do hope she divorces him.

  114. Naughty But Nice says:

    What’s next for Tiger now that he’s lost the Masters? I hope he focuses on therapy for his so called addictions and spend the rest of the time making up to his wife. He should give Kobe Bryant a call pronto.

  115. Natasha says:

    Just found this blog and I love it. I read every single article and saved this one for last. Love the illustrations of Jesse and Tiger. Keep up the good work ladies.

  116. Big Ben says:

    Men have cheated since the beginning of time. It’s not going to change any time soon so get over it and wake up and smell the tatoos. The signs are ALWAYS there ladies. Always.

  117. Samantha says:

    Any news on Jesse? Glad Tiger has given Sandra a break in the media though.

  118. Cruz says:

    I’ve been reading these comments and nobody talks about the women that cheat. 50% of women cheat, including some famous celebrities. Give the guys a break cuz they’re only doing what they know best.

  119. Tony M. says:

    I would love to be a fly on the wall for Tiger and Jesse’s sex rehab sessions. This is entertaining stuff. YES, I do have a life, thank you.

  120. Daianna says:

    Fox has a new show coming out “The Real Scumbag Husbands of America.” Guess who’s starring. Network execs can’t decide between the obvious ones, Tiger, Jesse, Edwards, Letterman, Kobe, so they’re seeking the advice of NBC executives. LOL! Ain’t that a b***h!!

  121. Mercedes Mom says:

    Imagine Larry King is accused of the same thing he and his many panels have been discussing on Tiger and Jesse and others. As you say in your article, Allison, “One can only imagine the many more men, celebrity and non-celebrity, who are shaking in their boots, terrified about their extra marital affairs.” Who’s next, I wonder. This whole thing sucks big time.

  122. LOL says:

    Let’s not forget that Charlie Sheen is allegedly back at it again. But in this instance, if it’s true, is anyone surprised?

  123. Arolina says:

    Larry has been married 8 times. I think he did really well with this last wife. Maybe there’s hope for them yet.

  124. Ian says:

    This is starting to be a bloody joke with Larry King now entering the scenario.

  125. Esmeralda says:

    I don’t think Larry and Shawn will actually get divorced. I heard its a publicity stunt. Larry’s numbers on CNN are down by about 43% and apparently they’re hoping this ‘scandal’ brings in viewers. If that’s true, then it’s pretty sad that a man of his stature has to stoop so low. To me he’s the king of all talk. He doesn’t have to do this.

  126. Ramon says:

    Elin is moving back to Sweden? That’s what I hear. I hope she does and gets a nice man who will appreciate her. I would be willing to fill in Tiger’s shoes. Hey, they don’t call me ‘Lion’ for nothin.

  127. Brian from O.C. says:

    Jesse seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. He must be begging them to keep him in sex rehab for as long as possible so he won’t have to face the public any time soon. I hope Sandra is healing.

  128. Zingy says:

    I can’t wait to hear about more reporters getting caught in scandals themselves. Hypocrites!!!

  129. Rhyming Joker says:

    Larry King
    Was criticizing
    Jesse and Tiger
    Now who’s the liar
    Allegedly, allegedly
    He committed adultery
    Allegedly, allegedly
    He’s double dippin in the family
    Allegedly, allegedly
    His Twitter name Kings things
    Does not include siblings
    Nasty nasty nasty
    Allegedly, allegedly

  130. Pat says:

    As much as I wish this would all go away, I enjoyed reading your take on the Jesse/Tiger scandals. At least it was different. I like the caricature too.

  131. Zakara says:

    Think Larry will blame sex addiction too?

  132. Madhatter says:

    There are so many jokes with Larry King now being in the cheating limelight, but I don’t dare go there. LOL!

  133. Inquiring Mind says:

    I wonder if Gloria Allred is going to represent Shawn King against Larry.

  134. Karma Conscious says:

    If Larry was having an affair with his wife’s sister I can’t believe he talked about Jesse and Tiger all this time with a straight face. For his sake, I hope it’s not true. I would never watch his show again.

  135. Rudy says:

    Does Jesse now pass the torch to Larry King? lol

  136. Kurt R. says:

    We as a nation have to seriously review our position on marriage. We have degenerated into a country lacking morals and the basic human decency that this country was built on. The troubling thing is such behavior is becoming more and more acceptable with each with each new incident. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve seen the end of this pattern of behavior.

  137. Roberta J. says:

    Even the homosexuals that desperately wanted to get married are now breaking up. I’m sure they’re now happy that they were not “legally” married so they can avoid those nasty equal property distributions. Talk about wanting your cake and eating it too.

  138. Krissy says:

    It’s almost as if it’s a feather in the cap to be caught cheating these days. I agree with Kurt R. We have clearly lost our moral compass as a nation. I shudder to think of the future.

  139. Kentucky Fried says:

    Shawn King deserves every penny she can get for every minute of her gold digging efforts and having to put up with that egomaniac Larry.

  140. Rufus T. says:

    Adultery is bad in itself. Cheating is bad in itself, but shtupping your wife’s sister is the LOWEST of the low. None of these ‘boys’ in men’s clothing have any right saying ANYTHING about Tiger or Jesse. Every single one of them is playing righteous until they get caught. Unfortunately, none of them seem to be embarrassed. :(

  141. Lindsay says:

    I can hardly keep up with all the cheating scandals. Every day seems to bring on a new mess. I agree with Kurt R. We are a nation in some serious trouble.

  142. Valerie Thompson says:

    Larry King and Shawn King. Boring. Yawn!! Shawn just has to bide her time with the old geezer.

  143. Socialite says:

    It’s really sad when people laugh at Larry King and ridicule him because of his age. It’s not nice. Have you ever thought that you are heading toward his age with every day that goes by? How would you like to be teased the way you tease him? So, he’s 70 something. That’s not even old these days. But to laugh at him because he’s lived so long is despicable. He’s a human being and thank God he can still enjoy life and yes, have sex with his wife and even create children. I sense more than a tinge of jealousy here.

  144. Chandra Grimes says:

    People are going crazy on this blog. I was under the impression that this article was about Jesse James and Tiger Woods. Now y’all are talking about every cheating scandal under the sun. I guess that’s alright with all that’s going on right now. Great job Allison. Your blog is certainly a success.

  145. Sergio says:

    When someone marrys someone who has been married and divorced 7 times before…they are not the brightest pea in the pod. Hello, Shawn King.

  146. Norman G. says:

    Shawn King does not seem to be so innocent. A new cad has joined the group of s**** & tell – the Latino guy saying he had an affair with Shawn King. Is this circus never going to end.

  147. McGruff says:

    All, and I mean ALL of these people should get divorced and be forced to wear a Scarlett Letter or a card saying “I’m contaminated, dirty, sleasy and gross and don’t deserve a good mate or spouse.”

  148. Carrie A. says:

    what was shawn king thinking? didn’t she know that this Latino baseball actor wanna be guy would come out at some point and spill the beans? when will these people learn. is stupidity a criteria for celebrity status? it would certainly seem so.

  149. Hmm says:

    That self-righteous woman on the Insider who used to be on Dancing with the Stars – wonder what she’ll do when her infidelity scandal breaks. I’m sick and tired of all of them pretending their marriages are perfect while they pass judgment on everybody else.

  150. Celebrity Watcher says:

    Sandra Bullock has taken off her wedding ring. Whoo Hoo!! Now THAT’S a positive move in the right direction. As for Shawn and Larry King, I think it’s a publicity stunt. It seems like people are going nuts and selling their souls to be in the limelight or to stay there. Kathy Griffin is now having her pap smear taped and aired on the internet. GROSS! :(. I could vomit. Talk about life on the D-List. That’s life on the NAAAAAASTY NAAAAAASTY desperate ugly slut list. Spare us Kathy and put a bag over your head and under your skirt too. You don’t need to show us what you caught over the years. Ugghhhh!

  151. Benjamin S. says:

    To Hmmm I agree with you about those tabloid reporters. It’s only a matter of time before their own scandal breaks. Remember Larry King.

  152. Kara Gold says:

    Tiger seems to be a better person from the scandal. He looks refreshed and more at ease like a burden has been lifted from his shoulders.

  153. Johanna P. says:

    Kathy Griffin is a nasty skank who will do anything to be in the spotlight. As far as I’m concerned she’s on the Z list. Go wash yourself Kathy.

  154. Ruth R. says:

    If this is a prank by Shawn and Larry King I can tell you they got more than they bargained for. They’re all over the news and not in a nice way.

  155. Tony Naschat says:

    When did this topic turn from Jerk Jesse James and Turd Tiger Woods to Shameful Shawn and Lecherous Larry King?

  156. Demetrius says:

    Rhyming Joker you are funny. Like your poem about Larry King.

  157. Simone says:

    those tabloid reporters are the worse. niecy nash on the insider always gives an award like she’s little miss perfect. when her scandal comes around with her so called boyfriend and louie her gay dancing partner i’m sure she will run to a corner and hide. the ohter one, lara spencer too.

  158. Judy Morris says:

    Shawn King’s boyfriend is a dirty dirty dog.

  159. C. Bauer says:

    i like kathy griffin. she’s funny and doesn’t mean anything bad. lighten up guys.

  160. Eye Candy says:

    shawn is dirtyer for being with larry.

  161. Countessa says:

    Kathy Griffin is really doing a live televised pap smear? I didn’t hear that but it’s more than gross. wonder if the carpet match the drapes. lol.

  162. Susannah says:

    Saw Sandra Bullock on TV and the girl looks fantastic. no one would know she has gone trhough such a trial. She didn’t have her wedding ring on so that must spell divorce and that is the best thing that she could ever do for herself.

  163. Darwine J. says:

    Yes, Tiger looks more relaxed. Do you think he and Elin will stay together. Tiger looks like he is changing and that’s all anybody can ask for right?

  164. Reptilian Cool says:

    Has anybody noticed that Larry King is continuing to interivew people like nothing skanky is going on in his life.

  165. Byanca says:

    sleeping with your wife’s sister is NEVER cool. Pervert.

  166. Tawana says:

    Larry is a dirty old man. No better than Tiger or Jesse or Edwards or any of the other male dogs out there.

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