Immigration Reform – “The White Washing of America” – By Sandra Lord

By SANDRA LORD – Caribbean

When I attended performing arts school in New York, each semester I found myself one of few black students in the classroom. The rest of the students were primarily Caucasian, many from Europe and Canada.

I thought nothing much of it until one day a fellow classmate from Holland asked me if I knew how she could get her Green Card. I was taken off guard. The fact is, until that moment, it had never dawned on me that any of my fellow classmates was in the U.S. illegally – after all, they were um…white.

It turned out that several of them were here illegally, including those from CANADA.

I’ve never stopped thinking about that for like many Americans, I had subconsciously been brainwashed to believe that illegal immigrants were brown, black and yellow.

So, you would understand why, whenever the issue of immigration comes up, as with the new immigration law in Arizona, it makes me stomping mad, for without fail, illegals are generally portrayed as people of color – specifically Latin Americans.

For the bigots under the guise ofI love my country and want to protect it” like that buffoon, Lou Snobbs, I mean, Dobbs, white illegal immigrants never seem to make it into the equation when the issue of illegal immigration comes up.

Also, I never hear people talking much about securing the Canadian border, where a multitude of Canadians pass through and never go back.

Yes, that includes some of our celebrities. Hollywood is full of Canadians who made it big here – Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox, Nicolette Sheridan, Pamela Anderson, William Shatner, Neve Campbell, Avril Lavigne, Howie Mandel, Dan Akroyd, Kim Cattrall, Martin Short, Paul Shaffer, Nelly Furtado, , Hayden Christensen, Mike Myers, Keanu Reeves, Kiefer Sutherland, Sandra Oh, Matthew Perry, Eric McCormack, Alex Trebeck, etc., etc.

But I wonder how many of them were actually here legally at the time they got their big break. I wonder how many had a Green Card, work permit or the backing of a television or film studio or record company that allowed them to pursue or gain employment in the United States when they sauntered over the Canadian border to pursue their dreams, aye? I have no beef with the Canadians at all, but I just wonder if anyone bothered to ask. I don’t think so!

One of the key provisions of the new Arizona immigration lawrequires police officers to ‘make a reasonable attempt’ to determine the immigration status of a person if there is a “reasonable suspicion” that he or she is an illegal immigrant.” What would constitute a “reasonable suspicion?” Pray tell. Oh wait. It continues. “Race, color or national origin may not be the only things considered in implementation.” That’s the joke of the year.

Based on who is typically viewed as “illegal,” in my opinion the Arizona bill is inherently racist, not to mention unconstitutional.

The new bill endorses racial profiling and gives racist cops full authority to indulge in overt racist practices. For, if you look anything even remotely like some policeman’s perception of an illegal immigrant, to be blunt, non-white, you are at risk of being stopped at will and put through the indignity of producing documents showing that you’re in the good ole USA legally.

The thing is, there is no adjunct system in place that tells immigration-happy cops that you’ve already been hassled; say something like a stamp on your forehead or on your wrist (like the ones you get at the nightclubs) to show that you’ve already proven your status for that day or week or year. This annoyance can intrude into your life multiple times a day, 24/7, 365 days a year “whenever and where-ever an officer requests.” Talk about freedom of movement! It kinda smacks of the good old days of slavery whereby people of color had to carry their freedom papers, doesn’t it?

Maybe all immigrants who’ve been checked and passed the test the first time should just be given an electronic ankle or wrist bracelet that immediately signals “immigration approved” to avoid any further hassle.

Yes, we undoubtedly need sweeping immigration reform. And, ironically, I do understand the frustration of the state of Arizona, which has one of the highest rates of illegal immigration in the country, a state that has received little help from a federal government responsible for securing its borders. But Arizona has opened up a can of worms with the nature of this new bill.

Rounding up people because they look a certain way or are suspected of being in violation of immigration law or arbitrarily detaining them on the basis of skin color and accent is not a good idea and can only lead to a severe violation of people’s fundamental civil rights.

I seriously hope that this law is not introduced in California or other States.

I am not just expressing my opinion on this subject. I am voicing my displeasure from experience.

Several years ago, fellow guest blogger on this blog and friend, blonde, blue-eyed Melody Jackson gave me a ride home from one of my Hollywood Networking Breakfast events. When we got to my home, we sat in the car chatting for a moment. Up ahead, we noticed several police cars with as many policemen looking around. We didn’t think much of it, but as I got out of Melody’s car, my arms full with all my breakfast stuff, beautifully dressed in one of my famous tailored business suits, I was suddenly accosted by three policemen who wanted to know what I was doing in this Beverly Hills neighborhood.

Having heard horror stories about cops and blacks, I was naturally suspicious, but I calmly told them ‘I live here.’ No, they wanted proof that I did. In America?  Yessirree!

I had not committed any crime, so I asked them why was I being stopped? Well, the expressions on their faces said they couldn’t believe I had the audacity to ask.

Melody’s expression was utter shock as in, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

The Amazon female policeman and the physically- challenged, Napoleonic-complexed male cop barked, “We are not letting you leave until you show us your ID.

I was livid and the stench of their attitude did not help at all. Then they seemingly had a brainstorm!  The third cop waddled over to Melody and asked for her ID. Brilliant move to save face and “cover their asses!” Melody complied. After seeing that and not knowing exactly what the law was in such circumstances, I finally had to drop all my stuff and show them my ID. [You gotta pick your battles, I guess.]

So, after they had gotten their kicks from their power trip that day, the pint-sized turd and his whale jumped into their car, and giving me the finger, roared away making monkey faces at me. My neighbors all had their jaws dropped. In fact, it was one of my neighbors who shouted to me “He flipped you the bird” – alerting me to the cop’s stubby erect middle finger, no doubt a vivid replica of his own other physical shortcomings.

Some members of my family have had incidents of being accosted by police demanding ID, guns drawn, simply for being in an affluent neighborhood, even though that’s where they lived, shopped and dined.

So, you will understand why, as an accented naturalized U.S. citizen of color, I am not keen on the “show your ID” laws such as that of Arizona. That now gives rogue cops an excuse, not to mention, carte blanche to hassle people of color, beautifully dressed or not, under the guise of  “authenticating immigration status.”

America is known and marketed as the land of opportunity, so is it any wonder that most people want to come and seek a better life in this country? Heck, this country was built on immigrant labor and the majority of white Americans are descendants of immigrants.

So, if America had closed its borders generations ago, where would we be? And to take it further, most Americans are virtually immigrants in a land that is indigenously Indian. Many illegal immigrants have fought in the U.S. army for our freedom and the right to even rally against them in a self-righteous manner. Did you know that?

Then there are those anti-immigration activists who want children born to undocumented immigrants in the U.S. (so-called “anchor babies”) to assume the nationality of the parents – clearly Mexicans. There are some who go further and want the American born children to be deported with their illegal parents. So, to deprive children the recognition of their country of birth is constitutional? Silly me, I thought if you were BORN IN AMERICA, you were American and in that unique capacity you can even run for the highest office in the land – President.

And what is the beef with Mexicans anyway? Some of my friends argue that illegals are a burden to the healthcare, welfare and economic system; they take jobs away from hardworking Americans; the Arizona bill will result in “less crime,”  “lower taxes,” “safer neighborhoods,” “shorter lines in the emergency rooms,” “smaller classrooms,” yada, yada, yada.

Most or all of that may be true, but let’s not put the entire burden on the backs of Mexicans. ALL illegal immigrants (Europeans and Canadians included) put a burden on the country’s resources.

From my observations, most Mexicans are a hardworking people doing work in which most Americans have no interest. They are an important part of life as we know it, with many industries depending on a cheap and undocumented workforce to survive — from our farms, restaurants and landscaping, to the care of our children, cleaning of our homes and offices, the construction of our streets and buildings etc. Even some of my African American friends, another minority, blame Latinos for their troubles. I don’t know one of them who would want to work these jobs.

At the end of the day, immigrants have the same hopes, dreams and aspirations as any American, to make life better for themselves and their families in this land of hope and opportunity.

So, to those who say we need to bring this country back to what it was, what exactly does that mean and how far back do you want to go? I daresay the native Indians would be happy to have their country back and the Mexicans would like to have their land with all the still Spanish-named towns and cities back.

I am not at all advocating illegal immigration, but I do believe that if sweeping exclusionary measures are put into place, and people are required to produce ID authenticating legal status, then it should be an all-inclusive, “equal opportunity roundup” – Europeans, Canadians, Latinos – the whole lot.

But most importantly, I do believe that an immediate viable solution is amnesty for illegals currently here, who have paid taxes and lived an exemplary life.

After that, I say, “America, secure ALL your borders.”

In the meantime, I don’t think I’ll be going to Arizona any time soon.

And by the way, the last time I checked, the term “illegal” was a crime, NOT a race.

357 Responses to “Immigration Reform – “The White Washing of America” – By Sandra Lord”

  1. Leopold says:

    It is glaringly clear that we the people, in America, are going backward as the internet is moving forward. Does that not say something about us? Take a good look at the Governor of AZ and tell me, what do you think! Racist=Racism period.

  2. Music Lover says:

    People need to cut all business ties with Arizona, including all musicians on tour, Hollywood film crews, tourists, etc. We all need to send a clear message to Arizona that racism in any disguise is NOT acceptable in America in the 21st Century.

  3. Ilene says:

    I have been patiently waiting for you guys. This site and the bloggers keep me in the loop. Well done again! Thanks.

  4. Tamikka Luv says:

    what the hell this ugly Governor of Arizona is thinking? or is she thinking at all? Did “people” really put this fool in office.
    This immigration law which she just passed clearly targets Mexicans and Latinos and if you two groups cannot come together you will fall.
    Remember we act like sheep.

  5. Tamikka Luv says:

    OOPS!!! I meant this immigration bill will target Latinos and Blacks.

  6. Tommy Chong says:

    This is a good post. It let us know of first hand experience. This type of thing give America and good cops a bad name. Not every cop is bad. sorry for your experience but don’t like mexican.

  7. Jose A. says:

    I have been in this country for a long time. I went to school, learned English and educated myself. I am gainfully employed and pay my taxes. I was here illegally, but my boss was kind and appreciated my hard work. He sponsored me and I was able to sponsor my family. We are not all criminals and crooks. Before you judge us, walk a mile in our moccassins. You Americans have it good here and don’t desire to live in another country, but you have no idea how hard it is in other places. Don’t judge us.

  8. Tony says:

    Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, and we welcome those that want the American dream to come to this beautiful country. My problem is with the illegal immigrants that flood our emegency rooms overburdening the healthcare system, and those that work cheap and undercut able bodied americans. I do not agree with you. There are many Americans that will work the same jobs the Mexicans do. We just don’t stand a chance.

  9. Laquisha Moore says:

    Racial Profiling Is nothing new in this country – Blacks are harassed all over the US all the time just for driving a nice car. It’s called ‘Driving While Black.’ Welcome to America, Pablo.

  10. Bruce S. says:

    It is not only racist, it is anti Latino.

  11. Andrew L. says:

    No righteous, upstanding, decent American would support this law. It is RACIST period.

  12. Norman G. says:

    Kudos to Arizona. I’m sick of the problems these illegals are causing this country. I say nail these scumbags. Illegals make a ton of money under the table, have no reported income and are eligible for food stamps and welfare. They also get a Federal rent subsidy, government sponsored lunch at school for their children and an after school ESL program. What do law abiding tax paying American citizens get? We get to FOOT THE BILL for taking care of these illegals.

  13. Luz C. says:

    Latinos sometimes come into America illegally but as much as some of us live off the system we are exploited here as well and treated like nothing.

  14. Benny C. says:

    There would be an huge outcry if white people were being stopped and handcuffed for failing to have their paperwork in order.

  15. Mike Stohl says:

    We are in the worst recession in generations and it’s not going to get any better under the Obama administration. What’s even more devastating to the economy is allowing illegals to flood into the country, overwhelm our social systems, and steal American jobs. There are millions and millions of illegal aliens in America and they don’t pay any taxes but reap the benefits of our hard earned taxpayer money. They just bleed the country and give nothing back. We need immigration reform and amnesty is not the answer.

  16. Joe Fox says:

    The Arizona bill is not only racist, it is meanspirited at its core. Archbishop Roger Mahony calls the bill “the country’s most retrogressive, mean-spirited and useless anti-immigrant law” and wonders whether Arizonans are “now reverting to German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques”. The tone of this bill is so obvious we can only conclude that those who support it don’t have a clue about the “big picture.” Today it’s Mexicans. Who’s next?

  17. Meg P. says:

    I’m amazed at all the people that support the illegal immigrants. They BROKE the law. They’re here ILLEGALLY. What part of this don’t you people understand! Every State in the Union should adopt Arizona’s law.

  18. Jennifer M. says:

    Arizona – police state anyone? In America, you may ask? As Sandra says in this blog “Yessirree!”

  19. Cyndie M. says:

    Before you get all in a huff, why not go spend some time on the border of Arizona and see what the citizens are going through before you pass judgment.

  20. Howard N. says:

    This is nothing more than appealing to the republican voter base. McCain and his cohorts are playing a dangerous despicable game!

  21. Paulina says:

    I am here legal. Some of my family are here illegal. but we are hardworking and honest. we casue no problem. we want to be legal. give us a chance.

  22. Donald from O.C. says:

    I have been asked for ID just to enter a movie studio, and have been required to wear an identity badge while on the premises. It had nothing to do with my color or my accent. It had everything to do with my right to be there. I have difficulty seeing the difference. Surely the security of our country is as important as the security of any movie studio.

  23. Theodore C. says:

    Imagine how many illegals could be rounded up at demonstrations. What a great opportunity for police! LOL

  24. Enrique says:

    Thank you for your post Sandra. There’s a lot of hate against illegals but I prefer to focus on the positive comments of those that support and sympathize with our cause. Illegal immigration is about everyone and I was very happy to see you talk about that in your blog with such passion and fairness. I believe you have experienced unfair targeting that is why you understand the anger we feel about being targeted. Most white Americans do not have that everyday experience so they are talking out of ignorance. Americans have a reputation of going to other people’s countries and being arrogrant, demanding the French to speak English and so forth and it is the same arrogance they display when they talk about immigration and refer only to Latinos. Thanks for your blog.

  25. Austin says:

    racism is alive and well in america.

  26. Catfish says:

    Finally someone had the balls to call it like it is. I really enjoyed your article and can clearly understand your indignation which I share.

  27. Janice Cohn says:

    Governor Jan Brewer should be recalled.

  28. Baby Steps says:

    Boycotting Arizona is not the answer just like this bill is not the answer.

  29. American Male says:

    We are struggling to make ends meet and these illegal aliens (I don’t call them immigrants) are getting benefits we cannot get for our family. We fall between the cracks. I vote that we send them packing.

  30. Betty Boop says:

    Sneak into Mexico, Canada, China, Russia or anywhere in Europe to take up illegal residence. Do you have to carry “Papers” in all of these places? You betcha!!!

  31. Ellizabeth E. says:

    I will support the bill when blonde blue eyed people are stopped and frisked and asked for papers.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your very frank article. I’ve seen you at the Hollywood Netwokring Breakfast and respect you even more. For all you do to enable us to pursue our dreams it riles me no end to know you had to endure such blatant racism. Continued success with the breakfast. You provide a very very important service to the community. What would we be without your valuable ‘immigrant’ contribution?

  33. Timothy P. says:

    This Arizona bill is not going to fly. It is constitutionally unsound and there will be lawsuits all over the place.

  34. Monique says:

    Silly me, did slavery ever go away?

  35. Agnes B. says:

    What really got me about your article is that rogue cop giving you the finger after he wrongfully stopped you. What a pr**k!

  36. JAVIER says:


  37. Mildred R. says:

    Illegal immigrants have bankrupt California! They are turning this beautiful nation into a third world country. Every state in the Union should adopt Arizona’s law.

  38. Karma Conscious says:

    There have already been some changes to the new Arizona immigration law. The word “solely” would be eliminated from the sentence “A law enforcement official or agency … may not solely consider race, color or national origin” in establishing reasonable suspicion that someone is in the country illegally. WHY should there be ANY change like deleting the word “soley” if the bill was so appropriate. OBVIOUSLY the first time around Arizona showed its racist hand and they are trying to save face since there has been a backlash.

  39. Deandra says:

    Yes yes yes! I agree with it all. America is full of illegal aliens, of all races. The Mexicans get singled out. I have a beautiful, blond haired, blue eyes friend of mine who fits the stereotypical Barbie role. Nobody would guess that she is looking for Mr. American man to marry her so she can stay in America. So if Jose is going, she should too. Sorry Vanessa!

  40. Anthony Dill says:

    May I remind you that Archbishop Mahoney presides over America’s largest, archdiocese in Los Angeles, and it is predominantly Hispanic. He is not a disinterested party.

  41. Martha A. says:

    Bishop Mahoney is doing what he should be doing. He IS looking out for his sheep. God said to welcome the aliens into the land.

  42. Boxer Shorts says:

    This was posted on Mexico’s immigration rules:

    – The Mexican government will bar foreigners if they upset “the equilibrium of the national demographics.”
    – If outsiders do not enhance the country’s “economic or national interests” or are “not found to be physically or mentally healthy,” they are not welcome. Neither are those who show “contempt against national sovereignty or security.” They must not be economic burdens on society and must have clean criminal histories. Those seeking to obtain Mexican citizenship must show a birth certificate, provide a bank statement proving economic independence, pass an exam and prove they can provide their own health care. So, if the Mexicans can do it, why can’t we????????

  43. Harvey says:

    Illegals are costing us several billions of dollars every month and it’s just not right. What really gets me angry also is the fact that Mexicans don’t even bother learning to speak English because we are too busy spending money translating everything into English to make life easy for them.

  44. Joyce Mhoud says:

    Before you jump on the bandwagon to champion the cause of illegal immigrants, ask yourself how much it may be costing us as a country in jobs, housing, car insurance. health insurance, welfare and classroom size.

  45. Linda Rama says:

    Kudos to Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer for having the balls to move first.

  46. Arnold S. says:

    these illegals rape, steal, kill, molest children, drive without licenses, mess up our neighborhoods, lower property values, refuse to learn English, get state aid for health, food and housing, birth “anchor babies” faster than rabbits that we have to support as taxpayers, do not pay taxes, join gangs and I can go on and on. I had to wait years to get my green card so I say if you want the American dream, wait in line. My family whom I sponsored is waiting in line right now to get their green card legally. Wait your fricking turn.

  47. Jimmy Carroll says:

    Sneak into any other country and see what happens when you get caught. We are too easy here.

  48. Mark Fine says:

    Yes, Mexico requires US citizens to carry papers with stiff penalties for non-compliance. If you travel in Europe you must carry your papers!!!

  49. Blah Blah says:

    Send all the illegals home along with their babies…bye bye and good riddance

  50. Winky says:

    Sarah Palin is surprisingly very quiet on this subject. She’s obviously weighing her options on which way to go – which way would be most profitable and beneficial for her to go. Where are you Sarah?

    • Melody says:

      Perfect example of watching Palin so you can attack her. A wolf waiting for your prey. Your attitude is disgusting.

  51. Sammy O'Day says:

    The word Alien is directed towards the wrong set of people because I honestly believe that Aliens would do a better job at running this country, in fact the whole world. lol! Relax everyone.

  52. Melody (Guest Blogger on this Site) says:

    I verify what Sandra said about the BHPD the day I dropped her off at 11am. It was very sad to see the racism.

    But… when it comes to illegal alien immigrants, the fact is that it is far more likely that a given worker on the side of the street who is Hispanic would be here illegally than it would be for a white mom with two kids at the grocery store. PERIOD.

    Trying to protect every single person from everything that could possibly be construed as negative is turning us into a bunch of feeling-less, perfect, Stepford Wife automatons. No one allowed to say anything negative anymore or express disagreement if it’s not PC. Kids have more power than their parents. The inmates have taken over the asylum. The pendulum on this supposed equality is swinging the other way to the extreme and it’s just as devastating to individual freedom as the extreme inequality.

    The fact is, there are many more Hispanic illegal aliens than white ones… There are more terrorists against the U.S. who are Arab than African American or Hispanic… Women still get paid a lot less money than men do for the same work. Many people think it’s weird that I’m over 40, not married, and don’t want to be. These are all inequalities of sorts. Should I be outraged that people have judgements about me that I like being single?

    I’m glad Arizona has taken a harsh stand. If things don’t change in our bankrupt state of California, the land of broken dreams, I will be moving there in the future. They have some balls to take a stand and say, “Shape up or get the h– out.”

    I’m sick of being told that everyone is equal. We are NOT equal in many ways. Some are smarter. Some are prettier. Some are richer. Some poorer. Some more compassionate. Some fatter. Some skinnier. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity as a human being, but that’s pretty much where equality ends.

    We each have our lot to deal with in life. Now, in Arizona, a few more “legal” Mexicans will be hassled and have to deal with the fact that many of their “forefathers” came here illegally and took advantage of the American system — the ones who are illegal will be dealt with accordingly. Even the Bible reminds us that we carry the sins of our fathers for seven generations.

    My apologies in advance to the legal ones who have to suffer through showing some papers or ID for awhile.

    Pardon me while I go make sure I have my blonde-haired drivers license — I’m going to DRIVE my car and go to the store — I might even use my credit card — for both of which I will need an ID.

    • Enlightened says:

      The true victory of a democratic nation is when its people can walk the streets without fear…are you AWARE of that? This bill has elements of totalitarianism and undermines a vital part of democracy, for which America is the poster child. I would be happy to buy you a one way ticket to Arizona where you can fit in perfectly with your ignorant Aryan friends.

      • Melody says:

        Enlightened? With such a complaint about America, why don’t you take the money you offered for my ticket to Arizona and buy yourself a one-way ticket to another country of your choice? Or do you PREFER and CHOOSE to stay in America?

        Your anti-American sentiments are oxy-moronic. So many of you, on this blog and elsewhere, complain about how terrible America is, yet you won’t leave and don’t even want to. And so many others sneaking in illegally. Why is that?

        And you, Enlightened? … I suppose you agree with Assistant Principal Rodriquez who said he would suspend the high school boys who wore T-shirts with the American flag on them to school on the Cinco de Mayo. They were sent home because they would not turn them inside out… saying it was insensitive.

        And by the way, you call me “ignornant Aryan” — you have well demonstrated my point that we who are WHITE cannot express our disagreement and non-PC opinions without being called names. Thank you for furthering my point.

  53. Mitchell says:

    Americans live all over the world without being harassed . They demand respect where ever they go which brings me to the ones in power. I bet they do not have to show their documents in other people’s country. OOPS! They drive in chauffered driven cars and have bodyguards at our expense. Anyway, I think the other countries should adopt AZ immigration law against Americans. Let’s see how much you will like it when the shoe is on the other foot.

  54. Mario G. says:

    It saddens me when I see a woman, given an opportunity to do a so-call ‘man’s’ job they screw it up. They want to show so badly that they have ba..s but they cannot carry it. Brewer show your balls and the Mexicans will show you how to carry them.

  55. Zoe Cummings says:

    Let’s get to the facts. Most illegal LATINO and third world immigrants enter the United States to enjoy a better economic life. Many are fleeing economic oppression, unemployment and poverty. Many EUROPEANS enter this country with tourist visas or as students and stay by choice, blending in with the crowd. Even when they open their mouths to speak and reveal an accent, we Americans find the European accents cute. The Europeans overstay their authorized welcome in this country and thereby become illegal residents. They are no different from their undocumented illegal Latino counterparts. As long as they keep their noses clean, they are likely to remain here without fear of being stopped or questioned about status. Not so for the brown skinned people. To those who support racial profiling I ask what is fair, ethical, humane, decent or nonracist about that? The one thing that’s clear is the fact that undocumented Latinos and Europeans both stay in this country as illegals because they want a better life and greater opportunities for themselves and their families. One group skates by. One group is targeted for deportation.

  56. Dante says:


  57. Jada says:

    I’m with you Sandra Lord. This new law should not be about Latinos. This is a sad time embarassing time for America.

  58. Carla C. says:

    Can the Governor of AZ tell us this. Are you saying that the drug cartels and the Mexican are the same. Are you telling us that people living here in the USA are the same as those drug people, those thugs who cross over and hurt people. Now, if this law is for those thugs then I support you and the bill but if its for the good old honest working Mexicans with their children and their families who live here, I am against you and the bill.

  59. Michaelangelo says:

    Is Illegal Aliens only Mexican?

  60. Jeff from Californa says:

    Immigration laws require strict quotas and qualifications. The quotas and qualifications work against people from Latin America and third world countries period.

  61. Albert C. says:

    Our national identity and language is disappearing. All government forms are now printed in Chinese, Spanish, etc. The great multicultural “melting pot” is starting to be very expensive for taxpayers. We need immigration reform.

  62. Uncle Bill says:

    I enjoyed reading your viewpoint. I have just two questions for your readers.

    Which of us would NOT do the same thing as illegals if we were in the same position?

    Which of us would embrace illegals if we were DENIED the same government services we were forced to support as taxpayers?

    The answer depends on which side of the fence you’re on.

  63. Bobby Johnson says:


  64. Brian says:

    Obama you need to take a stance on this Immigration situation. Show the world that you are a MAN and your word means something. Well, Latinos supported you Obama, now you have to knock Jan Brewer over the fence back to Mexico, which I know the Mexicans will love.

  65. Thomas T. says:

    Do you know why Americans can’t stand the French? The French will not put up with our arrogance when we are in their country as other countries do. We demand that the French speak English to us. We need to take a look at ourselves before we point the finger at anyone else.

  66. Tamika says:

    If the tables were turned, wouldn’t you do the same?

  67. Beresford says:

    I have never walked in the shoes of illegal immigrants. For the mexicans the benefits far outweigh the risks so they take their chances. It is against the law but I like that I understand their plight.

  68. Baker says:

    Immigration reform is really needed but I don’t think Arizona is the answer

  69. Arnold James says:

    The problem is with the bleeding liberals that support bills to provide welfare, free education, public housing, medical care and legal aid for illegals while our own families have difficulty getting the same without going through the hoops. Let’s vote liberals out in November and vote in Arizona laws to reclaim this country.

  70. Stephanie Crowe says:

    I am white American and I am against the Arizona law. I hope it does not expand to any other state. Illegals contribute to social security that they can never claim. They also pay sales taxes, real estate taxes and live in the poorest neighborhoods providing income for slumlords. Illegals are exploited and we should be ashamed of ourselves.

  71. Wilbert says:

    Thanks for telling your story. Immigration problems go beyond the illegals and anyone that supports the Arizona law needs to examine themselves and where they truly stand on racism.

  72. Mitzie Smith says:

    Illegal immigrants risk a lot to enter and remain in the country. They are exploited, beaten, and killed. They are treated like less than human and they suffer all that to provide for a better life than what they left. We need to have more compassion. What would we do if we were in the same situation?

  73. Trey Nice says:

    Jim Crowe has now been replaced by Juan Crowe. LOL.

  74. Andromeda1111 says:

    Good article, i ´m not inmigrant, I never have needed to leave my country and live very happy here . But I do not like injustice and I do Not agree with this racist law.
    I support human rights

  75. Sandra says:

    just watched the 10 oclock news and glad to see thousands turn out in support of hte march against Arizona.

  76. Sandra G says:

    This law is racist. I do believe we must protect our borders from the many criminals of all colors and nationalities that cross it.

    About the immigration argument, as an immigrant myself, and a member of a family that have been immigrants in different parts of the world, I can see the two sides of the story. I came into this country legally and followed all the appropriate paths to become an American citizen. I also took the time to learn the language and while maintaining my culture I assimilated to the new one. By doing so, I MELTED into my new country. My grandparents’ story was very different. As WWII survivors they sailed to Argentina in search for safety and a new life. However, by the time they got there they were refused entry because they were Jews. Two years later they got into Argentina illegally through the Brazilian border. They got their legal papers and they contributed to the Argentinean community just like any other Argentinean born.
    As a Latino in this country, a name I was never called until I immigrated to North America, it bothers me when other Latinos don’t assimilate to the American culture just because they don’t try. It is very easy to create a little ghetto and stay within those borders. Aren’t those immigrants setting limits around them singling themselves apart and living in a constant state of immigration?

    • Sandra: Co-Founder of this Blog says:

      You, Sandra G, have done a great job learning, speaking, reading and writing English, but you shouldn’t come down on others who are not as gifted as you. I agree that immigrants should learn to speak English to better assimilate into the American culture, but not everyone has the ability like you to learn another language. English is my first language (mother tongue) and I have a great love affair with it, but as you may have experienced, it has a myriad of rules that do not necessarily follow any set pattern. For example, the plural of mouse is mice and the plural of house is houses. With encouragement, I believe most immigrants would have the confidence to step out of the comfort zone of their native tongue and learn even the basics of a new language; but why should they when the government makes it easy to have most things printed or announced in different languages? By the same token, as others have said here on this blog, Americans should also learn to speak the language of the land when they go to other people’s countries.

      On another note, your grandparents were turned away from Argentina because they were Jews. They eventually entered and lived there, facing the same threat that several immigrants currently face in America, specifically in Arizona. Would you have wanted them to be rounded up because of the way they looked while others were given a “get outta jail free card?” Again, I do not condone illegal immigration, but I believe that Mexicans should not be the only ones targeted.

  77. Kirsten says:

    Sandra, what you went through is horrible. If only that cop had a clue of what you’ve accomplished and who you know. The last laugh is for you.

    If it is any consolation, I too have been stopped by strangers who have asked me where I’m from. Having been gone from San Diego for 10 years whilst living in Canada,they must be picking up on an accent or a way of dressing. Who knows. This doesn’t offend me but it still shocks me. In one instance this question was asked of me 5 blocks away from where I was born!

    Canadians may fly under the radar in certain cases because of white skin or something, but I know that they face discrimination once they open their mouth or try to succeed at work. My mother often got the worst shifts because her boss openly hated on Canadians taking American jobs.

    I really doubt this thing in Arizona will get anywhere. It is the same institutionalised xenophobia that gave Australia a bad rep.

    • Sandra: Co-Founder of this Blog says:

      Kirsten, so good to hear from you! Thank you for your comment. I’ve read a few of your viewpoints on some of my co-bloggers’ posts and I must say you write very well. I hope you will keep coming back and post your insightful comments on a regular basis, whether they support our view or not. ☺

      From your accounts, your mom “got the worst shifts at work because her boss openly hated Canadians taking American jobs.” However, I’m sure you’ll agree that BEFORE your mom opens her mouth to reveal an accent, she is primarily seen as just another regular white woman and probably assumed to be American. Just imagine if she were Canadian AND black! I guarantee she would have had it a lot worse at work.

      I hate, no, I abhor playing the race card because while my race may be an issue for some, it is NOT an issue for me, but sometimes you have to address the white elephant in the room.

      The thing is, most people of color are discriminated against because of just that – their color. More discrimination follows based on other factors such as nationality, religion, age, sex, etc.

      When you were stopped by “strangers” asking where you’re from, I’m sure it was out of curiosity. That happens to me constantly and I am never shocked nor do I get offended in these situations. In fact, being from a different country has been a plus for me in America regarding my encounters with EVERYDAY AMERICAN PEOPLE, but being stopped by curious strangers is a far cry from being stopped by law enforcement, guns drawn, wanting to know what you are doing in a particular neighborhood.

      As you may know, my family is of “mixed race,” very much integrated with the white race and certain members of my extended family now understand that no white person can presume to completely understand the discrimination a black person faces on a daily basis, just like I, even as a black person, cannot presume to understand what the average African American goes through in South Central L.A. or other inner cities of America, or what a Mexican (legal and illegal) endures.

      Although most of us can empathize and sympathize with others in their various situations and experiences, we cannot truly know what an experience feels like until we walk in that person’s shoes.

  78. Justice says:

    I bet they all arrived in one uninsured minivan.

  79. TJ says:

    they’re coming here illegally because they really don’t have any other choice and they’re desperate to feed and clothe their families. they don’t have $5000 and a college degree and 5 years to wait to legally be admitted to the u.s. there’s no job opportunities and terrible corruption and violence. all the stuff said about these people is pretty much word-for-word the same hatemongering stuff said about the “Okies” in the 30’s. i’m not pro-illegal immigration ,i understand the problems it can cause. but i don’t hate people who are just trying to work and feed their families. snd i know people bring up how they commit crimes and leach off social services but that doesn’t say anything about mexicaans or migrant workers as a whole becase people of all colors and social statuses aommit crimes also.maybe all of you should redirect your anger to the people/groups who are letting this happen and profiting on it.

  80. A.J. Reine says:

    On May 5th; Every Legal American Citizen needs to Boycot Mexican Eateries, Tequila, Cervez,(BEER) Taco’s, Burito’s etc. Even TACO BELL and anything about Cinco D Mayo; Their is power in numbers, if they think all Gringo’s like their Marching, and Illegal Ways like Anchor Babbies , and drug cartel’s, Their wrong ! POWER TO THE LEGAL CITIZEN”S OF THIS GREAT REPUBLIC ! God Bless America; All Illegal’s need to be Rounded Up and Sent back to their own Country !

  81. FLK says:

    You know you are screwed when your biggest supporters are the Catholic Church, the Mexican Presidente, Al Sharpton, San Francisco city supervisors, La Raza, and Shakira.

  82. Anonymous Observer says:

    Ari-nazi-zona’s law:
    I see no problem in a law to “protect” territory. Bad thing is it is going to be based on “looks”. Not every inmigrant is illegaly living in the U.S. nor everybody is a smuggler or drug dealer. Actually drug dealers will keep existing as long as “real” americans let their teenagers consume all that drugs they do. Anyway that’s another topic. I’m just wondering how many whites will actually do those many “get your hands dirty” jobs nobody wants? And for everyone’s knowledge, not everybody south of the border are “brownies”, a lot, a lot of people is actually white, will they be recognizable?.

  83. Reuben says:

    see what happened is, that the Mexican/Latino have cleaning the WHITE man’s butt for decades…

    then THEY turn around and do this to them…

    yep, that’s AMERICA..



  84. Whats YOUR Origin says:

    Where did all of you come from? There are many good people from Mexico who do things legally, even dying for the USA in the military. Immigration reform, not just shut the doors. Then do we stop eating tacos, burritos, stop drinking tequila, etc. This is ridiculuous. What about all the Mexican influence in architecure, etc.? Arizona prides itself as being “the most western (cowboy) state.” They also have a bunch of rednecks afraid of becoming the minority. Even the name Arpaio is italian, isn’t it? Even this outsider–Kris Kobach had his laws outlawed. Did you all just evolve from the Hohokam ruins and decide to keep it all for yourselves and leave others out? When I lived there, Arizona didn’t get the Superbowl until they passed Martin Luther King Day. I don’t know what they call it now, maybe civil rights day. I heard Symington wants to run again. Good luck Arizona, you’re going backwards.

  85. American says:

    You have no idea what it’s like to be white in America. We are targeted daily as racists, denied help, pay out the rear for everything, can be not hired for a job regardless of how qualified we are thanks to affirmative action, worry about our families daily that they will be hurt by some gang banger, watch our rights be removed because of minority crimes,and the list goes on and on. I think we have more of a right to be angry than you do.

  86. Fred says:

    to trey nice, this is sad but true. jim crowe has now been replaced by juan crowe. but it’s good to laugh in such a bad situation.

  87. Mark S. says:

    i agree learning english is a good idea for these people, but do not assume that they have the ability to. not everyone is capable of learning a second language.can you learn spanish or french or russian or italian or german or any other language fluently??? can everyone you know learn fluent spanish…i seriously doubt it. as for you assuming that they are purposfully not learning english, maybe they just don’t have the ability to learn english.

  88. Pancho says:

    asian, japponeze, korean,chinesse like cockroashe in one apparttment and illegal too.mexican,el salvador not only illegal in america.

  89. William B. says:

    I got friends from several parts of the world, mexican, colombian, venezuelan, etc. But all of them work hard for any cent they have been hired. The illegal alliens do the same, and not all are thieves, criminals or murderers. And you know what? They pay taxes in many ways as you probably do. If you could have the chance to have a latino friend from any country, you will see that they are good people, as americans, there could be some rotten apples but not all of them are bad.
    If you do not try, one day USA will be completely isolated as North Korea, and then there will not be nothing grate in this country as it is now.
    Have a good day.

  90. Miguel says:

    Don’t forget that our ancestors WERE IMMIGRANTS. Immigrants that were able to give their lives for a better chance for themselves and their families. For every American citizen here, 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation or older, I am 100% sure someone in your family came from another country. Think twice before giving an opinion.

  91. Taxpayer says:


  92. Malcolm says:

    Okay. Look at the Amazing Race on TV. Do any of the American competitors speak the language of the countries they visit? NOT! None of them bother to bring a bilingual dictionary or anything. They expect all the cab drivers and others to converse with them in English and get mad when they don’t. And we have the nerve to demand Spanish speaking immigrants speak our language when they come here (which isn’t even proper English, but a watered down version called ‘American’). We need to take our own advice and learn to speak other people’s languages when we visit their countries. As someone else said here before no wonder the French can’t stand us and our demands that they speak to us in English when we visit their country.

  93. Caldwell says:

    Thats I am saying to y’all your so busy watching the Mexicans you have forgot those that are a real threat to Americans. Glad they caught that SOB at JFK.

  94. Lakita in Indiana says:

    Blue eyed blonde illegal in America? That’s an oxymoron. lol.

  95. BJ James says:

    there are some very rascist comments on this blog. to FLK you know you’re screwed when you have a name like FLK. you’re exactly what it sounds like moron. i wish shakira could spit on you.

  96. A.J. says:

    i was born here. i don’t want to be bothered the color of my skin. harrassed and shaken down, rounded up… and be asked for my papers. that is something they had in the communist soviet union, as well as nazi germany. what is next check points where we get bothered just for being brown???

  97. john says:

    Why can a Cuban stay when they hit land but a Haitian is sent packing? There should be no preferential treatment for anyone based on race, religion or political affiliation. none.

  98. G. Brooks says:

    With all due respect amnesty has been tried and that has not solved the problem. It has only brought more people through. That is not the answer. A substantial number of illegals come through beside crossing the Mexican border. They come through Canada. They also fly in as tourists or students and just never go back. And they come in all different colors. The white ones just blend in. However, I am more concerned about terrorists coming in than some little Mexican trying to feed his family or provide a better life for them. Terrorists, that should be our focus pronto.

  99. Rupert M. says:

    They are here and it won’t be easy to get rid of them. but I wish they would at least attempt to learn the language. I am sick of having to deal with two languages when I call a government office.

  100. Jan Mitchell says:

    don’t know what all the fuss is about. arizona had no choice since the federal goverment did not do it’s job to secure the border.

  101. Lakita in Indiana says:

    The question is how the police going to differentiate between the legal people of color and the illegal ones. African Americans wlll be getting screwed all over again.

  102. Millia says:

    We need to draw the line somewhere. Our taxes pay for medical, hospitalization, food, education and housing for people that should not be here. When I had some financial difficulty a few years ago I got a shock when I found out I couldn’t get any help from Medicaid because I had a 401K. Yet these illegals get all the state help with no problem and just for the asking. Not fair. Go home.

  103. Robin says:

    The focus should be on drug pushers that enter the country illegally but if young white kids were not supporting that drug trade the cartels would have to find another country to bring in their poison.

  104. Betty says:

    enough already. you guys are beating this issue into the ground.

  105. Mitch says:

    Mexicans are taking our jobs b/c they will work for less than what Americans will work for, but blame the employers for encouraging that. A lot of businesses will go out of business now.

  106. McGraw says:

    hold on tight betty the news media has only just started. this issue isn’t going away anytime soon. that’s the freedom of america everyone can express their opinion anytime.

  107. Louis B. says:

    Do Americans actually think the Mexicans are stealing our jobs? I wonder when was the last time any of the people posting here applied for a job as a painter, nanny, house keeper, lawn mower, farm worker or dishwasher?

  108. Girl 6 says:

    This is a very good debate and it shoudl continue until there is some resolution on this issue.

  109. Taxpayer says:


  110. Janet W. says:

    even if you are a born and raised a good ‘ol American you will be profiled if you are a person of color!

  111. Wayne K. says:

    ALL countries have immigration laws-WHY are we the only country expected to reward illegal behavior by opening our borders to those who are here ILLEGALLY?

  112. Beverly Z. says:

    California’s next. woo hoo! :-)

  113. Donald from O.C. says:

    I’ve already commented on this subject, but with all of the comments I have read since then, I felt compelled to do so again.
    I have been asked for ID just to enter a movie studio, and have been required to wear an identity badge while on the premises. It had nothing to do with my color or my accent. It had everything to do with my right to be there. I have difficulty seeing the difference. Surely the security of our country is as important as the security of any movie studio.

  114. Aisha says:

    illegal immigration has put california into near bankruptcy. we need a bill like arizona.

  115. Anderson says:

    Saying that this will not be a racial profiling law, sounds dandy to anyone who is white and will not probably never be stopped by a cop like Sandra’s friend Melody in this post and ask for their immigration papers. How else are they going to make this law work? What other criteria are they going to use to identify someone as “illegal” if not their exterior appearance?

  116. Julia says:

    We are seeing the best and the worst of America with these discussions on immigration reform. So much hate and anger. It all boils down to how we would each feel if the shoe was on the other foot, doesn’t it. Illegals would probably have a different viewpoint if they were Americans and Americans would have a different viewpoint if they were illegals.

  117. Enlightened says:

    The true victory of a democratic nation is when its people can walk the streets without fear…are you AWARE of that? This bill has elements of totalitarianism and undermines a vital part of democracy, for which America is the poster child. I would be happy to buy all supporters a one way ticket to Arizona where you can fit in perfectly with your ignorant Aryan friends.

  118. WTH says:

    The “birthright act” MUST be repealed! If an illegal alien has a baby, – an “anchor baby” they can then apply to have the WHOLE family come to America legally and it doesnt’ take long. How is THAT right?

  119. Fishy says:

    Did I miss it or are conservatives also blaming Obama for the illegal immigration problem too? Wait! I forgot. He’s an immigrant too, being born in Kenya and all. :-). People, life is going by to fast to be so angry about something like this. We will all die and leave this land. Why are we fighting each other.

  120. Sandra: Co-Founder of this Blog says:

    Kirsten, so good to hear from you! Thank you for your comment. I’ve read a few of your viewpoints on some of my co-bloggers’ posts and I must say you write very well. I hope you will keep coming back and post your insightful comments on a regular basis, whether they support our view or not. ☺

    From your accounts, your mom “got the worst shifts at work because her boss openly hated Canadians taking American jobs.” However, I’m sure you’ll agree that BEFORE your mom opens her mouth to reveal an accent, she is primarily seen as just another regular white woman and probably assumed to be American. Just imagine if she were Canadian AND black! I guarantee she would have had it a lot worse at work.

    I hate, no, I abhor playing the race card because while my race may be an issue for some, it is NOT an issue for me, but sometimes you have to address the white elephant in the room.

    The thing is, most people of color are discriminated against because of just that – their color. More discrimination follows based on other factors such as nationality, religion, age, sex, etc.

    When you were stopped by “strangers” asking where you’re from, I’m sure it was out of curiosity. That happens to me constantly and I am never shocked nor do I get offended in these situations. In fact, being from a different country has been a plus for me in America regarding my encounters with EVERYDAY AMERICAN PEOPLE, but being stopped by curious strangers is a far cry from being stopped by law enforcement, guns drawn, wanting to know what you are doing in a particular neighborhood.

    As you may know, my family is of “mixed race,” very much integrated with the white race and certain members of my extended family now understand that no white person can presume to completely understand the discrimination a black person faces on a daily basis, just like I, even as a black person, cannot presume to understand what the average African American goes through in South Central L.A. or other inner cities of America, or what a Mexican (legal and illegal) endures.

    Although most of us can empathize and sympathize with others in their various situations and experiences, we cannot truly know what an experience feels like until we walk in that person’s shoes.

  121. Joy M. says:

    Illegals need to get out of my country.

  122. Coby says:

    I vote for amnesty.

  123. Larry K. says:

    I think everything boils down to history. Unless you are a Native American, NO ONE is in this country legally, because I dont think the Native Americans requested any papers from the Pilgrims. This is a country FOUNDEND by IMMIGRANTS!!

  124. Pam says:

    Yes I agree with WTH anchor babies should be deported with their illegal parents and I don’t want to hear any sob story about families being split up. So what? America regularly splits families when an American citizen is jailed for breaking the law!

  125. Ina says:

    When the constitution tells that all persons are equal in front of the law, then it can’t be that there is made any difference between people, any other thing is called discrimination. The basic values of life have to be respected at any time and always. So that law invites people to bring injustice to others, that can’t be a solution of the problems of AZ.

  126. Ross says:

    As the highly esteemed Bishop Desmond TuTu recently said, “A solution that fails to distinguish between a young child coming over the border in search of his mother and a drug smuggler is not a solution…An immigrant who is charged with the crime of trespassing for simply being in a community without his papers on him is being told he is committing a crime by simply being…These are the seeds of resentment, hostilities and in extreme cases, conflict…” AMEN.

  127. Zebra Girl says:

    To Ina, I agree with you. The Constitution of the United States is at stake in this issue and I am talking about the rights of legal immigrants being trespassed upon with this mockery of a law.

  128. DAEWOO says:


  129. M. Zigler says:

    does anyone feel like i do about the high school boys being forced to change the t shirts they were wearing on cinqo de mayo day with the american flag on. this was all because the principal felt it was ‘insensitive’ and ‘incidiary’ because it was a mexican holiday. can you believe this s**t? in our america? some think it’s a joke but the mexicans are taking over our land and i say enough is enough is enough.

  130. Jade says:

    To those who rag on the Mexican immigration laws and the fact that other countries have little tolerance for illegal immigrants I say this: that is why they are not called “America, the land of the free, the land of opportunity.” We cannot continue to be the GREATEST country in the world if we adopt the policies of other countries. Capiche?

  131. Kimberly says:

    A friend of mine from the Philippines told me it took 29 years for her to get her legal papers. Another friend of mine from Haiti told me it took her and her family 20 years to get their papers. Canadians and Europeans don’t have to wait very long, in fact, they can just cross the border or fly in on a tourist or student visa and never go back and no one would be the wiser. Illegal is illegal and it should apply to all people.

  132. Lopez says:

    Stop pissing on the Mexicans and let’s look at the real threat to America. The ‘legal’ terrorists you welcome with open arms because they look like your so called average American. While you arm your Mexican borders to keep Latinos out terrorists are coming in boldly ready to destroy your country with your own airplanes and vehicles. Why don’t you look at the real threat to your country.

  133. Maya says:

    America puts little value on education and I can see the results with some of the conservative comments here. Some people are are talking around the issue and not about the issue. Thank you Sandra for sharing your experience and connecting it with your feelings on the immigration issue whetehr I agree with you or not. Others here are just talking out of the asses to put it bluntly.

  134. Freddie P. says:

    How many of you have had jobs taken from you by illegals? How many of you have friends or relatives who lost jobs to illegals?

  135. Poquito Mas says:

    terrorists vs illegal immigration. i’ll take the hardworking immigrants anytime.

  136. Superman says:

    The cracking down of human beings is nothing new. Like you said Sandra the freed slaves had to produce their ‘freedom papers’ when they were stopped not only by police but by members of the white community as well. With the Holocaust, Jews had to show their papers to Nazis engaging in ‘Jew catching’ in Germany. In this the 21ST CENTURY, people of color can now legally be rounded up and be forced to show their freedom papers again. THE MORE THINGS CHANGE THE MORE THEY REMAIN THE SAME.

  137. Damon says:

    I don’t think anyone here that opposes the Arizona immigration bill is in favor of open immigration. People here are just opposed to racism. And yes, if you support the premise of the Arizona bill, you are by definition racist.

  138. Manlia says:

    America’s biggest threat is terrorism. Know any Mexican terrorists? Please let’s take a look at the terrorists and not the illegal Mexicans trying for a better life to contribute to America not harm Americans.

  139. Marva says:

    Ohhh all the self righteous Americans who just demand to take their country back. Your arrogance is overshadowed only by your stupidity.

  140. MB Mitch says:

    If we can’t control our borders we certainly can’t implement any kind of comprehensive immigration reform, not now, not 10 years from now. Reagan’s comprehensive reform left us in exactly the same situation today. It’s not a democrat or republican failing. It’s both.

  141. V.P. says:

    Obama and his cronies are encouraging illegal aliens to willfully ignore Federal law which makes it a crime to be in this country without proper immigration documentation. A law is a law. If you don’t like it, lobby to have it changed. Until it is changed, follow the f*cking law. Illegals are breaking the law. I am not concerned about Europeans, or Canadians. Call me racist if you want but I am concerned about those damn Mexicans coming in and taking and taking and giving nothing worthwhile in return. I am pissed.

  142. Dwight McC. says:

    Today mohter’s are missing their children and husbands.

    Here is a list of deaths caused by Illegal Aliens.

  143. Aha says:

    Hey Liberals, I can see November from my house!

  144. Ralph G. says:

    If we dont speak two languages we are screwed in this country. Last time I checked America was English not Spanish. Enough of that bull****.

    • JUST IN TIME says:

      Ralph G it’s idiots like you that make this country uncool. Try saying this sh**t in Europe and you’ll be laughed out of a continent you trailer trash idiot.

  145. Sake says:

    How many terrorists are coming in to kill us while our backs are turned toward the Mexicans?

    • JUST IN TIME says:

      The funny thing is Americans are actually talking about the Miranda Rights for terrorists and in the same breath are talking about taking away any rights for hard working Mexicans that love America and call this country home. Shame. :-(

  146. Renaissance says:

    insightful post. the sad thing is most of you call yourselves Christians.

  147. KKelley says:

    So Obama is responsible for the immigration problem now? Unbelievable. I seriously believe that some of you people have been inbreeding too much and it’s affecting your freaking minds.

  148. for the sake of love says:

    To Dwight McC where is the list of Mexicans legally murdered by law enforcement or civilians?

  149. April says:

    America was not built by Americans alone. It takes a village or …a town or… people. Can you imagine a country/America with only white people?

  150. Isabella says:

    April, all white America? Yawn.

  151. Paul says:

    All we need to do is enforce EMPLOYER ACCOUNTABILITY and the problem would be solved.

  152. Andrina says:

    What would Jesus do? He would be ashamed of us as a country.

  153. Newt says:

    What’s amusing to me is when trailer trash refer to the most powerful man in the world, President Barack Obama, a Harvard grad as a moron. I guess this is not the topic here, but I just wanted to give my opinion.

  154. Rachelle says:

    May God help us all.

  155. Rafael says:

    George Lopez thinks he has arrived. He better watch his *ss. Conan won’t help you, amigo. Step aside and show your papers bro.

  156. Grandma says:

    Cheaper to deport than to support. Let the rounding up begin. Yee Haw!

    • Grandpa says:

      Response to Grandma – cheaper to deport than to support? How about cheaper to extract your one tooth and shave your facial hair than to give you a brain. Yee Haw this!

  157. Jag says:

    We have enough problems with the police as it is, we do not more. Jan Brewer’s children are safe and have bodyguards they have nothing to fear but GOD is watching them.

  158. Ford222 says:

    I do believe that people in Government positions who do not want good for the masses will suffer.

  159. Russell A. says:

    They have referred illegal aliens only to Latinos but it is for all people who are not here legally. I say Amnesty is the answer.

  160. Diana says:

    My mother has always taught me to do good to all people. No one cares about the after death until they start burning in hell. No one is compensated with virgins.

  161. Buttock Yomama says:

    Are we ever going to hear what Barack thinks about this immigration bill.

  162. Grandpa says:

    This law brings to mind slavery, the Holocaust, Japanese American internment. Who’s next? White trailer trash? Don’t laugh. It could well be you when the Mexicans are gone.

  163. Yikes says:

    Can you imagine the ruckus if jan Brewer’s children were stopped unknowingly. Wait, this is better, I wish, wish wish Jan Brewer’s children would fall in love with an illegal Mexican. Do you think it would make the news or would they sweep it under the rug like they do with everything else.

  164. Sunset Blvd. says:

    Sandra, I love you renaming Lou Snobbs. I laughed till my sides hurt. Classic. How about renaming Lush Limbaugh, Pill O’Riley, Pain Beck, Snarly Elders and the other assh*les on Fox and send them to Arizona to meet Jan Brewer. Then let’s draw a line and forbid them to come back to civilization.

  165. Levi S. says:

    Come election time I hope the legal aliens, like the Latinos, show Jan Brewer she is not welcomed in Arizona. That goes for all the racist so called conservatives. Go out and vote.

  166. Bolton says:

    It is sad that a few bad seeds are out there trying to oppress some and the rest are just there trying to survive.

  167. Jonas L. says:

    Great article. Nothing beats prayers. Oust Jan Brewer.

  168. Melody Johnston says:

    All the people that are screaming that the immigration bill is great have obviously NOT given thought as to how they and their grand parents got here in America in the first place.

  169. Yule says:

    I hope the rest of the States DO NOT adopt that immigration bill.

  170. Khari says:

    ‘The View’ gals spoke about that Immigration bill today and must tell y’all I love listening to that Whoopie, she makes so much sense. When she opens up her mouth I want everyone to shut up so I can hear what she has to say. I guess America has not figured out yet that people of color can also be smart like Whoopie.

  171. Ephraim B. says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like those strong people who started the protests against that racist bill are now having rubber teeth and putting their tails behind them, or were they paid and bought off with their immigration papers.

  172. Bushtail says:

    All I see is those Mexicans spitting all over the place. I say spit them right out of our country

  173. Bon Jovi Fan says:

    Jan Brouhaha Brewer is no different from that tea party pimpette Sarah Palin. They sure do know how to divide a nation.

  174. Sox says:

    America is one of the last countries to not speak two languages. Every other country in the world speaks English plus another language. This is a negative for the future of our children. Instead of criticizing Spanish, we should embrace it. Better still, learn it morons.

  175. Ginger says:

    Love, love, love the blog. I’ll recommend it to all my friends.

  176. Monleith says:

    Americans would prefer to thier children to be educated fron the text books than from ‘hands on’ experience, SAD.

  177. Ana says:

    These are teh dregs of society that come here with all kinds of sickenesses. They drain our healthcare system and infect us on top of it.

  178. THE MAN says:

    Arizona should secede from the contiguous united states. Totally UN-American.

  179. Milly Gurganious says:

    I am really liking your site and all the fun comments posted here.

  180. LaTanya says:

    This Jan Brewer is sure on a roll. She’s taking on the schools. This is a woman with too much time on her hands.

  181. Right Said Fred says:

    Hooray for the brave ones that boycott Arizona. God bless the LA City Council and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for publicly challenging Arizona and showing their contempt for its racist immigration bill.

  182. Morgan B. says:

    Governor Jan Brouhaha (thank you Bon Jovi Fan, it’s a great name for her) signed another measure yesterday that “prohibits classes that advocate ethnic solidarity, that are designed primarily for students of a particular race or that promote resentment toward a certain ethnic group.” How is it possible for someone to speak out of both sides of her mouth at the same time? Hey GI Jan, didn’t you just encourage that with your racist immigration bill?

  183. Dillon says:

    Jan Brewer should be your Media Jerk instead of Kate Goselin. Maybe next time? In the meantime maybe they can be a duo and go on dancing with the stars as partners. LOL really loud. hehehe!

  184. TOTO says:


  185. Antonio says:

    Thank you for this article Sandra. It’s getting to a point where being Latino or even looking like one is a crime.

  186. Yankee Doodle says:

    Jan Brewer is right to sign this new measure against ethnic studies. Most of these ethnic studies classes secretly try to re-write history so that Whites are hated. If we had white studies every one would be screaming racism.

  187. Toni says:

    Hitler would be so proud of Arizona. You go Jan!

  188. Nazi says:

    Viva Arizona!!

  189. T. Spencer says:

    I’m honestly ashamed to be a white person in Arizona right now. I want to apologize of all the hatred that white people are directing toward Mexicans and all the pain we have inflicted and continue to put on people of color.

  190. Stanley Keaton says:

    To hell with the gardeners, busboys, dishwashers, babysitters, etc. BUT I’ll miss the refried beans. heheh :-)

  191. Tanya says:

    It would be a shame to do away with the ethnic studies classes. I am white and I took ethnic studies in college and they were some of the best classes that I took! I wish I could have had the opportunity to have learned what I from these classes in high school.They were educational and you got to see another point of view. White people where not roaming these lands first! Jan Brewer is getting out of hand and this new legislation is outrageous.

  192. ROBIN HOOD says:

    To Yankee Doodle, what do you mean ‘If we had white studies every one would be screaming racism.” Where have you been gringo? You DO have white studies. Everything in the school books is about white studies even the inventions that your people stole from blacks, Indians and others and took for themselves. All the studies are about the great white hope you dope.

  193. Snookums says:

    Racial profiling is oppressive and immoral. Denying it doesn’t make it any more right.

  194. ROBIN HOOD says:

    To Toto Republicans do not only hate Latinos they also hate themselves. They are filled with SELF LOATHING. That’s why they hate everyone.

  195. Kiko says:

    Jan Brewer please go back to your museum and stay there.

  196. Yancy says:

    White people have been the oppressors for years and the Mexicans, African Americans, Jews and Japanese have the scars to prove it. Neither of these groups should be singling out the other for discrimination.

  197. Maryia says:

    To all the Black people who say to the Mexicans go back to Mexico.
    When the Mexicans go back to Mexico who do you think the white people will be looking at to wash their toilet bowls, wipe the snot from their kids nose and toil the soil.

  198. L. Patrick says:

    Governor Brewer has got my vote for President 2012. She’s a hero in my eyes and has more balls than most men. I’m excited to see what she’ll do next to continue to place Arizona as an example of great leadership.

  199. Chase says:

    I love your finesse that you put into your writing.

  200. Hollywood Gal says:

    Jan Brewer just wants to make Arizona a white state plain and simple. Sandra you are absolutely right, its the white washing of America, starting with Arizona.

  201. Ella Ella Ella says:

    It is not the job of the educational system to teach people about their culture. It’s up to the parents and extended family. The ban on ethnic studies is long overdue because that is racist against white Americans.

  202. M. Salas says:

    First, the US steals New Mexico, Arizona, and California from Mexico and didn’t even bother to change all the Spanish names of the streets, cities, towns and states. Then they put up a border and said it’s illegal to cross that border. And if you cross that border you will be illegal and it is a crime to be Mexican while in the US.

  203. J. Wells says:

    Yes, a whole lotta scared white people in Arizona.

  204. Carla Knight says:

    The beauty of America is its diversity. The white washing of America, i.e., removing all the color from it will only make it the most boring country in the world. Color ALWAYS adds pizzazz and makes a huge difference to everything.

  205. Phil Harmonic says:

    America interferes with everyone’s human rights. Look in your own backyard and take care of the serious violation of human rights happening right under your nose. Land of the free my a**!

  206. Freedom says:

    All very true, but I don’t agree myself. I will stay the more traditional view. But I without doubt support your right to have your own point of view. Interesting topic.

  207. Proud American says:

    Enough already. People need to just stop with the arguments about this country being stolen from the Native Americans and Mexicans.. the US is the US. People should be charged with treason for speaking against this country. If you dont like it, move somewhere else.

  208. Palin Fan says:

    Brewer and Palin in 2012.

  209. Laurence B. says:

    conservatives cannot be THAT dumb…can they?

  210. J.M. Fogel says:

    Arizona is obviously the home of white supremacists, mostly toothless, right wing neo nazi, gun toting, incest loving trailer trash red necks – some disguised in suits some more obvious in cowboy boots and a sneer for immigrants. Here’s MY new anti-rabid a$$h**le law. All decent people should get a rabies shot when they see anyone that fit that profile. Amen.

  211. S. Winston says:

    OMG I’m embarrassed to say I’m from ARizona now. These laws are so un-American.

  212. Not Racist says:

    Sandra I know you stand for diversity and all that with changing images and the work you do but I gotta tell ya I’ll be the first to stand in line to round em up when the bill passes in California. you are here legally so what do you care. Enough of this s***t.

  213. LBK says:

    why do liberals hate America so much?

  214. Yvonne says:

    a whole lotta hate toward ethnics coming out of arizona these days. the white washing of AZ has begun 1st the mexicans, then the ethnic studies. when all the color is gone from the nazi state, white trailer trash you’re next. wait a minute, but that’s the whole state. one lump of stinky garbage. aw :-(

  215. Sure Nuff says:

    The KKK doesn’t need the white sheets anymore. The new Arizona laws give them freedom to openly hate, murder, rape and do all the sordid things for which they are known all in the name of preserving the so called white race. People are not going to sit down and take this shit. Just so you know.

  216. Diaz says:

    What goes around come around. Funny how history repeats itself. First “anglos” took land from the indians. and Now “latinos” are taking it back. see we will be the majority pretty soon. lol. he who laughs last wins. hahahahah

  217. Edwin Stayrook says:

    Ethnic studies are inherently anti white and anti American. I’m glad Jan Brewer had the guts to do what so many liberals are afraid to do. My deep admiration goes to the little lady.

  218. Donald Stump says:

    Arizona is now a police state.

  219. T. Burnett says:

    Fear has driven this nation to commit horrific acts against people of different races, but I never realized how stupid, selfish and bigoted we are as a country until I started reading the debates on this immigration issue.

  220. Brewer Fan says:

    Finally a politician with guts and integrity. FINALLY a politician standing up for Americans and WHITE people in general! Just because we stand up for our rights we are labeled racists. Well, so be it. Thank you Jan Brewer. You have more support than you know.

  221. Sean Myers says:

    God Bless America. Every single color and race that continues to build this nation.

  222. Tracy Simon says:

    I do not enjoy going into businesses and seeing signs in spanish, or when i call a company the messages starts in english than goes to spanish. That is very annoying to me. We are a one language country and that’s how it should stay. Everyone should learn to speak the language. It should not be the ohter way around to inconvenient the rest of us.

  223. Booze says:

    Arizona is on the right track. They should save a ton of money and preserve the integrity of the white race in the process.

  224. Jerrell says:

    Just watch. A ban on Black History Month will be next. It’s coming…

  225. Nancey Hacke says:

    whatever happened to the cultural melting pot that is supposed to be America.

  226. Shirley Bettenhausen says:

    Excellent article! i am just Tired of conservatives getting on their soap box and putting down everyone that doesn’t look like them.

  227. Barbara M. says:

    How about Jessica Colotl? I don’t care how bright she is. She should be deported. She’s here illegally and taking the rightful place of an American or legal immigrant in college.

  228. Road Hog says:

    To Barbara M. if American students had Jessica Colotl’s GPA or better, they would be in college. Let’s not mix apples and oranges. She academically qualified to be in college, which obviously you and those who you know are not and that’s why you are griping. Get a better argument and while you’re at it get a life.

  229. Jessy says:

    These days many Americans are looking for jobs and will take EVEN $8 jobs. Believe me, when the Mexicans are deported there will be people lining up for those jobs. Guaranteed.

  230. British Dude says:

    Americans can’t even read, write or speak English but the whine and complain about immigrants not speaking it.

  231. Deanna Lemon says:

    I sympathize with Jessica Colotl. She is being targeted also because she is smart. Jealous Americans are mad that she does not speak in stilted English like they expect most Mexicans to. Her GPA is 3.8. So you deport her, whose loss?

  232. No Fuss says:

    Let he with no sin cast the fist stone. People keep talking about illegals have broken the law. How many of you have lied on your taxes, made a left turn where you should not, bring stuff into the country that you should not, etc. We are all guilty of something or other just haven’t been caught. Since the law is the law. How many of us would be able to stand examination? Leave the damn Mexicans alone.

  233. B. Trenton says:

    This lady is single highhandedly killing all the progress that Reagan and Bush 1 & 2 did with Latinos in the past.

  234. Janke says:

    Somebody else said here that we should focus on the terrorists and not the Mexicans. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE. I have never heard of a Mexican terrorist. The new face of terrorism is the blond, blue eyed type that assimilates into this country and whom we are giving a FREE pass. Racism is about to backfire on us big time in this country. Sadly we’ll probably only realize that when the next terror act occurs as our backs are turned escorting the Mexicans out.

  235. Nelson M. says:

    Brewer is brewing hate in Arizona. Her wicked witches brew is spilling over into other states.

  236. BP says:

    Jessica Colotl’s parents brought her to the U.S. illegally when she was a 10 year-old. She had no say in the matter. She’s smart and ambitious and the kind of immigrant America can benefit from. So, what purpose would it serve to deport her to a Mexico she doesn’t even know.

  237. Uranass says:

    Are you guys CRAZZZZZZYYY? Jessica what’s her name should be deported for being in this country illegally. What’s wrong with you people that encourage people to break the laws of this country? Do you think any American can go to Mexico and do what Jessica has done and STAY?

  238. Belmont Blue says:

    What riles me is her sense of entitlement. She sounds like she is doing America a favor by being here and getting good grades she feels like she should be allowed to stay. Whether or not she didn’t ask to be here and she has a great point average she’s here illegally. That’s the main thing.

  239. Alice C. says:

    terrorism before racism. America prioritize your issues.

  240. Doug J. says:

    The Lakers should watch Phil Jackson. He supports the Arizona bill. Phil just remember this. A lot of people of color are on your team and pay your salary, you are a sell out.

  241. New Dawn says:

    I’ve never liked Phil Jackson. I’m glad his true colors are showing.

  242. Palin Moose says:

    Hey girls, Sarah Palin has just joined the immigration debate. What an opportunistic bia*ch!

  243. Kimberly says:

    Today one group is targeted. Tomorrow it will be another. When we’ve gone through all the races, they will come get the poor white trash. lol. :-)

  244. Moises Carpinello says:

    Wow. Doesn’t look like more Mexicans will be coming here any time soon. Just wishful thinking!

  245. Robyn says:

    No one ever really thought of how far Hitler would go when he started tagging Jews and prosecuting those that tried to help them. We must remember that when we start tagging one race.

  246. Ellman says:

    I hope Americans are smart enough to know that Jan Brewer is doing that for her to be re elected. Its all POLITICS at the Mexican’s expense.

  247. BillD says:

    We have seen it over and over again, all those old foggies who fought to keep blacks out of good schools and kept racism alive here in America have all died and left the land they were fighting for. The message, you do not go with anything. Let it go.

  248. stevenstevens says:

    its funny how we boast about America the great, freedom of speech, etc but when ever someone opens up their mouth and says something we do not want to hear we cry foul and fry them like refried beans.

  249. Quinn says:

    Give a dog a bone and they run with it, look at Jan Brewer, she is milking it for all its worht and she’s still running. Just remember what Jan Brewer has done when its election time b/c she will have the balls to run all the way to the next elections. Racist piglet.

  250. mdiaz says:

    There are many talented people of all race. America would not survive if not for the mix of people.

  251. buzz says:

    The Arizona bill sounds good for some people until it knocks on their door.

  252. Centurion says:

    I say, send all of them back to where they crawled from.

  253. ENERGY says:

    Jan brewer you are a witch. karma IS a bi**h.

  254. K. Alyson says:

    I do not care about the color of skins, the law is the law. Everyone has to take the line and wait their turn.

  255. Craig Thomas says:

    If Michael J. Fox, Jim Carrey, Avril Lavigne, Howie Mandel, Nelly Furtado, Mike Myers, Keanu Reeves, Kiefer Sutherland, Sandra Oh, Matthew Perry, etc. did not jump the line we would have missed a lot. Let them all in.

  256. garcia says:

    The govnor of Arizona is giving more fuel to all the racist cops who has racist agendas and excuses to do racial profiling.

  257. Top Gun says:

    Oh Sarah Palin. The dumbest of the dumbest, but the smartest at fooling the American people. She finally joined the immigration debate and she can’t even see Mexico from her house. LOL. LYAO!!! :-)

  258. Sheilah says:

    I found it took a long time for Sarah Palin to jump on the bandwagon with Jan Brewer with the immigration bill. Sarah Sarh Sarah when is enough enough?

  259. C.Lyons says:

    I like Latinos I just do not like the ones who come over here illegally and commit crimes. Not every Latino is bad.

  260. Michael says:

    VAMOOSE back to Mexico Pablo, Jose, Javier, Juan, Edmondo, Maria, Paulina and all your little poquitos.

  261. Jason says:

    I love this BLOG!

  262. Jeremy T. says:

    The federal government cannot continue to abdicate its duty to guard the borders and manage immigration. Both republican and democrat administrations have failed miserably in that regard and the current administration under Barak Obama doesn’t seem remotely interested in addressing far less taking care of the problem.

    Heres where I agree with Jan Brewer who had to do what she had to do. Arizona has over HALF A MILLION illegal aliens. FAIR – the Federation for American Immigration Reform reports that illegal immigrants take $1.6 billion from Arizona’s education system, $694.8 million from health care services, $339.7 million in law enforcement and court costs, $85.5 million in welfare costs and $155.4 million in other general costs. What’s a state to do?

    Here’s where I agree with you Sandra. The bill unfairly targets one group. There are many many illegal Europeans and Canadians in the U.S. I also agree with you to some extent that we need to properly secure our borders and to provide amnesty for those illegals that have been here for the last 10 years. However, I do not believe that those who have been given amnesty should ever become citizens and have the right to vote. They should just be given permanent status and just that.

    There’s no easy answer because the genuine arguments against illegal immigration are unfortunately tempered by the troubling issue of racism.

  263. Evan Jackson says:

    Do any of you know the number of police officers that have been killed and maimed by illegal immigrants in Arizona? There’s a huge criminal element in that state and the cops don’t know who’s who. Come on, SOMETHING had to be done. I wholeheartedly support AZ.

  264. David says:

    Arizona’s racial profiling bill is the new American Express. People of color just can’t leave home without their papers. It is amazing to me that if I am away on one of my sales trips and my wife who has brown skin and an accent forgets her ID at home, she can be arrested and detained until it can be verified that she is in this country legally, until I get back home. She has no family here. So unless you go through that kind of discrimination, as I, as a white man, have experienced with my wife, you don’t know what you are talking about. It’s a double standard and it’s a shame.

  265. Bueno says:


  266. Wendy says:

    As Bill Cosby said on the Tonight Show RACISM IS A WASTE OF TIME.

  267. INCUMBENT says:

    Colotl should definitely stay and finish college. She is obviously very bright. But I would not give her a free ride. I would make sure she gives back to the community in exchange for leniency.

  268. Betsy Miller says:

    everything seems to be blamed on the immigrant. all of Americans problems are caused by the immigrant. i would like to know how many immigrants were handling our money on wall street.

  269. julius says:

    Isn’t it the truth that we as Americans want people to like us, respect us, honor us and accept us as is but we as Americans have a big problem doing the same to others.

  270. josefina says:

    If there was respect and love for people in our Universe what a wonderful world it would be.

  271. BUGSY says:

    This immigration bill is a nightmare and it’s not going to end well for AZ.

  272. Alicia K. says:

    i couldn’t wait to get on my lunch break to put in my two cents. jan Brewer, fear mongering tea party rednecks, sarah palin, republican racists, insecure die hard conservative morons no amount of white washing will give you the superiority you crave but cannot seem to get no matter who you put down! big time losers.

  273. mike says:

    why can’t they just close down the damn border. simple.

  274. parker says:

    immigrants are not the problem. it’s ILLEGAL immigrants that’s the problem.

  275. Crystal says:

    Let all those Latinos sign up for prisoners jobs for two years and then make legal. Jan Brewer has the right to secure her borders.

  276. Ambien says:

    Other racists States are contemplating this Arizona immigration bill and we should all do everything in our power to write our senators, congressmen and all state representatives to let them know that we will no longer tolerate racism in our states. Enough of this ignorant behavior. This is not the America I know and love.

  277. Alice Bundy says:

    It’s so funny that the teabaggers that are always mouthing off about ‘protecting our freedoms’ are the same people that support a bill that allows cops to stop people of a certain color and make them prove citizenship. Teabaggers are proving to be what I have always known them to be – redneck racist garbage.

  278. superduper says:

    That bill brings out the worst in all of us.

  279. Mojo says:

    What the hell is that tea party movement all about anyways. All I see is just a bunch of low class ignorant folks that have nothing going on in their lives except for dividing people and promoting hatred.

  280. freaky says:

    I’m hoping that some of you may be able to help by boycotting Arizona by any means necessary.

  281. Lee says:

    The White washing of America. Very appropriate title for your post.

  282. Jerome says:

    Illegal immigrants may be the problem but it’s ALL immigrants that will pay the price. Correction – all immigrants of COLOR.

  283. Lemonade says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this blog. My comment is that it is time for us to take a stand and keep the illegals out. I do not like those people coming over here and committing crimes why cant they go over to Canada or other countries. Why here? I AGREE with the immigration bill.

  284. bubba says:

    Everything that happens now in Arizona will be blamed on the Mexicans. I do not believe the border attacks happened as reported in the news. Police is corrupt everywhere in this country.

  285. Barberino says:

    the little Mexican chihuahua dog didn’t he get deported after he asked Yo quero Taco Bell in Arizona? we don’t see him around no more. lol.

  286. S. Casey says:

    Obama is addressing the immigration issue now. Better late than never. The federal government has dropped the ball on securing our borders and that just cannot be allowed to continue.

  287. Chanel Original says:

    Damn, this truly is a great Webpage!

  288. shoeswithlaces says:

    I am glad Obama’s aunt did not live in Arizona. And if she did I am sure Brewer would target her to make a point.

  289. crossroads says:

    The Arizona law requires police to question people about their immigration status IF there’s reason to suspect they’re in the country illegally. People may be questioned about their status if they’ve been stopped by police for breaking another law. So what is so wrong with that? They are just trying to keep Americans safe and protect the rights of citizens.

  290. Alexis says:

    I got an email blast about this blog anf I’m so happy to read all the good stuff you ladies have here. Congratulations! Well, my guy Barack Obama is going to fix this broken immigration system just like he fixed the broken healthcare system. But as he says, it will never happen without republican support. If the republicans would just stop playing politics and address the many issues of this country we would be much further ahead in our economic recovery. Rush Limbaugh and the other jokers don’t want to see this president succeed, but he has a bigger ally in the Man upstairs and what God has ordained for Obama and his presidency NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can take away. So I urge my fellow Americans to set aside politics and help this man help us or may God help us all.

  291. daddio says:

    Obama called the Arizona law “a misdirected expression of frustration. He also said “In the United States of America, no law-abiding person – be they an American citizen, a legal immigrant, or a visitor or tourist from Mexico – should ever be subject to suspicion simply because of what they look like.” How about showing us your papers Mr Obama. Because we think you are not only in this country illegally you are in the president’s seat illegally.

  292. E.Brown says:

    Thanks for the blog. You may not like my comments but what the hey. President George W. Bush tried to get a bill passed through Congress in his second term that required illegals to pay a penalty and back taxes, learn English and get in line toward becoming a legal resident and citizen of the country. He didn’t succeed. The politicians didn’t want to take the risk because critics said that the measure amounted to amnesty for lawbreakers. Bush may not have been the best president but he was on the side of giving illegals a chance.

  293. MaryAnn says:

    This is not just an issue of illegals crossing the border to seek work in this country, it is a bigger issue of drug traffickers and cartels, rapists, murderers and thieves that have created a public safety crisis for all on both sides of the border.

  294. McCooper says:

    Today I saw the personal side of the debate, from the perspective of a child talking to Michelle Obama and I was very touched. The little girl said,”My mom… she says that Barack Obama is taking everybody away that doesn’t have papers, my mom doesn’t have any papers. The lady that Michele Obama is said to the child “Yeah, well that’s something that we have to work on, right? To make sure that people can be here with the right kind of papers, right? We have to work on that. We have to fix that, and everybody’s got to work together in Congress to make sure that happens.” I just wonder how some of these people making nasty comments here about illegal immigrants would feel if the shoe was on the other foot. Thanks for giving us your perspective on the issue, Sandra. Great blog.

  295. Megan B. says:

    Plain and simple we need a plan that includes creating a tightly secured border, the governor of Arizona has started and we need to continue to the finish line, in the meantime I say get all the illegals out and let them stand in line and wait their turn.

  296. delicious says:

    There should be accountability for those living in the United States illegally.

  297. redlobster says:

    The United States and Mexico share a significant economic and political relationship that stands to be damaged with this immigration issue. We are stupid to think that Mexico offers only illegal workers to this country. America has a valuable trade relationship with Mexico that cannot be jeopardized. The more the nations are at odds over immigration, the more millions of people on both sides of the border will be affected.

  298. Mickey Bloom says:

    Palin’s recent endorsement of Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer’s “Hey Mexicans show your papers” policy shows her true colors and leanings to people of any color darker than white. Sarah and Jan are cut from the same bale of cloth.

  299. Orville says:

    I say round up ALL the illegal people and send them to Iraq and Pakistan to fight the war for the Americans and if and when they return give them their green cards. That will show the commitment to our country and a payment as the same time for breaking our law and living here illegally.

  300. PSP says:

    great blog. thanx for sharing your story and viewpoints.

  301. Driscoll says:

    I am really really happy that Mayor Villaraigosa is sticking to his guns to boycott Arizona in spite of their threats. I have so much more respect for him now. I take my sombrero off to you Antonio.

  302. Clayton Bank says:

    As a governor of a State Mrs. Brewer has all the legal rights to protect her citizens, that is what they elected her to do and she is doing it. The people who do not like it should leave her state and go back to their countries. Keep up the good work Mrs. Brewer, I hope you get elected again because you are doing a fantastic job that other governors should copy.

  303. Hooters Fan says:

    US Air sucks anyway. I’m with Villarigosa. Boycot.

  304. sunshinegirl says:

    OMG Sandra what a great blog! Thanks for the email. All the posts by all the bloggers are fun and I especially like this one since the topic is so hot these days. I can’t wait to read everything. My feelings are we should be ashamed as human beings and as a nation because many Mexicans make a significant contribution to our economy. They don’t bother me and of course I would want them to be here legally, but since they are already here I feel we should “legalize” them by giving them amnesty and like you say, seal our borders after that. Congratulations again on a GREAT website. I LOVE the caricatures. :-)

  305. New York says:

    Hey Arizona, thumbs up, middle finger out.

  306. Anna Boxer says:

    I am hoping Obama considers Amnesty for the illegals. His aunt got it and so should others.

  307. bets sports says:


  308. cameron says:

    Arizona should cancel every contract they have with LA and every other state that wants to play politics with its economy.

  309. Robert from usa says:

    You got a really useful blog I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your story is very much an inspiration for me.

  310. Bebe says:

    Say “NO” to Meg Whitman. PLEASE DON’T vote for her. One minute she’s against Arizona immigration law and the next she promises to “take care” of the immigration issue.

  311. blondeblueeyed says:


  312. blondeblueeyed says:


  313. Trent says:

    thank you so much for this blog sandra. it’s great. sorry for your experience with those ignorant cops. i agree with you in some respects on this issue. it definitely is racist when it targets mexicans, but on the other hand i don’t like anyone coming here and breaking the law. unfortunately the bad thing is the rights of innocent legal immigrants will be violated and they will obviously suffer in the process.

  314. almanac says:

    I agree about Meg Whitman. I was all set to vote for her when I heard she did not support the Arizona law. Then this week she’s singing a different tune. We have to ask ourselves what exactly is her position. If she can switch so fast on immigration what will she do with other issues? I have never trusted politicians and I am extremely disappointed in Meg. I really thought she was different.

  315. Ruby says:

    Great article. So it really does happen this police profiling. I have never known anyone who this happened to. Now I do. Shame on LAPD.

  316. J.Jiminez says:

    All I have to say is all racist white people especially those that comit crime should be deported back to Europe. What is good for us is good for you amigo.

  317. Evaughn says:

    What I don’t understand is why has there been such an outcry of discrimination and profiling over the Arizona law SB1070 when a similar law, 287(g) was already in effect years ago without a whimper. The Arizona law makes it a misdemeanor for anyone to be in the state without documentation which is already REQUIRED by federal law! WHAT IS THE ISSUE?

  318. Brandy says:

    Only people that live in border states really know how overwhelming the illegal immigration is. To the illegals I say go back to the sh.t hole you came from, (Mess- xico).

  319. mbz says:

    This Congress DOESN’T WANT the borders sealed. They’d sell this whole country out for a few extra votes. And they’re doing it everyday.

  320. M. Ruiz says:

    Please do not to deny Pancho, Pedro, Maria, and Gonzolo a job. The blacks will not do those jobs for you. They are too lazy.

  321. marketiva says:

    Ooohh, This is a great post, I stumbled across your blog and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing your story., I’ll be sure to come back. :)

  322. suburbanite says:

    Just so you know, In 1995, Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act gave US immigration officials the greenlight to train local law enforcement officers on the methods of identifying and detaining immigration offenders. This will not be a roundup, it will be done in the most professional manner and it will be very effective. We should have more confidence in our local police.

  323. pacobell says:

    the desert heat has f^%ked up the brains of these people in arizona.

  324. singlemom says:

    All is not lost people. Racism is a behavior and attitude that we can unlearn. We need massive reeducation in this country but the firs thing that’s gotta go is our denial.

  325. pretty twins says:

    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

  326. hank says:

    What is interesting is that bill 287, which was in effect years ago, is far tougher than bill 1070, yet there was no outcry, no protesters no celebrities outrage.

  327. kingo says:

    God bless America – can we still say that?!

  328. Mikhelle says:

    We definitely need immigration reform, but we need a HUMANE approach to dealing with this problem. The Bible tells us to be hospitable to the stranger, not to be vigilantes .

  329. Agatha says:

    ” …. My country, ’tis of thee,
    Sweet land of liberty,
    Of thee I sing;
    Land where my fathers died,
    Land of the pilgrims’ pride,
    From every mountainside
    Let freedom ring! …..” for ALL

  330. Stephanie & Sam says:

    We need to close all borders because despite the propanda from the liberals there ARE people out there,namely Mexican drug cartels that want to kill Americans. Better to be safe than sorry.

  331. stamina says:

    white people seem to be on the endangered species list why else would they feel they need to be protected?

  332. Common Sense says:

    Walter Williams makes a solid point regarding immigration. I am proud of Arizona for the stance they are taking and that we haven’t backed down. The law is clear – Illegal immigrants are illegal, racial profiling is illegal, and we intend on enforcing the laws on the books. It’s nice to see cooler heads remarking on this issue. In light of Game 4 rapidly approaching – Go Suns!!

    • chain reaction says:

      Common Sense you don’t make ANY sense. You say Illegal immigrants are illegal, racial profiling is illegal, and you intend on enforcing the laws on the books. Pray tell, how do you propose to avoid racial profiling and enforce the immigration law at the same time, when that law is in itself racist against one group of people. You guys in Arizona think you have all the answers but it will come back and bit you in the a$$. You have created a monster and you’ll see the results. It won’t be pretty. I’m with the Suns and the brave stand they took against your racist state. Who would want to live in Arizona anyway? Only self-hating pale faced people soaking up the sun trying hard to get the color of the same people they are persecuting. Shame on Arizona.

  333. chain reaction says:

    To Common Sense you don’t make ANY sense. You say Illegal immigrants are illegal, racial profiling is illegal, and you intend on enforcing the laws on the books. Pray tell, how do you propose to avoid racial profiling and enforce the immigration law at the same time, when that law is in itself racist against one group of people. You guys in Arizona think you have all the answers but it will come back and bit you in the a$$. You have created a monster and you’ll see the results. It won’t be pretty. I’m with the Suns and the brave stand they took against your racist state. Who would want to live in Arizona anyway? Only self-hating pale faced people soaking up the sun trying hard to get the color of the same people they are persecuting. Shame on Arizona.

  334. Donetta Lagle says:

    Great news! Obama is sending the troops to protect our borders. At last a president that has the balls to do something about the immigration problem. Isnt’ that what we wanted? So why the criticism?

  335. rosetta says:

    John McCain said he appreciates the additional 1,200 troops being sent to the border as well as the additional $500 million toward fixing the immigration problem, BUT “it’s simply not enough,” he says. And he said that with a straight face too. This man has been in the Senate and part of the problem long before I was born and he has the nerve to say to Obama, the new kid on the block that it’s not enough. Gimme a break!

  336. demol says:

    BTW, the real racism is in the assumption that all Hispanics are brown skinned. Correction, Mexicans are brown skinned. Many Hispanics are black and some are white as snow, with the blonde hair and blue eyes.

  337. A. Whitehead says:

    Agree with you 10,000%…. My friends and I were coming from San Diego some time ago and when we got to the checkpoint, three of us were not asked for ID, but our Puerto Rican friend was asked. We were all embarrassed because we knew it was because of her dark complexion. She had not even uttered a word for anyone to detect an accent. They should have asked us all for ID. Two of us are Caucasian American but the third Caucasian was from England. The ironic thing is that our Puerto Rican friend is American (duh, because Puerto Rico is part of us), but our English friend did not even have a green card. She was just visiting. That was RACIAL PROFILING straight up and in your face. It was embarrassing. That is the kind of thing that people are upset about with this Arizona law.

  338. ultrabrite says:

    Unfortunately, I get mistaken for a Mexican all the time. But if law enforcement stopped me for any reason and I have to prove I’m legal I would not have a problem with it at all. I have nothing to hide. If illegals have a problem with that then they should go through the process to become legal and wait in line like everybody else. sorry.

  339. sparkle says:

    So sad to see the ignorance of so many Americans. Scares me to read most of the comments posted by citizens of this great nation. You and your sister said the TMZ staff “left school too early” and that was very funny, but I think it applies to some of these haters commenting here. They’ve obviously not had enough education formal or otherwise.

  340. Aril says:

    That’s a good move on the part of Obama to send in the troops because law enforcement on the Mexican border is outgunned. We definitely need to spend whatever it takes to secure all of our borders.

  341. Common Sense says:

    I have heard much more people discussing that the law is Unconstitutional under the Supremacy Clause. The Supremacy Clause forbids state and local laws that contradict federal laws in matters where the federal government has authority to act.
    Once again it only applies in situations exactly where the law contradicts the current law. Arizona’s law requires that State/Local authorities hand over suspect illegals to the proper federal authorities. Maybe you have forgetten (since we haven’t enforced these laws) but it is still a crime to enter our country illegally.
    But as long as we are talking about Constitutionality let’s talk about the Commerce Clause with the Constitution (Article I, Section 8). This clause prohibits states and localities from passing laws that burden interstate or foreign commerce by, among other things, creating “discriminations favorable or adverse to commerce with particular foreign nations.”
    Boycotting Arizona is UNCONSTITUTIONAL so knock it off already. Also to the Arizona government, how about we step up and actually file suit against these cities?

  342. Brunilda Teppo says:

    This law is going to further exacerbate relations between cops and citizens especially in the urban areas. Cops are not trusted by minorities and it’s not going to be pretty.

  343. Shanda Mix says:

    Cool, very interesting post and comments on both sides of the topic. I am against the bill because I think it’s racial profiling but I do understand Arizona’s dilemma.

  344. Maktrice says:

    Arizona was THE LAST state to recognize Martin Luther King day. Need I say more?

  345. Soledad Mccurren says:

    Lakers put a whupping on the Arizona Suns and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the humiliation AZ will face in time to come. I appreciate the Suns protesting against the bill but sorry they are part of AZ and will have to suffer defeat like the one coming to their state.

  346. A. Gardner says:

    I say pack them all up in a Burrito and ship them out.

  347. hotprasour says:

    Murder at the border today. The police could have shoot to maim not shoot to kill. A life is a life.

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