Drill Habibi Drill! – The Birth of BP – By Sandra Gluschankoff


By Guest Blogger: SANDRA GLUSCHANKOFF — Argentinian (read bio)

Once upon a time in a faraway land there lived a King…

I love stories where there is a King and a Queen and heroes.

Historical fiction is my favorite novel genre because it is full of mysteries, love triangles, secret alliances, and dirty betrayals. The best part of these novels is that even though the main characters are mostly fictional, the facts are based on true events.

The true story I am about to share with you involves kings and queens and very powerful people. They all began playing nicely in a puddle of oil until they took the game to a ruthless cut-throat competition to own the puddle. In the game they became entangled in secret treaties and treacherous betrayals, and as the stakes got higher, so did the collateral damage.

This story of “oil fever” accompanied by greed involves the two most powerful empires in the history of the world: the Persian Empire, the most powerful in ancient history, and the British Empire, which is considered the largest empire in history, with the most global power.

I wish this story would have some fiction to it, but unfortunately it doesn’t and it turns my favorite genre from historical fiction to historical horror.

The battle for oil started sometime in the beginning of the 20th Century when the British Empire, in its best form of ‘imperialism’ in the Middle East, secured the Iranian oil which was much needed to transition off from coal. With that they joined the naval arms battle, which detonated into World War I, making this the first oil war in the world.

With the blessing and financial protection of the British government, the Anglo-Persian Oil Company was formed. The British established a strong presence in the Middle East, masqueraded under an Arab facade, and forced the then Turkish Muslim region of Mesopotamia(now known as Iraq) to transfer their oil to them, expanding their dominance in the region.

Why do you need to know all these facts you may wonder? Well, the story goes as follows: When WWI erupted in 1914, the British took control of a small German oil subsidiary company called British Petroleum, and combined it with its Turkish Persian oil operation and there we have it – the official birth of BP.

At the same time, in order to keep control of the Middle East region, the British were desperately striking treaties and deals with everybody and their grandmothers. Yes, here’s where the betrayal in my historical horror develops.

Due to the siding of the Turks with Germany during WWI, the British exchanged letters with Arab leaders during the year of 1915, in what is notoriously known as the Hussein-McMahon correspondence. In this agreement, the British promised the Arabs the control of the Ottoman Empire lands (Turkey) in exchange for their cooperation in defeating the Turks.

A short time later in 1916, the British struck a secret deal with the French in what was the Sykes-Pikot Agreement, where the same lands promised to the Arabs less than a year before were now virtually divided between the French, the British, and a new player: the Russians.

Fast forward to the next year, 1917. The British signed the Balfour Declaration, where they approved the establishment of a Jewish nation in the same lands that were already promised to the Arabs, the French, and the Russians. Did you know that Arabs and Jews lived in harmony before the British clawed their paws in the regions? What happened?

Israel was situated in the heart of all the Arab countries. It was the only one in the region with an outlet to the ocean, making that tiny piece of land the most desirable strategic point in the Middle East. No wonder they called it (and still do) “The Promised Land”. Controlling the oil and access to the shipping lane in the Middle East was a definite win-win situation for the British as long as they were willing to share with their playground buddies, the Arabs.

Messy, right? But it was not over. Oil was still the main concern for the British government. They could see the circle closing in on them, when the Jews started immigrating to what was then Palestine and they were not as easy to handle as the British thought they would be. As usual, they had an Arab contestant who was willing to play puppet for them in exchange of a piece of the pie. His name was Faisal bin Al-Hussein. He was the first Arab to strike a deal with the Jews, recognizing the need of a Jewish establishment in Palestine.

As a result, the Faisal-Weizmann Treaty was created, in which he literally defined the Palestinians as savages who did not belong to the Arab world.

Faisal was promised, like all the other players on this chess board, the moon and the stars by the British. In 1919 he was named King of Syria. His kingdom was short lived when the French, sore from the British betrayal in the Sykes-Pikot Agreement, kicked Faisal’s ass out of the region in 1920 during the Franco Syrian War.

Faisal went to the U.K., crown in hand demanding, a throne to sit on or else. The British with the wave of a magic wand and oil power in their blood gave birth to the Kingdom of Iraq with Faisal as king.

Kings have come and gone, more wars have erupted throughout this past century, and the 50/50 share of the British- Persian oil partnership switched to a 90/10 after the Ayatollah took power of the Persian region.

It is clear, one thing has not changed: British Petroleum is still an Arab-British company. The English have committed many mistakes throughout history and one of them is playing with the kids in the sand box that don’t know how to share and have no scruples. Those are the Arab leaders who have no regard for their own people, with even less for the rest of the world.

Here’s some proof: the recent explosion and spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which has resulted in 11 American deaths and the endangerment of our environment. Thousands of American soldiers dying in Afghanistan and Iraq (the English creation), trying to protect a freedom they don’t cherish, and ultimately the 9/11 massacre. These are some of the saddest and truest pictures of the how the British have empowered the Arabs with no way of controlling them.

Unfortunately, they have affected our lives in America and threatened our freedom. Still the U.K does not sever its ties with Iran. No wonder Ahmadinejad walks about with a grin on his face and not much worry. I would too if I would be having tea with British royalty.

We thought that our submissiveness to the British rule was over in 1786; we threw the famous tea leaves into the ocean, celebrating the Boston Tea Party.

We were wrong. As long as our government allows the Arabs to dig our coasts under the pretense of a British company, we are allowing the people who shed American blood to infiltrate our country, gain profit while damaging our environment, and laugh their asses off at how stupid we are.

Stupid, that’s exactly what I mean! Ladies and gentleman, indirectly the Arabs are digging our coasts because of the unfinished business and unpaid debts the British have with them since the beginning of the 20th century. By indirectly doing business with Iran we are financing every terrorist attack around the world.

When we thought we were free of British rule in 1786 we tainted our oceans with tea. Today, our ocean is tainted with oil as a sad reminder that our freedom is only an illusion as long as our addiction to oil will not cease.

I will put a twist to the story I just told you and will add some crazy fiction to it. What if the explosion that occurred in the BP plant was an Iranian terrorist attack? Let’s not forget that Iran is one of the biggest enemies the U.S has in the world today.

151 Responses to “Drill Habibi Drill! – The Birth of BP – By Sandra Gluschankoff”

  1. KMM says:

    Interesting bit of British history, old chap! Seriously, the research here is fascinating and I believe that this little “historical horror story” will, unfortunately, never make it to the mainstream media … I hope people will read this and feel as outraged as I do … The only way to put a halt to this is to truly develop affordable technologies that will significantly reduce our (and the world’s) dependence on oil!

  2. laura says:

    Wonderful article!
    Very clear and wise.
    Well done Sandra!

  3. Mariano says:

    Impressive article, I agree on any single line and just wanted to add the lack of response of our government in managing this oil spill disaster and how the media is reporting this episode so quiet ( not demanding a solution from our government) that sometimes I feel that our press is not free anymore and its moves depends on the political party on power. I mean if this was under a Republican gov provably media after almost 90 days of drama where our gov is trusting BP to clean the mess and then impose to them an economic sanction, will ask the President to resign, because he is just waiting and waiting, didn’t take the bull by the horns ( I have no political affiliation )

  4. Lucy says:

    I enjoyed reading this article what an interesting perspective!

  5. Jeremy says:

    This is an interesting article. I am glad I read it and you found it informative enough for all to read. BP really needs to be held accountable and pay those families for their woes. Thank you.

  6. MJK says:

    What an interesting historical account. I’m sure most people don’t know about this. You should be on the news talking about it. People would watch.

  7. Politicoh says:

    I am sick to my stomach knowing that Arabs are still terrorizing us on our soil. Another form of terrorism.

  8. Mickey C. says:

    A few days ago, I read a blog posting that talked about not only BP’s track record and the errors that were made leading to this catastrophe. The powers that be knew what BP was doing the shortcuts they were taking and did nothing to punish or keep them in check.

  9. Sunset Sky says:

    I never knew all of this history behind BP. Thanks for sharing this information.

  10. Scram says:

    Here was a great opportunity for Obama to flex his leadership muscles and what did he do? Bury his head in the sand. Now his eyes are so covered with sand covered oil he can’t see straight to get us out of this mess. What a disappointment.

  11. OMG in LA says:

    BP stands for bloody pigs.

  12. Justice says:

    r u sure this not historical fiction. sounds far fetched 2 me.

  13. Matilda says:

    You seem to be bashing the British and I think that this is prejudicial. Excuse me, Missy, but BP is not the representative of all British people. I think you ought to look at your crooked politicians in Washington who are in bed with these oil companies. They turn a blind eye while they give them free reign to indulge in questionable practices. Don’t blame us for your greedy disgusting politicians and lobbyists.

    • Sandra G. says:

      I have nothing against the British people, nor it is implied in the article. The facts you read in the blog are facts and not a product of my imagination.

    • Krispin says:

      If history shows that the British greed is indirectly putting terrorism on our shores, why do you have your knickers all in a bunch? I am sick of the condescending attitude of the British. Look at Simon and piers Morgan. They come over here and want to take over America with their bad capped teeth. Look at that BP CEO. He looks down on us. BP needs to pay and pay BIG for what they have done to us and so many American lives, jobs and businesses. They need to LEAVE AMERICA. ALL OF THEM.

  14. Brady says:

    The BP oil spill is for Obama what Katrina was for Bush and neither of them handled the situation well. That’s not change we can believe in. Sorry.

  15. Tarea Martin says:

    Your story just proves that politics has not changed in any century.

  16. Knockout John says:

    When James Carville Obama’s big supporter turns on him saying that the “political stupidity is unbelievable” how can republicans be wrong?

  17. Commentator says:

    You would think that Americans would learn from 9/11. Now with this fiasco of BP you would think we would learn from our mistakes, now we have to deal with New York erecting a mosque where 9/11 happened. Are we dumb or do we have our heads too far up our asses to see anything.

  18. Provo says:

    This is so interesting to me. What a great, great post.

  19. David K. says:

    I have never heard of the Arabs and Jews living in harmony. Even in biblical times they did not get along and they still do not get along so why blame th4e British?

    • Sandra G. says:

      “Before the Jewish state was established,
      there existed nothing to harm good relations
      between Arabs and Jews.”
      — The late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia,
      November 1973, to Henry Kissinger

      Thanks for your comment.
      When I mentioned harmony, I referred to the living conditions in what is today known as Israel. Arabs and Jews lived in that area as good neighbors. Small attacks were common, but they were not politically or military organized. I don’t only know about this topic through research, but also, my paternal grandfather was born in Tzfat, north of Israel, in the early 1900’s and his family always recounted the good relations with their Arab neighbors.
      Moreover, you mentioned conflicts between Arabs and Jews since biblical times. It is found in Arab ancient literature of the seventh-century or before that Jews and Arabs did have harmonious relations, and words of praise regarding the Jews may be found there. This is all before the raising of Muhammad and Islam.

      Organized anti-Jewish violence began at the beginning of 1920. In January of that year, Arab villagers attacked Tel Hai, a Jewish settlement in the Galilee, killing two members. Two months later, hundreds of Arabs from a nearby village attacked Tel Hai again, killing six more Jews. These attacks were due to Arab resentment of Jewish immigrants to Palestine. At this time, the area was ruled by the British, and both Arabs and Jews appeared to live together in some form of harmony cohabitating in the region. However, when the Balfour declaration was signed, the Arabs felt cheated and under the lead of Haj Amin al Husseini, they began the first organized anti-Zionists attacks.

  20. Natasha Fox says:

    I surf the Internet a lot and with all the coverage on the oil spill, have not read anything like this on BP. Congratulations on a well-written informative blog.

  21. Ian D. says:

    What’s going on in the Gulf is disturbing and the fact that there seems to be no reprisals for BP’s conduct makes me very angry. Reading about BP’s history makes me even more angry. I’m fit to be tied. ☹

  22. Geico says:

    Like you said in your article, we are allowing people to infiltrate our country, gain profit while damaging our environment, and laugh their asses off at how stupid we are. BP gave us the royal sc**w, AND without any oil lubrication. Ouch!

  23. Samantha says:

    BP intentionally underestimated the oil flow to deceive Americans and what repercussions have they suffered? NOTHING!

  24. Mr.Chambers says:

    I gotta tell you I’m disturbed that more oil is being lost than being collected. And BP has lied and lied and lied about the number of barrels being released into the Gulf. We need to dig our head out from the sand and hold BP accountable.

  25. Ms. Thing says:

    Thank you for a wonderfully written article, sheds alot of light on BP’s greed and lack of concern.

  26. UEI says:

    So many people have come forward to help BP to measure and as control the oil flow but they have not accepted. James Cameron, Kevin Costner not to mention all the world renowned scientists. No wonder James Cameron rightfully called them morons. They are just arrogant scumbags and Hayward is the worse.

  27. D'Vonne says:

    If the Obama administration had handled the spill differently (i.e. better), we would have seen his approval ratings soar.

  28. Patsy says:

    We have not begun to see the damaging effects from that BP spill, I know it sounds selfish but I hope I don’t live to see it.

  29. The Brother says:

    that bp boss dude with the curly afro should be arrested.

  30. Jazzy says:

    How can a man who admits he has no experience whatsoever in offshore energy be appointed to head the Bureau of Ocean Energy to oversee the gulf disaster? Does Washington have any idea what they’re doing? This is serious business and the OBAMA administration is handling it like a joke.

  31. westville says:

    I am really concerned about Obama’s lackluster response to the oil spill. Is it just me or is Obama lacking in leadership skills?

  32. T. Toler says:

    To Mariano the focus of our efforts should be on looking to fix the damage caused by BP’s spill, not using it as a political ammunition against the present administration. If we do then we have to also look at Bush and Cheney and all the other oil men.

    • Mariano says:

      I understand your point and agree with you. However, the big problem I have with our current administration is that they are letting the situation worsen, they are not doing a thing to fix it, and they are waiting for BP to fix the problem instead of fixing it ourselves and protect our environment and our people. The administration is not being proactive. I never mentioned politics or political parties. i am not politically affiliated, but as an American citizen, I expect my President to protect my family and the people that live in this country, instead of waiting for a foreign company to do it.
      After fixing the problem, let’s dig in deep and find out who are-the responsible parties for leasing the coast to BP and lets indict them; Bush, Cheney, their grandmothers or whoever is to blame.

  33. Anita says:

    BP has killed a whole industry and many lives that go with it.

  34. Marilua says:

    Kevin Cosner and all the rest have good ideas we should be trying.

  35. Karl says:

    People have been blaming the Obama White House for the BP spill but honestly who can do anything about a spill of this magnitude? No one seems to have the technology.

  36. Eddie P. says:

    no BP stands for bullshit petroleum

  37. saddlebacks says:

    interesting theory but to long and boring

  38. Melodie says:

    Like Joe Klein of Time magazine said the BP oil spill disaster is more Bush’s second Katrina than Obama’s first.

  39. G. Allen says:

    Great post. I love these conspiracy theories.

  40. Jeremiah says:

    I do not agree with Obama’s efforts to stop drilling in the Gulf. Many people depend on that for their livelihood. How are these people going to survive?

  41. moonshine says:

    This should be a movie. Colin Firth would make a great Tony Hayward.

  42. okie dokie says:

    Other drilling companies should not suffer because of BP’s recklessness and disregard for America’s environment. This should be investigated further to see which politicians have been in BP’s back pocket.

  43. L. Nguen says:

    Thank you for talking about the arabs without bringing the muslims into the whole mess.

  44. peanut says:

    Fascinating tale.

  45. poison ivy says:

    New cap and no flow of oil currently detected. Hoorah!

  46. bluebeard says:

    BP obviously put profitability ahead of safety. The facts speak for themselves.

  47. HorseFace says:

    I don’t believe anything BP says. I would have to see that cap on in person to believe they have succeeded in containing the crude.

  48. Terri Hunter says:

    People are dying in the gulf with no jobs and no one seems to give a damn about it. This is the second gulf ‘disaster’. America the land of opportunity. Right.

  49. M. Rodriguez says:

    All of this could have been prevented, if the regulating bodies done a simple audit of BP but when politicians are in bed with big oil companies, what can you expect. Keep up the good work with this blog.

  50. Scott Simon says:

    Great article. One of the most interesting I’ve read. There will always be a conflict of interest when politicians (including royalty) are also oil men.

  51. Mildred C. says:

    If the facts in this blog got you as angry as it did me just check this out. According to OSHA, BP facilities have accounted for 97 percent of the “egregious, willful” safety violations handed out by OSHA, with the organization further declaring that BP has a “systemic safety problem.” My question is if this spill had not occurred, would we the public even know about these violations?

  52. Luminary says:

    I don’t think we understand the magnitude of this oil disaster. The environment is irrevocably damaged, our seafood industry has been destroyed and worse, many Americans no longer have a livelihood to support their families. There is no amount of $$ BP can give to compensate America or residents of the Gulf.

  53. Whistler says:

    President Obama’s moratorium on new drilling projects is not the answer. It’s going to put more people out of work and more strain on the economy. Obama, we cannot afford to have any more people out of work.

  54. Benny says:

    I am not offended at the British and their relationship with the Arabs. They have most of the world’s oil, so somebody has to tap it. In fact the British are the smart ones to exploit them. Go Union Jack.

  55. Firebird says:

    the british are just dumb period.

  56. D. Frankel says:

    This is an excellent account of greed that goes beyond BP. It demonstrates how the Promised Land and all that it represents has exacerbated relations between Arabs and Jews for centuries. Very well done.

  57. Reuben says:

    There’s too much money passing under the table at the expense of the American people.

  58. Slim says:

    You scored another knock out punch with this one. Your best so far. Keep up the good work Sandra.

  59. eggon says:

    Accidents are accidents that everyone can understand, but BP did not take any precautions in drilling in the Gulf. Someone dropped the ball on this one and should suffer the consequencies for not enforcing the safety standards that BP should adhere to.

  60. Jane W. says:

    BP is pointing the same finger at Obama that Lindsay Lohan gave to the judge. LOL.

  61. TMC says:

    This is divine intervention and a blessing in disguise. We simply must find alternative mean of energy and KICK BP and the others out pronto.

  62. Cinzia says:

    Sandra.. The article is brilliantly crafted..and for those of us that aren’t history buffs you made the facts very clear and concise!! I absolutely loved it!!! Now since we all have email lists miles long maybe we need to start a petition and lobby our Congressmen…or I have an even better idea…I will check into sending a letter with thousands of signatures to Obama personally and get some sort of response that we are onto this theory and better take heed…NOW…and protect OURSELVES,OUR FAMILIES and OUR COUNTRY from any further HORROR STORIES!!!!!
    You have to be a complete Moron with your head in the clouds if you believe this theory is far fetched!
    ps they are for sure laughing their asses off at how stupid and passive we are!

  63. Say What? says:

    If BP is really involved in that Lockerbie murderer’s release in exchange for an oil contract, I hope they burn in hell.

  64. jacksaw says:

    I think what really bothers me is BP’s arrogance. The head guy said he “needed to get his life back.” WTF, what about the lives of the 11 men killed on the Rig of Greed in that gulf? blown up to smithereens. What about their families. Can they get their lives back? For that alone he should have been choked. &*%$#@

  65. Whoo Hoo says:

    BP will go out of business after this and I hope it’s a huge blow to the Arabs.

  66. Rambo says:

    This was a massive spill that affected many shorelines and many lives. The new cap seems to be working, so it’s a start. Crying over spilled milk does no good. Let’s move forward see how much oil money we can squeeze from BP for our American families and kick BP the hell outta this country.

  67. Lou S. says:

    Stop blaming terrorists for all our problems.

  68. amina says:

    great post.

  69. Yvonne S. says:

    Now we know BP’s history what then? Put them out of business, then what? We have nothing in place right to fill that huge void. At the moment I see it as a necessary evil.

  70. Tarea Martin says:

    I made a comment before that politics has not changed in centuries. What is your viewpoint on the BP oil spill as it relates to the Obama and Bush administrations?

    • Sandra G. says:

      It’ll take me another article to answer your question. I will be brief. During the Bush administration, there was not much talk about alternate sources of energy, the guy did not seem to give a flying banana about the environment. But during Obama’s campaign the exploitation for alternate energy sources was a pivotal point of his presidential race. If you read some of the comments for this particular article, you will see the disappointment people have in the way our current administration is handling this crisis. Personally, I had high hopes for this administration to make a difference. i haven’t given up yet. Like you said in your previous response, in the meantime all I see is: politics don’t change, just faces. Sad!

  71. JSYK says:

    The British empowered the Arabs? Let’s not forget how much America has empowered the Arabs over the years. We have made the same mistakes over and over again arming and training people to fight our so called enemy over there and every time they turn on us. We are doing the same thing in Iraq and Afghanistan right now – empowering people that will no doubt turn on us AGAIN. It’s only a matter of time. Remember Bin Laden, our biggest enemy and one time ally? Let he who has no sin cast the first stone. How much different are we than the British? What about the oil politicians in our own government? I can go on and on. Get the facts before you point fingers at the British to have a more balanced article.

    • Sandra G. says:

      Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. However, did you read the title of this article? It’s about the birth of B.P and the history behind it. I agree with you about the empowerment the U.S has given the Arabs, like Sadam Hussein to name one. Or like the way the handled the Nicaragua issue, with Noriega, which was set in the area by the U.S, or the way they backed, financed and orchestrated the military coups in South America for he fear of being invaded by Communism. The list goes on and on, but it does not belong in this article. Thanks, you just gave me some juice for more writing! See you in the next post :)

  72. Grrrr says:

    BP is so greedy i wonder why they haven’t got into a sandbox fight with the Arabs so to get a bigger piece of the pie. They would be totally anihalited and that would be perfect payback. :-)

  73. realism2u says:

    Now BP is a terrorist organization, gimme a break.

  74. Bugzz says:

    Are you saying that the American government dont know BP is co owned by the Arabs?

  75. Wellness says:

    Sandra, I have enjoyed reading this post being informed. It was an eye opener and I have even less respect for BP. I think I have even less than that for the way the Obama administration is handling the spill. It would seem that BP is a force to be reckoned with and maybe just maybe this is why they have been handled with kid’s gloves so far. I don’t know if that was your intention to get people riled up about this, but I am extremely upset.

  76. David says:

    make no mistake terrorist acts are being financed right here on this soil as well.

    • Joe says:

      I do believe that the government should spend more time and money on finding the sources of terrorist funding in this country. Instead of focusing on little old Mexican Pablo, we should be using our efforts and resources to identify those intent on carrying out terrorist acts against us on our soil and those financing these acts. I believe there are many people sympathetic to the terrorists and we need to point them out and deal with them accordingly. So if BP through its business transactions is indirectly financing terrorism as this blog alleges, then it’s simple – we HAVE to investigate and if they are guilty, hold them accountable and throw the book at them. Simple enough. I smell a rat and it smells of BP.

  77. bloggerDivine says:

    I like facts and don’t like to get into emotion. You gave a good account of the BP history and if all this is true, it’s an amazing story. Well done.

  78. Synergy says:

    Congratulations on an excellent well written blog. I have sent this blog to my entire address book. I hope you get a lot of angry people to be more outraged and vocal about this disaster.

  79. Aggie M. says:

    Nice information its usefulness and significance is overwhelming the way you covered all the basic necessary information is really impressive good work keep it up.

  80. cadillac says:

    Unfortunately as long as we continue to depend on oil we strengthen the economic ties between Iran and Britain. We considerably weaken our defense in the process.

  81. Danielle N. says:

    BP is just one thing of a zillion the Obama administration has to deal with and I think they’ve done a great job. The cap is on and no oil is flowing into the Gulf. When I listen to criticism of Obama it is only spineless rednecks that criticize this man who is clearly a life saver for this country at this time.

  82. Matt G says:

    What a history! Maybe if our society was more informed with information similar to that in your article we would be able to make wiser criticisms about the things we claim that we know so well.

  83. Kamira says:

    How many people are willing to go green to make companies like BP go bankrupt? Not enough. Yet we complain and complain and complain and complain, and things remain the same, the same, the same.

    • Brandy says:

      Kamira I’m right with you in agreement. We want to live with convenience and comfort, we don’t want to give up any perks but we complain as long as someone is listening. We have become a bunch of lazy, complascent morons that make me sick.

  84. Joe says:

    To David, I do believe that the government should spend more time and money on finding the sources of terrorist funding in this country. Instead of focusing on little old Mexican Pablo, we should be using our efforts and resources to identify those intent on carrying out terrorist acts against us on our soil and those financing these acts. I believe there are many people sympathetic to the terrorists and we need to point them out and deal with them accordingly. So if BP through its business transactions is indirectly financing terrorism as this blog alleges, then it’s simple – we HAVE to investigate and if they are guilty, hold them accountable and throw the book at them. Simple enough. I smell a rat and it smells of BP.

  85. Daryl says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I am curious, to your knowledge is Saddam Hussein a descendant of Faisal bin Al-Hussein? That seems plausible.

    • Sandra G. says:

      Sadam Hussein came from a humble family of shepperds. Never knew his faher and after his brother died of cancer, he was the only surviving child of his mother’s first marriage. No relation whatsoever to Faisal Hussein.

  86. Ben says:

    I don’t blame BP, I blame Bush, Cheney, Obama, Congress and all of those inept politicians that have ran our country for too long. Maybe the British need to revoke our independence and take over again because we have made a mess of this great land of ours.

  87. Krispin says:

    To Matilda If history shows that the British greed is indirectly putting terrorism on our shores, why do you have your knickers all in a bunch? I am sick of the condescending attitude of the British. Look at Simon and piers Morgan. They come over here and want to take over America with their bad capped teeth. Look at that BP CEO. He looks down on us. BP needs to pay and pay BIG for what they have done to us and so many American lives, jobs and businesses. They need to LEAVE AMERICA. ALL OF THEM.

  88. Trevor K. says:

    You are to be commended. Where did you get all that information? This shows a lot of work and research and is a well written article. I would like to read up more on the history. Care to share reference books, bibliographies, etc. or could you write some more on the history?

    • Sandra G. says:

      Thanks for your comment;
      I have always been passionate about history and geopolitics of the Middle East. This information was presented and taught to me back in Argentina by incredible historians and experts in Middle East affairs. I also did further research when I lived in Israel(many of my sources are in Spanish or Hebrew). Needless to say, I keep up with research and when you know the basic facts, which can be found in any history book that talks about this era, it is not that difficult to tie them together.
      If you are willing to do some research about this facts, do not just stay with American authors, use many different sources from different countries. Their perspective on the subject might change, which is where your logical common sense comes into place and the extent of your research and learnings. One thing you’ll find for sure: the basic facts remain the same.

  89. A.R. says:

    The title alone is one sided. Palin said Drill baby drill and no race was offened. Habibi is insulting.

  90. MintyMink says:


  91. Omni says:

    I’m reading these comments and nobody seems to understand the hUGE significance of this article. The responses are our typical American arrogance discussing irrelevant things, things that affect our selfish personal comfort but not the nation as a whole. Why is it that we’re not hearing about this in mainstream media? Thak you for opening our eyes but they may try to hush you up. Great blog and keep up the investigative work.

  92. Brandy says:

    To Kamira I’m right with you in agreement. We want to live with convenience and comfort, we don’t want to give up any perks but we complain as long as someone is listening. We have become a bunch of lazy, complascent morons that make me sick.

  93. Lawrence says:

    No need to back in history to understand the consequences of international, political and economic deals behind closed doors. Today, 2010 we Americans are as guilty as the Brits were almost a century ago and we do not learn.
    We are financing the bullets that kill our kids in the Middle East and empowering villains like Ahmadinejad that follows the path of Hitler to even consider destroying the world just because …. Wake up Americans !!!!, reduce your oil consumption everyday and you’ll be taking the power away from all of those that put their desire to control the world over the well being of the human race.

    Oil = Power = Wars = Death = Unemployment = Financial Crisis = ?

  94. RoseMarie says:

    there should be a documentary on this information.

  95. Tim Little says:

    Why are people STILL blaming Obama for everything under the sun? He didn’t give BP those permits. He didn’t give wall street the free pass to screw up the economy. He didn’t start a war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I can go on and on. Hey right wingers, wasn’t it your pal Sarah Palin that chanted DRILL BABY, DRILL? I thought so./

  96. Lise M. says:

    I agree wtih you about the British are arrogant and greedy. With their oil money they’re starting to dominate everything here just like the Chinese did in the 80’s. Thanks for exposing them for what they are.

  97. Braian says:

    I am sick and tired of all the obama bashing on this blog. the man’s hands are full with a lot of humongous problems all at the same time and you expect him to part the effing red sea with BP. Give the man a damn break and stop bitchin you stupid ignorant racist a$$h*les.

  98. A. Owens says:

    Why don’t we hear more about the BP-Irran connection in the news.

  99. Baby says:

    congratulations on a well written blog, it was very interesting and i could see the movie.

  100. car covers says:

    Yeah I totally agree with what your saying…it’s def correct…thanks for letting me voice my opinion.

  101. Shakey22 says:

    I wonder if the FBI or that other company homeland security knows about all this information you have because the american people should know these things.

  102. Brooke says:

    You Americans are more abnoxious and stupid than ever. You always blame others and don’t dare look at yourselves. Do the world a favour and get a clue.

  103. KORNFAN says:

    did you vote for obama? be honest

    • Sandra G. says:

      What does my vote have anything to do with this article? There is no Obama bashing on my behalf whatsoever at any point in this particular piece. The issue with B.P goes way beyond the Obama times. He was not the one who signed the long term lease with B.P, nor the one who overlooked the safety flaws they had at the time of contract. However, he is the one in charge today and the one who is responsible to make sure that something like this never happens again. It is part of the job description as President of the U.S.
      As per my vote? I’m too liberal for Republicans.

  104. Halfacre63 says:

    Can’t understand why so many media types are making such a fuss over Simon’s leaving. I happen to prefer Paula, but both are have jumped ship we will see if the show is still popular with a new cast.

  105. Marcellus Jones says:

    Obama gets a+ in my book. Lay off the dude.

  106. Antoinette says:

    I have been a reader for a long time, but am a first time commenter. I just wanted to say that this has been / is my favorite post of yours! Keep up the good work and I’ll keep on coming back.

  107. Antoinette says:

    Also writing is a talent that you surely have. All your hard work is clearly obvious in how you express yourself.

    • Sandra G. says:

      Dear Antoinette:
      Thank you so much for taking the time to express your opinion and thank you for your kind words.

  108. dontknowzilch says:

    I don’t care how much cleanup they do out there but I will not eat any seafood from the gulf.

  109. Rafaniello says:

    all I can Say is OUCH!

  110. jackie says:

    Thank you and thanks for giving us such a useful info! Definitely as a article writer your certainly not writing fillers and fluff but also very creative too. There usually aint a group of writers who can come up with stuff like you guys My bff Veron referred me about this url several weeks ago however currently this is the first time I’m visting. Woots!

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    I hope you would not have reservations if I put up a part of this site on my univeristy blog?

  112. Rotweiler says:

    yadee yada yada

  113. Susan Buffet says:

    Tiger Woods and Elin are now divorced finally. Oh well, I guess that’s better than being unhappy every day. I hope he’ll be able to concentrate on golf again following all this.

  114. Loaded fun says:

    greed is evil the root of all evil is greed

  115. Del Hidden says:

    I figured the oil spill wasn’t that big. Did I misunderstand?

  116. Jannet Munroe says:

    Hey we all need good entertainment – you are definatly the best blogs out there.

  117. Shanghai M. says:

    What a story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the research and practical information!

  118. Pauletta says:

    Thanks for a great article Sandra. You rock everytime!!

  119. Tosti577 says:

    The news media is at it again. Tiger Woods is getting divorced and now that is all they can focus on. I wish they’d concentrate on his career.

  120. Raphael B. says:

    very intresting write up now sandra

  121. Miss Loree says:

    I have never heard of this before so I was sceptical reading it but why would you make i t up? I believe it now. we should get all the muslims out.

  122. Serina Dalton says:

    Wow! I like the post.

  123. egghead says:

    Thank God for this info. I’ll be tweeting this out.

  124. Cameron Ceraos says:

    I can’t belief how more Americans are not outraged by this information.

  125. Rosario Lesnick says:

    SandraG your posts are very inciteful and well written, always entertaining. I like yours best.

  126. Desert King says:

    I actually loved this post. You describe this subject very well. I really like your blog and the other ladies are tremendous! :)

  127. E.F. says:

    The Arabs and the Jews lived in harmony before the British clawed their paws into the regions? What planet are you from! The Arabs and Jews have never lived in harmony and according to biblical accountings when that happens taht will be the beginning of Armaggedon with the political sh*thead that brings peace to that area.

  128. Dolores Hernandez says:

    this is an amazing blog ladies, keep up the good work. love the caricatures and the fiery content.

  129. sdjkfhu says:

    Nice post! I want to subscribe this blog, but I don’t know how to do, can anybody give me a hand?

  130. shady789 says:

    Who was the most important person you spent time with today?

  131. Monterey Hendrix says:

    This may not be absolutely the perfect place to comment on this, but might I remind folk present that lightweight Englishman Piers Morgan is to replace heavyweight American Larry King on his (ahem) very (ahem) long-running chat show. Excuse me? How does anyone think that’s going to work? It’s an insult to intellectual America, in my opinion.

  132. Jaimee says:

    this post shoulda been longer. i was just getting into it.

  133. Manspeaker2293 says:

    thanks for the history lesson. the battle 4 man against man began since the beginning of time there’s always a fight for survival. this time its oil but after oil it will be something else 4 sure.

  134. mosquito mas says:

    blah blah blah blah

  135. Sharyl Warhurst says:

    Sick and tired of high oil prices and illegal immigration and the threat to build a mosque in NYC burn your Koran and demonstrate to get these terroriss out of here.

  136. Skoogs says:

    BP has been beat too much. They are simply practicing what all you Americans boast about so much, what defines you as a country, free enterprise. If America had the chance instead of the British they would be cozying up to any and everyone to get that oil. In fact that’s what they seem to be doing right now anyway. Greed is what you subscribe too. Michael Douglas was praised when he promoted that in the Wall Street movie so why the long face now America? It doesn’t feel so good when you are the victim of greed does it.

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