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Queen of Leftovers – Sandra Lord’s Post

By SANDRA LORD – Caribbean

My Country’s Organic Kingdom

I NEVER KNEW THE CONCEPT OF LEFTOVERS until I came to this country. Now, I’m the Queen of Leftovers and the Doggy Bag – primarily because my hectic schedule leaves little room for daily cooking; but I have been able to strike a happy balance between my new eating habits and the healthy food and cooking traditions I learned as a child growing up in the Caribbean.

I was watching Oprah a couple weeks ago and was intrigued by the topic of conversation with Michael Pollan that centered on the “processed food diet that dominates American supermarkets and how it compares to more natural diets in other parts of the world.” It took me on a nostalgic journey to the natural foods grown in my country.

Although the Caribbean is generally viewed as Third World, we were raised with a lot of the organic foods that many Americans crave today. On any given day, (more…)

Finding Love in L.A. – By Jasmine Rafati

By Guest Blogger: JASMINE RAFATI – Iran

Ahhhhhh…the conundrum of love! I have yet to find someone who has figured it all.  According to Webster’s Dictionary, love is “intense affection, feeling of attraction resulting from sexual desire, and fondness.“ There is not a definition about love that says it is “a state of mind that makes you completely blind to reality and makes you accept or do things that you would have never accepted or done before.”

I know beautiful girls who live in this city, who are educated, loving, fun and smart, who are not able to find the love of their lives and if they do find someone they care about, he is not ready for commitment. How many times have we women heard a man say: ‘You are wonderful. It’s not you. It’s me. I am just not ready for commitment.’

Sometimes we knowingly date men who are perpetual womanizers or liars, distrust women, or have jealousy issues. Come on ladies most of us have done it! And hooray to the ones who haven’t! We think that he wasn’t ready with others but with ‘me’ things will be different. Why we always think we can fix these men, God only knows.

I met a guy here in Los Angeles who was handsome, sweet, and attentive…in the beginning. (more…)

The Secret of the Japanese Invasion – By Kaz

By Guest Blogger:  KAZ MATAMURA – Japanese

I was sitting at a bar in Midtown, New York City, enjoying a conversation with a beautiful, intelligent, Jewish friend of mine, Chaya. We only see each other once a year and when girls are on TALK mode, you shouldn’t disturb them.

BUT across the counter, there sat a middle aged white man staring at me with eyes that said, “Hi. How are you doing?

Trying to pick out just one chick from a bunch of hens is never a good idea. It makes that one chick very uncomfortable.

But, instead of ignoring it and keeping the obvious oblivious to Chaya, I proposed a new subject: “What’s wrong with these white men who drool over oriental women?(more…)

How To…Just Get A Life?

By Guest Blogger: SANDRA GLUSCHANKOFF – Argentinian

We all have our preferences on how to spend our free time. Some of us take naps; others watch movies or go shopping. Mine is bookstores. There’s something about them that puts my mind in gear and turns my free time into a magical experience.

Ever since work, motherhood and my new BFF, “RECESSION,” have occupied most of my time and mind, I haven’t been able to embark on my favorite expedition, for what seems like an eternity.

However, last week, I was finally able to snap out of my daily routine, put on my intellectual hat and walk into my neighborhood franchise bookstore. I strolled through the aisles, excited after my long absence. And just like that, I (more…)

Dan & Me

By Guest Blogger:  KAZ MATAMURA – Japanese

When I was 13, I was involved with a theatre company, turned into a night owl and stopped going to school. I came home at 1 AM, then stayed up reading and watching old movies, and around 5 AM, turned the TV on to watch “I Love Lucy”, where I learned English from Lucy and Ricky. Then I stayed up for CBS Evening News with Dan Rather.  Well, because of the time difference, the evening here was the morning in Japan.

At first, Dan Rather was speaking to me in Japanese.

There was a time that instead of saying, “That’s the way it is” – he signed off by saying just one word: “Courage.” That was it. “Courage.” The Japanese didn’t know how to translate it, so the Japanese voice just said “KA-RAIJI”. (more…)




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