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Love at First Grab – By Kaz Matamura

By Guest Blogger: KAZ MATAMURA — Japanese (read bio)

Here’s something that may totally change the way you think about Japanese women.

When you watch old Japanese films, pay attention to where women are walking. They ALWAYS walk behind men, and they are not looking up when they walk, but they have wandering eyes.

The reason for this is that they are checking out the men’s ASS.

I don’t understand why some women get upset when men are only attracted to big bosomed women, instead of seeing the person inside. It works both ways. If it didn’t, advertisers would never spend so much money designing the perfect packaging for detergent and chocolate. Women have equal right to check out all packages.

Whoever invented the magazine PLAYGIRL was a moron. Great news for gay men, but we girls are not interested in what’s obvious. When a woman sees an erect penis, she doesn’t get aroused, she gets suspicious. We are more complicated than that.

There are girls who like abs, wide shoulders, a deep voice or a pretty face. But (more…)

Fal: Fortune Telling & Destiny – By Jasmine Rafati

By Guest Blogger: JASMINE RAFATI — Iran (read bio)

One day when my mom picked my sister and me up from school, we stopped by a store on the way home to do some shopping.  A gypsy woman stopped us and insisted on telling us our fortune. She said her children were hungry and she needed the money. My mom told her that we weren’t interested in the fortune but offered her a bit of money. She said she wouldn’t accept the money without telling our fortune (fal). Finally, we agreed.

The Gipsy woman had a small purse mirror with plastic rims. She asked me to say my name and then to make an imprint with my index finger on that small mirror. She did the same thing with my sister. She then looked at my mom and said that your daughters would leave the country in 21 days and they would never come back to leave in Iran. She told my mom that we would be separated for a while and that my mom should cherish the time when my whole family is together.  In exactly 21 days we left the country to go to Switzerland for studies. After several years in Europe, my sister and I moved to the United States to finish our studies. We never moved back to Iran.

I have plenty of stories like this and will share some more with you during this piece. There are countries such as Iran, Turkey, Armenia and Lebanon where people do have their fortune read and this is a part of the culture I dare say.  I believe some of the Latin American countries do believe in the fortune as well and in addition they practice magic to open up problems or fix a love triangle.

There are different ways of doing this. Some do it with cards, some read faces, (more…)

Tucson Shooting, Is It Our Problem?- By Sandra G.

By Guest Blogger: SANDRA GLUSCHANKOFF — Argentinian (read bio)

Like so many of you, I’m still searching for logical answers to the deadly shooting that took place in Tucson on Saturday January 8th. Fourteen injured. Six dead.

Stunned by the shocking developments I couldn’t stop but racking my brain once more about another widely ignored problem in our society. What could drive a twenty two year old boy, who only a few months ago was committed to a college education, to unleash such a devastating shooting rampage?

Unlike what the international community might think and many cynics in this country too, I don’t believe the latter tragic mass murder has a thing to do with the so called tension in our charged political atmosphere. Nor it has to do with Sarah Palin’s love for guns or with the Tea Party’s heated opposition to our current administration. If we choose to allege the Tucson massacre to these factors, we are literally dodging the bullet, feeling lucky we were not the ones bleeding to death this time around.

Then with a quick shrug of the shoulders and the notorious “not my problem” line, we move on to see what the Kardashians are up to, fervently deeming their lives to be our problem.

Authorities claim, Jared Loughner, the shooter, took on the Fifth Amendment and has not said a word since he was tackled down and restrained by three courageous citizens, while he was attempting to reload his gun.

This twenty two year old crazy has been leaving a trail of troublesome hints for (more…)

MEDIA JERKS – 2010’s Most Annoying

By Sandra Lord and Allison Lord – Caribbean (read bios) with contributions by Sandra Glushankoff Argentinian (read bio)


• Nancy Grace-Glenn Beck-Rush Limbaugh &  Bill O’ReillyNancy Pelosi • Perez Hilton • Kate Gosselin • Gloria Allred Tiger Woods & Jesse James • Sarah Palin

Tired of sanctimonious media talking heads, unscrupulous and opportunistic politicians, no talent celebrities and self-made nobodies? So are we! Here is our list of 2010’s most annoying media personalities – media jerks – whom we think should have been “tarred and feathered” for their shenanigans in 2010. They will appear in no particular order as the level of annoyance is about the same for all.


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.

Nancy Grace, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly:

The Three Stooges/Curly, Larry and Moe + One. However, what binds these four oddballs together is everything that is not genius. Grace, Beck, Limbaugh and O’Reilly are the epitome of today’s mean-spirited talk show hosts who seem to delight in their extraordinary ability to polarize the American people (er, despite the “extraordinary ability” part, this is not a compliment, guys), and their skill in the use of drama and theatrics to spew self-indulgent garbage on a daily basis. With the mistaken notion that they alone are the arbiters of truth, justice and liberty…oh, and let’s not forget American pride, these four angry, insecure, narcissistic loudmouths take the cake for belittling and berating their guests to show who can best shoot opposing viewpoints into oblivion. This grouping reminds us of a charming little saying we learned while growing up in the Caribbean, “Empty vessels make the most noise.” For us, listening to these yell and scream is akin to getting one’s wisdom teeth pulled…with no painkillers. Ayayay!! Funny thing is, while they love to denigrate, intimidate and dish it out to any and everybody, they have a haaaaaard time taking criticism. Our advice – they should each get a copy of Beck’s little book, “Arguing with Idiots,” and have a conversation with the mirror.

(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.

(by Sandra Gluschankoff)

In 2007, Nancy Pelosi made history when she was elected the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House. However, in December 2010, there is an old phrase which sums up Nancy Pelosi’s political career in the Democratic Party: she has, to put it bluntly, “overstayed her welcome.” Get a clue woman! When your own people fear your presence at their public appearances when running for office, as if you were jinxed,  you have overstayed your welcome. When your popularity amongst registered voters plummets to 29 percent, as it was the case in this past November elections, it means it’s time to wrap up the show, hit the road and put a new face to the Democratic Party. No, we are not talking about another plastic surgery on (more…)

Norouz, Persian New Year – By Jasmine

By Guest Blogger: JASMINE RAFATI — Iran (read bio)

Norouz meaning the light of day is the Persian New Year and it celebrates the Spring Equinox. It is originally a Zoroastrian festival and has been celebrated from the Achaemenids Period (340-330 BC). On the first day of spring, Kings from different areas under the ruling of the Persian Empire would come to the kingdom to present gifts to the king of Persia.

On the eve of the last Wednesday of the year, Persians celebrate by making bonfires and jumping over them. They shout while leaping over the fire:  Give me your red vibrant color and take away my yellow paleness.  This day is called chaharshanbeh soori.

In welcoming spring and the renewal of life, most Persians also do an extensive cleaning of their homes. They wash all the curtains, and rugs in the house.  The kitchens are completely cleaned up. We decorate a table for the Persian New Year. Seven items that starts with the letter C decorate the table; Serkeh (vinegar), Sumac, Seer (garlic), smanu (sweet paste), seeb (apple), Senjed (sorb-tree_ berry), Sabzeh (wheat or lentils grown in a tray).  Most Persians add Sonbol (hyacinths) and sekkeh (coins). These two items begin with C but there are not traditionally considered part of the seven C’s people put on the table.

Serkeh signifies patience. Sumac is a sign for the sunrise. Seer represents medicine and health.  Samanu represents wealth. Seeb symbolizes beauty and Senjed represents love. Sabzeh is a symbol of rebirth and renewal that represent the season of spring.

Right after New Year is announced on TV, all my family members hug and congratulate each other with best wishes. Then my father takes the coin and passes it around. All of us hold the coin and wish for money and success. We also add colored boiled eggs to the table.

Growing up, my mom would boil eggs and us kids would sit around the table and paint them. There also couple of gold fish in a bowl. Muslims also add a copy of the Koran.

The traditional food of Persian New Year’s day is Sabzi polo which consists of rice and green herbs and it is served with fish. The seasonings used are parsley, coriander, chives, dill and fenugreek. Kookoo Sabzi, another food served that day, is a light and fluffy omelet soufflé made from parsley, dill, coriander, spinach, spring onion ends and chives, mixed with eggs and walnut.  Kookoo Sabizi is usually served with the evening meal.

Usually grandparents give money to the grandchildren as gifts for the New Year. I remember growing up, my grandparents, aunts and uncles would give us money (more…)

Where Is My Home? – By Jasmine

By Guest Blogger: JASMINE RAFATI — Iran (read bio)

I arrived in the United States with my whole family including a twin sister, two brothers, and parents. My parents were travelling back and forth between Iran and the United States for a long time.

We were separated for about 10 years. We are a very close family and this was a very difficult experience for each and every one of us. Three years ago we were finally reunited when my youngest brother joined us in the United States. I appreciate my family more than ever.

Not long ago my mom and I we were discussing how this experience of migrating to another country changed us forever.  We became very aware of the hardship of moving to a new country. I feel that my parents made huge sacrifices for their children to be in a great country, reaching for higher education and living a free life.

With all the talks and debates on the subject of stringent immigration law in Arizona, I have been thinking about this topic more and more.  Why do people immigrate to the United States or other countries? I want to discuss this issue (more…)

Our Forgotten Men – By Sandra G.

By Guest Blogger: SANDRA GLUSCHANKOFF — Argentinian (read bio)

One, two, five… ten. One.

That was the number of homeless men I counted while I strolled two blocks down a very quaint little town in the Central Coast of California.

Ten men and one woman.

The ages? Very hard to guess.

Under the many layers of clothing they wore, and behind the deep creases in their skin left by the incessant beating of the sun, these men could’ve been anywhere between their twenties and forties.

This is not the first time I have encountered homeless people in my life.

I come from a country where hobos are an institution. It is a tough pill to swallow because down there, a huge number of these beggars are children. Unlike the adults we are used to seeing begging on the streets wearing everything they own, these children are barely dressed. Their feet are blistered from their constant barefoot walking on the rough pavement and their faces smeared with dirt from their precarious living conditions. (more…)

By Guest Blogger: KAZ MATAMURA — Japanese (read bio)

I think I am getting bitter as I age,” I told my mother when she called me to wish me happy birthday.

She said,Well, you are always a cynical one.”

Swiftly, I changed the subject by talking about her one eyed cat that drooled a lot.  I just didn’t want her to start talking about the time when I tried to run away from home at age 3.  She likes to tell the same old stories of her angry daughter.

She is right.  She is ALWAYS right.  She is the kind of debater who states the facts first so you cannot argue, and then force you to agree with her viewpoints.  A well-trained master Yoda attorney, that’s what she is, and she looks like Yoda, too.

Plus she is my mother.  How can I argue with someone who changed my diaper?

When I was younger, being cynical meant smart and quick.  “She can play with irony!  She is funny!”   But now, I must admit.  I don’t want to be a bitter old woman. (more…)

9/11 MOSQUE-Worship Place or Victory Flag? – By Sandra Gluschankoff

By Guest Blogger: SANDRA GLUSCHANKOFF — Argentinian (read bio)

A few years ago my husband invited me to a convention he was attending in Europe, my favorite travel destination in the world. He handed me the catalogue for me to make the necessary arrangements for the trip, and suddenly I froze.

Berlin?” I couldn’t for the life of me travel to Germany. Having been to Europe several times before, Germany was always a country I avoided. Germany! Many emotions invaded me until I hit the point of fear.

The idea of traveling to that country gave me an uneasy and anxious feeling. It is the birthplace of one of the major massacres in humanity, and where many of my ancestors were either murdered in extermination camps or suffered the devastating results of vicious persecution at war.

What disturbed me was beyond the history of the country. It was the people, who for years stood either silently or participated willingly in the mass genocide of everything the Nazi regime did not see fit to exist.

As I packed my bags, I decided it was time to face my demons and see for myself where everything started. Was I in for a surprise when I arrived in Berlin! The people were wonderful and welcoming, their food was great and so were their wines. But what amazed me the most was what they had made of their city.

I was brought into a complete state of relief. Whatever was left after the devastation had been kept as a constant reminder of what their ancestors did. Berlin pays homage to those who suffered under its country’s murderous reign. They do not choose to erase a part of their shameful past, a dishonorable piece of history that Ahmadinejad or filmmaker Oliver Stone intend to make look like a fantasy. Instead, it is displayed publicly for their youth to learn from the atrocities of the past.

Why can’t we do the same thing in this country? Why can’t we just say NO to the building of a mosque at the foot of Ground Zero? There should be a resounding (more…)

Shock Treatment…I still remember Hiroshima – By Kaz

By Guest Blogger: KAZ MATAMURA — Japanese (read bio)

I still remember Hiroshima after 65 years

We couldn’t do the Girls Gone Wild thing during our summer breaks; instead, we had home schooling with tons of homework.

We were forced to keep a journal everyday. That’s how Japanese keep kids from going too out of control during the long break. Well, our breaks weren’t that long; they were only five weeks.

August 7 and 15 were special summer school days. Usually, I didn’t show up to these special days, but that particular morning, my mom needed to clean the house thoroughly, so she kicked me out. After hanging out with friends in the classroom, bragging about how tanned we all were, we were lined up and marched to the auditorium.

When the baldheaded principal showed up at the podium, we bowed to him as he bowed. He talked about how healthy we looked and said that we shouldn’t overeat. Then he told us about the meaning of this day.

In 1945, this day, around eight o’clock in the morning, eighty thousand people disappeared in a flash. He told us if it happened right now in this city, that we, our parents, friends, neighbors, the man at the fish shop, the newspaper deliverymen, would be all gone. He’s a good speaker – he knows how to “personalize” history for us. (more…)




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