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Jesse the Tiger – Allison’s Post

By ALLISON LORD – Caribbean

I can see it now, Tiger Woods ringing Jesse James’ doorbell. Jesse opens the door, Tiger stands there with a big smile on his face, hands Jesse a helium balloon and a big card attached that reads simply, ‘You just saved my ass. ‘Here’s the torch Jesse, thank you.’

Yes people, as we all know, actress Sandra Bullock got blind sided by the actions of her cheating, disrespectful husband, Jesse James. Sadly, Sandra had blinders on, looking straight ahead because she so trusted her husband. The other jackass in this story, Tiger Woods, shot a tee right between the eyes of his wife Elin, who by the way, is also the mother of his two kids. Umhmmm! Nasty.

One can only imagine the many more men, celebrity and non-celebrity, who are shaking in their boots, terrified about their extra marital affairs. Those who are (more…)

Not Even with a Rose Petal-by Sandra G.

By Guest Blogger: SANDRA GLUSCHANKOFF – Argentinian

“A la mujer no se la toca ni con el pétalo de una rosa”. “A woman should not be touched, not even with a rose petal”.

This old saying which is very popular in my country, Argentina, was the first thing that came to my mind as soon as I learned of the sudden disappearance of seventeen year old, Chelsea King: the high school senior in San Diego, who went for a jog and never came back.

Unfortunately, as we all know by now, Chelsea’s body was discovered a few days following her disappearance, buried next to Lake Hodges in San Diego County.

The police apprehended the suspect John Gardner, a convicted sex offender, long before her body was found. How did the police know about him? John Gardner was convicted in the year 2000 for sexual abuse and false imprisonment of his 13 year-old neighbor.

Like the law dictates, this savage, who preyed like a hungry beast in the jungle, (more…)

Media Jerks – Sarah Palin

By Sandra & Allison Lord


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved


How has Sarah Palin managed to seduce so many people into thinking she could conceivably be the President of the United States and Leader of the Free World?

There are a few things in her favor: her feistiness – she gives as good as she gets; her sense of humor – she knows how to laugh at herself and minimize the effect of a multitude of humiliating faux pas; her marketing skills – she has perfected the art of playing the media like a hooker practiced in the art of seduction and has them eating out of her hand; her brazenness – she has a unique ability to look you squarely in the face, with unwavering eyes and that beaming, shameless smile while she gives uninformed, meaningless, answers to pointed questions; oh, yeah, and she’s sexier than McCain, Newt, Giuliani or any of the Republicans to boot!

But none of these things is presidential. (more…)

Sandra’s Post – Mess Up À Trois

By SANDRA LORD – Caribbean


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.

It’s so good to see Jay Leno back on the Tonight Show, where he rightfully belongs. Jay’s debut on March 1, as host of the esteemed program for the second time around, beat out all the late night competition, not surprisingly, with an estimated 6.6 million viewers.

For several weeks I have been seething about the treatment Jay has received at the hands of the media, fellow comedians and other celebrities regarding the O’Brien-NBC saga.

Even the proud little peacock on the NBC logo, still justifiably hiding itself in shame, could have told network executives that the Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien switcheroo was a disaster in the making. The signs of a debacle were so obvious, it’s amazing NBC execs did not see it coming!

That fiasco sparked a lot of anger in Hollywood and most of it seemed have been directed at Leno. People seemed to be siding with Conan and searching for reasons to vilify Jay. I just didn’t get it!

I like Jay Leno, plain and simple – more than Letterman and more than Conan and I don’t particularly care to hear anything negative about him.

I have read and listened to bashings by a hurt Howard Stern who has (more…)

Allison’s Post – Obama is Still My Guy!

By ALLISON LORD – Caribbean

From the time I was able to vote in America, everyone who knows me knows that I have always longed for a young, intelligent, energetic and vibrant President. I would take good looks too.

Bill Clinton came close. He was my sweetheart for years! Oh, how I fantasized about that sexy man holding his cigar. Anyway, sidetracked!…I really didn’t care about race or gender, but I was certainly tired of the stream of old men making out-of-touch decisions that affected everyday Americans.

When Barack Obama threw his hat into the ring for Elections 2008 my prayers were finally answered. I was ecstatic. But, with just one year into office, I can’t believe there are already some grumblings about his performance. People are blaming him for the lack of change, unfulfilled promises, unemployment, recession and starvation, yes, even starvation – in India! (more…)

How To…Just Get A Life?

By Guest Blogger: SANDRA GLUSCHANKOFF – Argentinian

We all have our preferences on how to spend our free time. Some of us take naps; others watch movies or go shopping. Mine is bookstores. There’s something about them that puts my mind in gear and turns my free time into a magical experience.

Ever since work, motherhood and my new BFF, “RECESSION,” have occupied most of my time and mind, I haven’t been able to embark on my favorite expedition, for what seems like an eternity.

However, last week, I was finally able to snap out of my daily routine, put on my intellectual hat and walk into my neighborhood franchise bookstore. I strolled through the aisles, excited after my long absence. And just like that, I (more…)

American Way, American Dream in Danger

By Guest Blogger: Dr. MELODY JACKSON – American

Let me start by saying that this foray into a public expression of my not-so-P.C. ideas and ideals is different for me.  I was hesitant to write this blog because I very much dislike arguing, and I don’t care what most people think anyway, so why bother?  However, when someone starts talking trash about America or messing with my rights and my money, then I do get a bit riled up.

As I listened to the rhetoric of this year’s State Of The Union address filled with great ideas and catch phrases that could very appropriately be painted on a bouquet of Mylar helium balloons at a Tony Robbins seminar, I figured it was a good time for me to exercise my First Amendment right in this public venue. (more…)




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