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Media Icons – Tyler Perry

By Sandra & Allison Lord  


Tyler Perry and alter ego , Madea (©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.

Six foot five, good looking, and successful – is this what makes Tyler Perry a media icon? We don’t think so. It is his determination to overcome his difficulties, sticking to his faith, and believing in himself, even in the toughest moments.

After Tyler attempted suicide due to a childhood trauma, where he was a victim of physical abuse as well as sexual molestation, he understood that he had to take the reins of his life in order to defeat the ghosts of his troubled past and set on a journey of a thousand miles, which began with a single step. 

Being a high school drop out, Tyler quickly realized that it took lots of (more…)

Airline Gouging & The Perils of Travel – By Allison Lord

By ALLISON LORD – Caribbean

It all started when I recently decided to take my elderly mother to the Caribbean islands for a well-deserved vacation.

HOWEVER, before reveling in the luxury of rest and relaxation, I had to prepare myself to deal with the endless shenanigans of today’s travel experience. I cringed at the thought.

First: call my preferred airline of more than twenty years — American Airlines.

My accented voice is greeted by an even heavier accent from a man named Habib.

For a moment I thought my call had been re-routed and I was talking to Microsoft, India.

Habib’s customer service skills are horrible. Despite my many attempts to be polite, this rude English-challenged young man is determined to ruin my day at all costs. I am now reconsidering my decision to make these travel arrangements if basking in the tropical sun, eating mangos and drinking coconut water means having to deal with the bad attitude of this idiot.

I opt for the Internet!

With my Citibank Advantage Card in hand, I peruse the American Airlines website and other (more…)

Media Jerks – TMZ Staff

By Sandra & Allison Lord



While we give this week’s Media Icon honor to Harvey Levin, creator of the ground-breaking TMZ entertainment magazine TV show and website, unfortunately, we have to give the Media Jerks honor to his underling on-camera staff.

Now, here are a bunch who, as we say in the Caribbean, “left school too early.” (more…)

Media Icons – Harvey Levin
By Sandra & Allison Lord


Some may scoff at the idea that Harvey Levin, television producer, lawyer, legal analyst and celebrity reporter is “the guy who rules Hollywood,” but that’s how he was introduced at a convention of powerful entertainment lawyers last year.

While some of the worst epithets have been leveled against him and his brand of tabloid television, and while we didn’t need another entertainment show on the air, one has to commend Harvey Levin for co-founding the hottest news and gossip website and its spinoff syndicated television series, TMZ. Harvey’s TMZ, which stands for the Thirty Mile Zone surrounding the Hollywood area, the epicenter of celebrity life, work and play, has revamped the format of the traditional entertainment magazine show to become one of the world’s most quoted sources of entertainment news. These days, everyone, including traditional news outlets quote and credit both the website and TV show regularly.

TMZ landed the scoop of the decade when it broke the news of the death of music icon and King of Pop, Michael Jackson, before it was officially confirmed. (more…)

Jesse the Tiger – Allison’s Post

By ALLISON LORD – Caribbean

I can see it now, Tiger Woods ringing Jesse James’ doorbell. Jesse opens the door, Tiger stands there with a big smile on his face, hands Jesse a helium balloon and a big card attached that reads simply, ‘You just saved my ass. ‘Here’s the torch Jesse, thank you.’

Yes people, as we all know, actress Sandra Bullock got blind sided by the actions of her cheating, disrespectful husband, Jesse James. Sadly, Sandra had blinders on, looking straight ahead because she so trusted her husband. The other jackass in this story, Tiger Woods, shot a tee right between the eyes of his wife Elin, who by the way, is also the mother of his two kids. Umhmmm! Nasty.

One can only imagine the many more men, celebrity and non-celebrity, who are shaking in their boots, terrified about their extra marital affairs. Those who are (more…)

Media Jerks – Sarah Palin

By Sandra & Allison Lord


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved


How has Sarah Palin managed to seduce so many people into thinking she could conceivably be the President of the United States and Leader of the Free World?

There are a few things in her favor: her feistiness – she gives as good as she gets; her sense of humor – she knows how to laugh at herself and minimize the effect of a multitude of humiliating faux pas; her marketing skills – she has perfected the art of playing the media like a hooker practiced in the art of seduction and has them eating out of her hand; her brazenness – she has a unique ability to look you squarely in the face, with unwavering eyes and that beaming, shameless smile while she gives uninformed, meaningless, answers to pointed questions; oh, yeah, and she’s sexier than McCain, Newt, Giuliani or any of the Republicans to boot!

But none of these things is presidential. (more…)

Media Icons – Oprah, Ellen, Whoopi

By Sandra & Allison Lord


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.


Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres and Whoopi Goldberg have such a great sense of humor and joie-de-vivre personalities, we often joke that they must have Caribbean ancestry. Bar none, they are three of the most fascinating (more…)

Allison’s Post – Obama is Still My Guy!

By ALLISON LORD – Caribbean

From the time I was able to vote in America, everyone who knows me knows that I have always longed for a young, intelligent, energetic and vibrant President. I would take good looks too.

Bill Clinton came close. He was my sweetheart for years! Oh, how I fantasized about that sexy man holding his cigar. Anyway, sidetracked!…I really didn’t care about race or gender, but I was certainly tired of the stream of old men making out-of-touch decisions that affected everyday Americans.

When Barack Obama threw his hat into the ring for Elections 2008 my prayers were finally answered. I was ecstatic. But, with just one year into office, I can’t believe there are already some grumblings about his performance. People are blaming him for the lack of change, unfulfilled promises, unemployment, recession and starvation, yes, even starvation – in India! (more…)

Season’s Greetings! – From Allison Lord

By ALLISON LORD — Caribbean (read bio)






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