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Have a Great Week- From Allison

By ALLISON LORD — Caribbean (read bio)

Check back soon for my next post. Have a GREAT week! :-)

MEDIA JERKS – 2010’s Most Annoying

By Sandra Lord and Allison Lord – Caribbean (read bios) with contributions by Sandra Glushankoff Argentinian (read bio)


• Nancy Grace-Glenn Beck-Rush Limbaugh &  Bill O’ReillyNancy Pelosi • Perez Hilton • Kate Gosselin • Gloria Allred Tiger Woods & Jesse James • Sarah Palin

Tired of sanctimonious media talking heads, unscrupulous and opportunistic politicians, no talent celebrities and self-made nobodies? So are we! Here is our list of 2010’s most annoying media personalities – media jerks – whom we think should have been “tarred and feathered” for their shenanigans in 2010. They will appear in no particular order as the level of annoyance is about the same for all.


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.

Nancy Grace, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly:

The Three Stooges/Curly, Larry and Moe + One. However, what binds these four oddballs together is everything that is not genius. Grace, Beck, Limbaugh and O’Reilly are the epitome of today’s mean-spirited talk show hosts who seem to delight in their extraordinary ability to polarize the American people (er, despite the “extraordinary ability” part, this is not a compliment, guys), and their skill in the use of drama and theatrics to spew self-indulgent garbage on a daily basis. With the mistaken notion that they alone are the arbiters of truth, justice and liberty…oh, and let’s not forget American pride, these four angry, insecure, narcissistic loudmouths take the cake for belittling and berating their guests to show who can best shoot opposing viewpoints into oblivion. This grouping reminds us of a charming little saying we learned while growing up in the Caribbean, “Empty vessels make the most noise.” For us, listening to these yell and scream is akin to getting one’s wisdom teeth pulled…with no painkillers. Ayayay!! Funny thing is, while they love to denigrate, intimidate and dish it out to any and everybody, they have a haaaaaard time taking criticism. Our advice – they should each get a copy of Beck’s little book, “Arguing with Idiots,” and have a conversation with the mirror.

(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.

(by Sandra Gluschankoff)

In 2007, Nancy Pelosi made history when she was elected the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House. However, in December 2010, there is an old phrase which sums up Nancy Pelosi’s political career in the Democratic Party: she has, to put it bluntly, “overstayed her welcome.” Get a clue woman! When your own people fear your presence at their public appearances when running for office, as if you were jinxed,  you have overstayed your welcome. When your popularity amongst registered voters plummets to 29 percent, as it was the case in this past November elections, it means it’s time to wrap up the show, hit the road and put a new face to the Democratic Party. No, we are not talking about another plastic surgery on (more…)

MEDIA ICON -2010’s Most Remarkable

By Sandra Lord & Allison Lord — Caribbean (read bios)


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved

We love the caring spirit of Anderson Cooper, CNN’s golden boy and darling of the American public. We, at this blog, are thinking about getting him nominated for a Presidential award for his humanitarian efforts.

Highly respected in media circles, Anderson has earned his kudos primarily due to a lifetime of dedication to excellence in journalism, fueled by a profound interest in the survival of the human spirit in extenuating circumstances. He comes off as authentically compassionate, sensitive and kind, exhibiting an unusual empathy and caring for those less fortunate than himself. Anderson comes from a life of privilege, being the son of the famous clothing designer, Gloria Vanderbilt, and writer, Wyatt Emory Cooper.

Anderson says he was a “news junkie” since he was ‘in utero.’ Now called the “anchorperson of the future,” Anderson Cooper goes beyond the headlines to tell stories from diverse points of view, so audiences can make up their own minds about the news. His popular show, Anderson Cooper 360°, a provocative news program that does just that. (more…)


By Sandra Lord and Allison Lord – Caribbean (read bios)


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.


He’s got an overly whitened smile, and pumped pectorals that are sure to become ‘man boobs’ in a few years time; but he’s also got the pin up good looks of a teen idol that make him endearing to some.

To us, however, Levi Johnston is a babyish media jerk who, like his former “mother-in-law-in-waiting,” Sarah Palin, just can’t seem to go away. So, while he may be new to politics and entertainment, he has become a jerk in his own right.

In a desperate bid to extend his 15 minutes of fame and remain in the spotlight, Levi seems to latch onto any and every little opportunity to be the day’s media sound byte. Maybe the Palin “publicity-hungry gene” can be inherited just by association. Hmmm. Levi certainly has all the characteristics of Palinitis. Yes, that condition is as bad as it sounds!

Hey, he’s even getting involved in the family business – running for public office, eyeing the mayor’s chair in Wasilla. Not bad, huh, for a high school dropout, whose pregnant teenage girlfriend just happened to be the daughter of the Governor of Alaska, no less. Wonder what the laws up there say about sex with a minor. But that’s not our issue.

Truth is, we feel for Levi. He seems to be a nice, if not misguided young man whom comedienne, Kathy Griffin, described as (more…)

Media Icons – Jane Velez Mitchell

By Sandra Lord & Allison Lord — Caribbean (read bios)


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.

Just a few months ago Jane Velez Mitchell was a surefire candidate for our blog’s Media Jerks list.

At the time, we had had enough of her screaming and just couldn’t stand her blazing menacing eyes, flared nostrils and loud mouth. She always seemed to be in a raging fight with the television and her audience.

We felt she was either trying too hard to be like Nancy Grace,  to please Nancy Grace or to show the public that she was just like Nancy Grace, but more aggressive. So she lost us as a viewing audience. And to make matters worse, we took issue with the way she covered the Michael Jackson molestation trial.

But something strange happened on her way to the Media Jerks List. (more…)

Lindsay Lohan, A Fallen Star -By Allison

By ALLISON LORD — Caribbean (read bio)

(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.

I was in fourth gear cruising the twelve mile zone in my Mercedes convertible when I first thought of writing this article about Lindsay Lohan, the young people of today and the parents behind those kids.

There was so much to say that I couldn’t breathe, drive and write all at the same time. But out of the thousand paragraphs that infiltrated my mind, I finally settled on some of the significant thoughts that I would definitely write.

When a young person constantly lands in court with DUIs, driving charges, probation violations, drug abuse, failed stints in rehab, wears a SCRAM bracelet by court order, and suffers from eating disorders I think it’s time for someone, ANYONE to step in and help.

Such is the regrettable case of beautiful but troubled Lindsay Lohan, unfortunate role model for millions of teens and tweens everywhere. Apart from Rosie O’Donnell, who has come forth to offer help, there doesn’t seem to be any (more…)


By Sandra Lord and Allison Lord – Caribbean (read bios)


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.


The fall of an icon. It happens more times than we can imagine, and we start wondering… How?

Picture it: a skanky mistress is wronged by her “John,” a philandering celebrity husband, loaded with $$$$. Hey, what’s that on the broom in the sky coming to the rescue?? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman?? No, wait! It’s super-media hog attorney, Gloria Allgreed!

We used to admire Gloria Allred, the remarkable attorney and tireless crusader of women’s rights, who also fought against discrimination of any kind. She was the one who helped shed the international spotlight on the disturbing issue of (more…)


By Sandra Lord & Allison Lord — Caribbean (read bios)


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.

Being candid ladies ourselves, we just absolutely adore Simon Cowell. LONG before America finally “got” him and it became the “in” thing to jump on the Simon Cowell bandwagon, we loved his equal opportunity blunt honesty as he unsparingly distributed controversial criticism on the oftentimes pathetic performances on American Idol.

We would voice our opinions on the performances and mere seconds later Simon would roll of his eyes and echo, almost verbatim, our criticisms about the contestants. We were all in accord, Simon Cowell and us. Of course, he became notorious and was publicly roasted over the coal for hurling insults and wisecracks about the performers, while we discreetly stayed in the background cheering him on. (more…)

So You Wanna Be A Star? Pay Up!

By ALLISON LORD — Caribbean (read bio)


Susan Boyle has been an inspiration in the best and worst way!

With everybody and their grandmother now taking a crack at stardom through the Internet and television talent shows, the music industry has become supersaturated. It’s become more difficult than ever to wade through the cesspool of talentless starry-eyed hopefuls that surrounds the true diamonds.

Everyone wants more than ever to be a singing star and charlatans have smelled a lucrative opportunity.  They have found a goldmine and have come out of the woodwork like the slime that they are, promising fame and fortune overnight if you give them an advance of $20,000.00, sign your name on the dotted line, and/or throw your naked body on their sofas to seal the deal. (more…)

Media Jerks – Kate Gosselin

By Sandra & Allison Lord


(©) 2010 Lord Sisters. All Rights Reserved.


It isn’t because she dances with two left feet or makes iRobot look like Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers that Kate Gosselin has made our Media Jerks list. We are just sick of Kate using her kids to further her so called “career,” crying ad nauseum about struggling to make ends meet, and acting like she’s some poor single mom having to take every job in the limelight to feed her children. She is not the only person in the world with multiples to feed!

In fact, the Harris kids, born in 2002 — America’s first recorded set of surviving African-American sextuplets — have no television show and the family has barely been able to survive on the father’s salary of about $30,000 a year as an elementary school teacher.

Kate Gosselin is making enough money off her books and appearances that should allow her to stop crying already!

We don’t doubt that Kate loves her children very much and wants to provide for them but it (more…)




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