Allison’s Post – Obama is Still My Guy!

By ALLISON LORD – Caribbean

From the time I was able to vote in America, everyone who knows me knows that I have always longed for a young, intelligent, energetic and vibrant President. I would take good looks too.

Bill Clinton came close. He was my sweetheart for years! Oh, how I fantasized about that sexy man holding his cigar. Anyway, sidetracked!…I really didn’t care about race or gender, but I was certainly tired of the stream of old men making out-of-touch decisions that affected everyday Americans.

When Barack Obama threw his hat into the ring for Elections 2008 my prayers were finally answered. I was ecstatic. But, with just one year into office, I can’t believe there are already some grumblings about his performance. People are blaming him for the lack of change, unfulfilled promises, unemployment, recession and starvation, yes, even starvation – in India!

Here is a young man who came into office as leader of the free world, besieged by problems the size of Montana that Bush and his cronies created. They got us into this mess in the first place, yet people refuse to hold those culprits accountable.

I hear them now: “Dear Superman Obama, quit sipping tea with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. We want “change” we can believe in. It’s time for you to wave your African magic stick to make it happen…and I mean NOW!

Hey, this country’s economy was almost crippled for heaven’s sake, and it will take some time to undo the fiasco. Remember, it took a long time to build up the multilevel mess. Our nation has been burdened by and struggling with a backlog of eight years’ incompetency. Some seem to be forgetting that. Full recovery certainly won’t happen just like that.

In the meantime, where is the one who created the wars and economic crises? Oh yeah, he is living it up, playing golf and riding horses with his wife on a splendid sprawling beautiful ranch in Texas – not a care in the world. At least, the only manure he is flinging is now confined to Texas!

I am not worried about Mr. Obama. I have no doubt he will be one of our best presidents. He is bright, smart, likeable and, oh yes, handsome. He is respected globally and is doing a lot to restore our image abroad, even with the French. Hooray! Hooray! Free croissants for everyone!

Not only does Obama have a strong sense of community, he also has something very valuable – a strong sense of family. He and First Lady, Michelle Obama have a marriage to die for and it’s exciting to know that the White House is alive with sexiness again. Boom chica pow wow! The White House brought sexy back!

To all the nay-sayers, I say, “Obama can take on all of Washington’s morons and then some.” To his detractors, I also say, “get a life.” I am happy to see that he is not giving in to his critics for they are so not worth it. Obama, I would love for you to be able to tell all your attackers to go to hell, but as a man holding such high office, I know you can’t…although you did rightfully call Kanyé West a jackass.  Ha! Ha!

So, Mr. President, while you scurry to clean up more cow dung than Bush and his wife will ever do on their ranch, know that there are some of us who actually appreciate what you have already accomplished. Despite the challenges and oppositions, the economy is slowly but noticeably turning around.   You represent us well. And as you go into your second term, I say, “Mr. President, hold onto your wife and continue to be a force to be reckoned with. Thanks for your service to us. You will prevail!”

12 Responses to “Allison’s Post – Obama is Still My Guy!”

  1. Ted Skaff says:

    This blog is great. How did you come up witht he idea?

  2. Esther P. says:

    Loved the article. Maybe if more people would have an uplifting attitude towards our current administration, this hard transition process that we have to go through, no matter who is in office, would go smoother.

  3. ZigZag says:

    My feelings exactly. Obama is still my guy too. How is it that nobody’s talking about Bush’s hand in all this? We never heard from Cheney in 8 years in office and all of a sudden he has so much to say about Obama, the man who is trying to clean up their manure.

  4. Susan S. says:

    I’m a fan. loved the article (Obama is da man), bio and gallery – pix are nice. U know Jackie Jackson and Chris Tucker? Ur son is cute.

  5. Monique Delight says:

    You hit it, girl. Obama came into a funky mess and all the right wingers are acting like he created that mess. Bush is laughing all the way to a beautiful life because he got away scott free and the negro has to clean up. But the bigger the mess, the bigger the victory. Obama will prevail and they won’t know what to do when that black man saves the day. Don’t get me started. Congrats on your blog and on your article. Keep it up.

  6. Christopher Lemon says:

    Congratulations on the blog and on this very funny, very interesting article. The caricatures are incredible!

  7. Bryan L says:

    Obama is a one-termer. I hope he doesn’t do too much damage before his term is up.

  8. Monty says:

    So many high level terrorists have been captured on Obama’s watch, but no one says anything much about that. Bush created the wars and left us with an almost bankrupt economy and terrorists running around terrorizing the world. When will the so-called pundits give Obama credit for doing in one year what Bush couldn’t do during two terms – capture terrorists on the most wanted list.

  9. Sandra: Co-Founder of this Blog says:

    Your article was biting but light as well. It was fun to read. As you know, I don’t support any one party, but focus on the individual politicians. But I happen to agree with you on the points you brought up about Obama. I, too, believe that he is definitely being unfairly attacked in view of the depth of what he inherited. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with as we develop this blog. All the best. SL

  10. Saba Moore-Doucette says:

    Hi Allison & Sandra,
    You guys did a GREAT job! I checked out your blog & didn’t want to log off. I love, love, love “Living in America…MyCandid Opinion.” & I will spread the word to as many of our fans as I can. If you have a FB go to BollywoodtoHollywood send us the link & we’ll pass it to fans of our web show. They are world wide. As soon as I have time I will read some more. I was able to read Allison’s take on Obama. It is right on & I really like her style. I checked out Chocolate Rain, Kat & McKay & read some of the stories but not in depth. It was all a very enjoyable read. Even though we are busy we are still big fans of what you do to help others & often send people your way. Love & Light

  11. Joe M. Jackson says:

    Obama rocks!

  12. Fred Lam says:

    Thanks for your article. Even more relevant with his victory on healthcare reform. Congratulations to you both – you on the success of your blog and to Obama on standing up to the republicans playing politics as usual.

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