Sandra Lord


Passionate about the issues, analytical and outspoken, Sandra Lord doesn’t believe in being “pigeon-holed,” limited or daunted.

She grew up as a celebrity in the Caribbean, where she embarked on a singing career at the tender age of three.

She’s thrilled audiences at some of the world’s famous venues, such as New York’s Madison Square Garden and London’s Hammersmith Palais, Montreal’s Verdun Auditorium and other top venues in the U.S., Canada, Venezuela and the Caribbean.

She scored a #1 record on the New York charts, many hits in the Caribbean, as well as television specials, and was featured in several publications such as New York’s Daily News. 

She has performed before some members of the British Royal Family at her country’s declaration of independence and is the recipient of the only fellowship ever granted for study in voice, by the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington. 

She has since segued from a singing career to other areas of the entertainment industry, as a strategist to professionals in and out of the entertainment industry, and as a writer, producer, director and host, but it is her “motivational” work in empowering and inspiring others, especially women, that brings her the most gratification.

She has a deep passion for fostering confidence and firmly believes that no matter how well-educated, good looking, talented or rich, one truly has nothing if one has no self-worth or esteem. As a motivational speaker, her varied and unique background provides an interesting angle to communicate and relate with her audience.

 Sandra is a risk taker who doesn’t believe in sitting back and waiting for things to happen and subscribes to the adage, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” 

She has founded several entities such as the popular, award winning Hollywood Networking Breakfast®, (Best Networking Event in L.A.), which she started on the Paramount Studios lot in 1993 to provide people of diverse backgrounds, invaluable access to key entertainment industry players; Women Helping Women,Creative & Business Career Strategies, Changing Images In America, the Chia Awards, the Post Oscar Showcase, Hollywood Global Entertainment Network®, The Great Hollywood Mixer (Connectworking: Six Degrees of Separation),™ and In the Loop e-magazine, among others.

She is a strong proponent of diversity and inclusiveness, and all of her activities revolve around these themes.

Whether strategizing with clients, doing the lecture circuit, creating or producing a project or event, she has developed, in her own inimitable style, a reputation for “thinking outside the box” and having a “keen understanding of the psyche of Hollywood.”

On a personal note, she is the seventh and last child in a close-knit family of siblings who were raised to be each other’s friends.  She holds the premise of friendship and family highly.

She strongly believes in and practices the values taught by her mother about the importance of maintaining integrity and a great work ethic; to speak out fearlessly against inequity and other issues. And this is what she has done. Years predating the current popular slew of “news and views” type programs, Sandra had already created and produced material in that vein.

She loves people who are authentic in their actions, opinions and lives, who do not swim with the tide.

She has a quick wit and great sense of humor and welcomes any opportunity to relax and engage in healthy banter with others.

She has a passion for this blog, one of the several projects she has produced with her sister, Allison, and looks forward to readers using it to speak out boldly and civilly about the issues.




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