Melody Jackson


A true-blue capitalist from a very young age, Melody, grew up in a little Indiana town called Rising Sun and has been engaged in entrepreneurial activities from the time she can remember.

Most of her early summers included pitchers of lemonade in little red wagons with colorful Crayola signs and a rake that was taller than she.  Her favorite magazines, in addition to Tiger Beat with Donny Osmond or Michael Jackson gracing the cover, were Income Opportunities and Home Opportunities.

She was a salesperson from early on, selling everything from some long-forgotten special kind of long-lasting light bulbs to flower seed packets ordered out of the back of a magazine.  When not playing with her American Barbie doll like most little girls, she was playing bank teller, counting pretend money – all a foreshadowing of her commitment to the freedom to pursue the American Dream.

In 1992, Melody fulfilled her longtime dream of having her own lasting business by bringing several areas of interest and expertise together when she started Smart Girls Productions to cater to actors and writers in the film industry.  Her marketing, consulting, and coaching services have since helped literally thousands of actors and screenwriters empower themselves and move the next step forward in their careers.

In 2003, she completed her Ph.D. in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. This program included a deep study of psychology, literature, philosophy, and religion, with a focus on the humanities. Melody’s focus here was on exploring the stories people tell to explain why things are the way they are, and how human beings use their personal stories and myths to justify their own behavior and beliefs, whether in broad arenas like politics or in personal relationships.

Dr. Melody Jackson then led motivational seminars for four years with a controversial world-class organization for transformation, so she brings an edgy insight into personal responsibility. She also uses her deep understanding of what makes people tick to coach people in taking responsibility for their careers and their personal lives.

With a bachelor’s degree in computer science, Melody is also a self-proclaimed “computer geek.”  She uses her tech savvy to support her clients in using the latest, hip and trendy websites to promote their careers in addition to the tried and true traditional marketing methods which are vital for actors and screenwriters.

An entrepreneur who is both living her big dreams and creating more, Melody loves the American Way.  While she has traveled to many exotic and not-so-exotic locations, Melody prefers the homeland and is grateful for the privileges that Americans have as part of their birthright.




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