SHOWCASE (previously called the Post Oscar Showcase): An innovative program that has received wide acclaim for its promotion of diversity in the entertainment industry. This annual event is designed to promote the talents of writers, producers, directors, actors, stand-up comedians and crew of different ethnic, cultural and racial groups, including talent with disabilities. This event provides a rare opportunity for talent to have their work seen by top decision-makers in the entertainment industry. The Showcase was created and first produced by Sandra Lord in 1992, and has been sponsored by Universal Pictures, NBC, Writers Guild of America (WGA) West, Women In Film, and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and has been supported by Disney and Gramercy Pictures. Industry professionals who have lent their names in support of the program include: Diane Keaton, Sally Field, Lou Gossett, Jr., Susan Sarandon, Jane Seymour, Eartha Kitt, Beau Bridges, Roseanne, Andy Garcia, Anjelica Huston, A. Martinez, Robert Guillaume, Kate Capshaw, Henry Winkler, Robert Townsend, Blake Edwards, Nely Galan, Christopher Lee, Janet Yang, among others.

The CHIA Awards: Special recognition awards, acknowledging persons and organizations that have pursued, promoted, pioneered or supported diversity in their fields, and those who have eclipsed and prevailed against traditional negative stereotypes. Honorees have included: Whitney Houston and the producers of Cinderella, Star Jones, Honorable Gloria Molina, Dr. Keith Black (renowned neurosurgeon), Gene Roddenberry (creator/producer of Star Trek), Edward James Olmos (actor/humanitarian), Mike Roos, attorney Julie Su, actor Floyd Red Crow Westerman, corporations Ikea and Benetton, Zara Buggs Taylor (WGA executive), Anna Maria Arias (editor/publisher of LATINA/Style magazine), Dr. Douglas Martin (disability rights and independent living trailblazer), Beverly Cole (director of the Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Program at Walt Disney), Dr. Dapo Poppola (Chairman of Surgilite), Junki Yoshida (Chairman of Yoshida Foods), and other who have all been recognized for the extraordinary accomplishments embodied in their lives and work.
Proceeds from the CHIA Awards help support our programs, including grants to assist disadvantaged persons from various walks of life to pursue their dreams.

Scholarship Program: To assist individuals in their education and work in film, television, theater, music and related fields, including finishing funds. Scholarships are also made available to persons desirous of pursuing their education in fields other than the entertainment industry.

  • UNCLE SAM (United Network of Communities Lending Efforts To Save A Mind): This is a major community outreach program. This series of career workshops are specifically for disadvantaged youth and others who are encouraged to pursue their dreams in the field of their choice. In an effort to change images, and with a focus on the power of education, CHIA encourages them to dare to dream to achieve the impossible. CHIA finds mentors, and provides information, referrals, educational and job training opportunities in their specific area of interest, which is non-entertainment industry related (see PITSA Program for similar entertainment industry-oriented program).

  • The PITSA Program™ (Pride and Integrity Through Sports and Art): A series of career workshops specifically for young people who may not be academically inclined, but who may have talent which can be developed to pursue a future in sports and entertainment.

Producers, Writers, Directors Alliance (PWDA): This is an informal group under the auspices of Changing Images In America, designed to bring together, creative talent of the same ilk to network, brainstorm, share experiences, offer support and advice, and to provide each other with job opportunities, contacts, leads and general information.

CHIA Publication: Designed to educate enlighten and inspire. The publication will feature articles, event listings, reviews, profiles, interviews, commentaries and general information.

Education and Networking Opportunities: Seminars, panel discussions, conferences, mixers, job fairs, and workshops are held throughout the year.